TESS Mission

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Dan Black : I like having a female voice narrating when the mission control announcer is male -- or vice versa. It makes it easier to understand both when they end up talking at the same time at key points during the launch. That was great that the live video worked from the first stage as it was landing -- awesome to watch! Well done!

Zach Hodgdon : 6:55 - Start of Web Cast 18:54 - T- 1 minute to launch 19:50 - Launch 22:28 - Stage Separation 22:55 - Fairing deployment 26:30 - Rentry burn 28:00 - 1st stage landing 1:03:00 - 2nd stage re-ignition 1:09:25 - TESS deployment

L Petillo : I just LOVE that NASA and SpaceX are working together!

Day Late Gamer with Will : TESS? The Elder Scrolls: Science?

Dylan T : She is a great announcer/host!

SMIZZLE BEATZ : Props to Elon sleeping in Tesla’s facility just getting $hit done!

VitalFir 46 : Over 300 flat earthers have disliked this video Edit: The number has now risen to over 400, amazing isn't it? Edit: Oh man, now it's 500

*Wyatt B* , : *Of Course I Still Love You* Right name for a droneship

Lagittaja : 1:06:49 Aah, the Windows 10 notification sound. Such a lovely sound. Wonder whose computer it was? :D

PaddyPatrone : Go SpaceX !

harlock7373 : Go TESS!!! Go NASA!!! Go SpaceX!!!😍

XxBCxX : Really cool to see SpaceX and NASA doing something together.

David Wolf : Once again, major congrats on an excellent execution of this mission.

andrew : 1:09:12 OMG!!!!!!!!!! THE EARTH IS A GLOBE

Deon Hamilton : That landing was so epic

Ray Stroud : Thanks for making these public. I wish my Dad had lived long enough to watch with me.

TyaLa : Congrats :)

Sairam Mahanty : We will soon reach mars, thanks to spacex.

Rick Verbanec : Thank you Lauren Lyons for an excellent narration of the launch. I wish everyone could have your diction, style, enthusiasm, and understanding of what's going on. Very well done.

Marvin P Bungwaller : I love listening to & viewing SPACEX launches...austere -- business like as it should be, no fluff. Thanks and congrats. P.S. the music score , very appreciative....

Tigre Demon : Probably the best stage 1 landing 12:55 -00:07:00 Falcon 9 begins engine chill prior to launch 18:54 - 00:01:00 Flight computer commanded to begin final prelaunch checks 18:54 - 00:01:00 Propellant tank pressurization to flight pressure begins 19:06 - 00:00:45 SpaceX Launch Director verifies go for launch 18:51 - 00:00:03 Engine controller commands engine ignition sequence to start 19:54 00:00:00 Falcon 9 liftoff 21:13 00:01:18 Max Q (moment of peak mechanical stress on the rocket) 22:24 00:02:30 1st stage main engine cutoff (MECO) 22:28 00:02:34 1st and 2nd stages separate 22:23 00:02:38 2nd stage engine starts 22:57 00:03:05 Fairing deployment 26:26 00:06:29 1st stage entry burn 28:00 00:08:17 2nd stage engine cutoff (SECO-1) 27:57 00:08:20 1st stage landing 29:33 00:09:40 Start of live view of the earth and satellite 1:02:07 Webcast resume 1:03:04 00:43:10 2nd stage engine restarts 1:03:58 00:44:03 2nd stage engine cutoff (SECO-2) 1:09:28 00:49:34 TESS deployment

David : I love this host. She's so good!!! I hope the best for her.

drmachinewerke1 : It’s Time to launch the Mars mission Elon

Yohei Naito : Never gets old... congrats!

The Exoplanets Channel : *congratulations!*

Krystle : I was in Disneyworld and saw the falcon in the sky, it was the most amazing live thing I’ve witnessed. Great job spacex


apachon : 405 flatters spotted.

Степан Сидорович : Roscosmos employees put 358 dislikes

4BS7R4C7 : Meanwhile, flat-earthers still struggle to figure out that the earth is not flat

MrDebski02 : For some reason this isnt listed on your youtube channel?!

Michael Streeter : If the first stage was a bullet and the circles painted on OCISLY were a target, this would be scored as a "centre bull". 50 points. Good landing, Guys. Well done.

Farns Worth : One of the best narrator's.

Jaye Mathisen : I just love the production on these videos. Great graphics, engaging, interesting speakers. Compare this to that ULA launch geek, and well.... 'nuff said.

Brandon R : I wonder when the excitement of a landing will die down. They've landed a Falcon 9 stage one 24 times now, and it is still just absolutely incredible to watch.

Sentenced : SpaceX.. Please edit your intro to include footage of Falcon Heavy!!!!

WisdomVendor1 : The acceleration of the 2nd stage last burn is insane !!

rohit01 01 : Balloon and bouncy castle landing?

Adrian Gould : Ill never get enought of that landing omg "AWESOME" made my day

Braiden Robson : Another successful mission by SpaceX, was amazing watching that first stage land successfully on the drone ship "I still love you" live.

Frediloc8 : Another one under the belt! And I look forward to what TESS can do for us!

Kpop Lab Pro : Nasa and SpaceX are match made in heaven, literally.

terrorista31 : I was a little worried for this launch 😰 Thanks SpaceX for delivering the planet Hunter satellite on place 😃

Peter Payne : Congratulations Space X and NASA to a great launch. I cannot wait to see what the TESS mission accomplishes.

Alpha Adhito : Love the new wide angle camera

FireTheHoker : Spacex has achieved something incredible something that is long overdue they finally made these launches boring same as watching a plane take off it's routine they make it look so easy and effortless which i think was their goal all along make this kinda of thing routine and they finally did it they've done it succesfully so many times that by now it's boring that is incredible well done spacex keep up kicking ass and i can't wait for the BFR

Vib3s : *Raises glass* To discovery! Happy exoplanet hunting, TESS!

DJZ : Decent broadcast, but please don't speak over communications. There's plenty of dead air to fill that there's no rush to talk over the feed.

Steven Nell : @SpaceX can we also get the telemetry for stage one decent PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEE. Would be so cool to see the decelleration figures

reliablecanvas : Excellent webcast. Thank You. Love the landing. Love the name of the landing zone.