Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins Talks Fortnite, Making Money On Twitch And More | CNBC

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RalRem : The world is only looking when they see the money...

BulletDragon : I remember when Ninja played H1Z1, I thought he was popular then.

winter : 1:30 she lowkey threw hella shade

Ray Bayne : They were so passive aggressive but he handles it so well. Props ninja

Super Koala Jones : Thank god he mentioned the Nintendo Switch rumors! Hopefully that gets Epic Games’ attention

Blessan Alex : Half a million dollars? Thts nothing to ninja

CafeRacerAndBobberNation : CNBC if there wasn't so much money there you wouldn't even mention that! 2kk views! you don't deserve it! Why you even asked him what is gonna do with all these money ?! If he was a plumber you wouldn't even ask him!!! so sad!

TripleAstyle1 A : "you make money playing games?" Coming from the most preposterous people in the world, the Media! Fake News is just fine but why would people pay you for entertainment??? LOL

Batmanisawesomesoami : Get that money man

lx vgliest xl : Ninja out here grinding to get half a mil a month, and is using his money for the right reasons.#Respect

CatalyXt : If he told anyone 10 years ago that he would eventually make 500K A MONTH just by playing video games they would probably laugh in his face. Moral of the story, regardless of what others think of your dreams, KEEP GOING!

OG TV : They didn’t even ask him how to play or is he enjoying it, they went straight to the money.

Weston Meyers : They kinda rude talking so much about his income.... usually you dont do that...

JoshuaHutchxp : gotta get that twitch prime plug even on national tv, love it!

Sparksman HD : I love ninja even more now

DSV : “Would like to thank MrBeast”

That one guy : 1:31 She's so upset lol.

Oscar Briggs : Am I the only one who thinks he looked a bit like Joe Sugg?

Will's Personal-Development Show : Great moves and progress for the esports community~~!!!!!! Let's go!!!!!!!! wheres my oatmeal

Allstars Alltrix : Huge congrats to ninja though. He answered well to the reporter’s condescending questions

Danny Devito : I can't even buy a spoon

Greeedy Boi : Pooh so how u make money online young Mann n n- salty old people

NOCCO BCAA : The 1,7k that disliked this video is everyone that have been killed by ninja.

itsyaboy sonia : Lmao old people are so salty that you can make money online, I guess it has to do with the fact that it is easier now than ever to put yourself out there creatively with incredible platforms

Kevin Donis : 1:32 what a hater lol

Janet Williams : Really impressed by Ninja, what a great guy!

Pro-Thief Ultimate : If Ninja keeps this up he may be set for life

Dreamzrm _ : That smirk when the guys says you are earning "half a million a month", we all know his making more than a mill.

rug699 : I was waiting for Ninja to say "hey for anyone watching right now, go to twitch, click on subscribe and see if you have a twitch prime sub available. If you haven't used it before, it's 1month of blabalabla."

Cool Kid : Ninja says he has a "positive environment" yet he curses and rages all the time.

moneymker18 : Lets be honest you dont have to support him financially anymore hes well off! We need to support the smaller streamers!

Egg On : An animal a month... hahaha what a gimp

Dweebag : Asking how much money he makes is a really unprofessional question

dave chappelle : Whys he have two Adam's apples o.O

Just Br8 : Hes soooo humble

JVI : Oh I remember watching ninja play halo when I was like 9

Pedro Fernandez : "why do they wanna watch you play?" they really couldnt hold him to the respect he deserves smh

theclashmanX : When he said "Shenanigans", I cringed so hard :/

ajani johnson : Muselk>

ajani johnson : Dont like this guy

Bacon Bankai : 2:40 - 3:24 Never heard of this guy but he seems super down to earth. I think a lot of young kids watch twitch and get the wrong idea. They think streaming will be a viable career like any other. Nothing really wrong with trying but like Tyler said you shouldn't drop everything to pursue a career in twitch. Same goes for other niche dream careers like acting or sports. Not saying you shouldn't try but you need to have other career skills if it doesn't work out.

Ryan Meese : Congrats on being fooled by a game that SUCKS!

Michael Ross : We have such a good ambassador. Whether you like Twitch, or Fortnite or Ninja at all, I think we can all agree that his interviews have served to both paint a clearer picture of what the twitch community is to the public, as well as inform young viewers on the proper way to pursue gaming as a hobby/career while still making an effort to complete their education. Job well done.

MrFuggleGuggle : >Finally gets on actual broadcast TV instead of Twitch >Still looks like a blue-haired twink/ghoul/recovering heroin addict Lol Ninja.

Logican : I like how they are surprised.. Its not like they are also watching people throw a ball around every season

Naseem Hamed : Looks like a zombie get a life bruh

Sponge Bob : HAIR

savage bigfoot : I only love my bed and my moma I'm sorry

mtchyb : Why is his hair blue?