Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins Talks Fortnite, Making Money On Twitch And More

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dakotaz : Ninja a real icon... he's opening the doors for us twitch streamers. - Playing with big names, bringing so many people to twitch, being on the news... legit look back at this years from now. Pioneering at it's finest.

Pros_ 4 : Ninja out here grinding to get half a mil a month, and is using his money for the right reasons.#Respect

Ray Bayne - Pranks & Vlogs : They were so passive aggressive but he handles it so well. Props ninja

Super Koala Jones : Thank god he mentioned the Nintendo Switch rumors! Hopefully that gets Epic Games’ attention

A A : That old lady is salty springs

Soham Patel - Gaming : Hated how they were just realizing his revenue and not his actual following as much. But he know how to answer questions smoothly.

That one guy : 1:31 She's so upset lol.

BulletDragon : I remember when Ninja played H1Z1, I thought he was popular then.

Blessan Alex : Half a million dollars? Thts nothing to ninja

Danny Devito : I can't even buy a spoon

ParkerTheSlayer : Like if Ninja is the greatest Fortnite player of all time!

Dreamzrm _ : That smirk when the guys says you are earning "half a million a month", we all know his making more than a mill.

Logican : I like how they are surprised.. Its not like they are also watching people throw a ball around every season

Pedro Fernandez : "why do they wanna watch you play?" they really couldnt hold him to the respect he deserves smh

MrFuggleGuggle : >Finally gets on actual broadcast TV instead of Twitch >Still looks like a blue-haired twink/ghoul/recovering heroin addict Lol Ninja.

SouL Animation : Props to Ninja for the great responses. Too bad these terrible "news" channels only care about the money and not Tyler

Kevin Donis : 1:32 what a hater lol

Dweebag : Asking how much money he makes is a really unprofessional question

CafeRacerAndBobberNation : CNBC if there wasn't so much money there you wouldn't even mention that! 2kk views! you don't deserve it! Why you even asked him what is gonna do with all these money ?! If he was a plumber you wouldn't even ask him!!! so sad!

Evan Harris : Dude makes $700k a month. $8.4M a year lol, some pro athletes don’t even make that.

JoshuaHutchxp : gotta get that twitch prime plug even on national tv, love it!

dave chappelle : Whys he have two Adam's apples o.O

Gabe Williams : Well composed, well educated, hardworking, and a positive role model for all ages. THAT is why he’s successful.

L4g4nd 4 : Hes soooo humble

Janet Williams : Really impressed by Ninja, what a great guy!

StoneMountain64 : What a boss! Huge congrats on everything so well deserved

Fun Guy : Ninja is just as stealthily crafty in real life as he is in gaming. The question posed to him @ 3:24 was regarding what he does with all his wealth. Not wanting to disclose personal financial information (which is fair enough), he deftly swerved the query altogether by instead talking about a charitable act, to both evade going into detail about his finances, while also appearing to be altruistic. It was very a clever ploy, since in one thrust, it simultaneously cuts off the initial question and also prevented any further follow up critique of his finances ('cause who want's to appear to be a bad guy/gal by probing a "charity-giver?"). All rich people and celebrities (Trump, Branson, Zuckerberg, etc.) use this exact same classic "charity" tactic, donating minimal amounts of their vast wealth, to charities for exactly the same reason. The charitable "act" acts as a public relations shield, to fend off any potential financial inquiries and/or criticism. The most honest and genuine acts of charity are never publicly disclosed like this, since they actually come from the heart and are deeply personal, with the benefactor not expecting to receive in return, praise themselves from others for having done so.

Glad You Suck : I killed ninja lol Also drake is not really part of his career as a gamer even though I super like drake but he is good at singing 🎤🤫😜😂😂😂😂

Henry Bartz : Pooh so how u make money online young Mann n n- salty old people

Bacon Bankai : 2:40 - 3:24 Never heard of this guy but he seems super down to earth. I think a lot of young kids watch twitch and get the wrong idea. They think streaming will be a viable career like any other. Nothing really wrong with trying but like Tyler said you shouldn't drop everything to pursue a career in twitch. Same goes for other niche dream careers like acting or sports. Not saying you shouldn't try but you need to have other career skills if it doesn't work out.

Eight Thoughts : He's making over a million a month across YouTube and Twitch.

Michael Ross : We have such a good ambassador. Whether you like Twitch, or Fortnite or Ninja at all, I think we can all agree that his interviews have served to both paint a clearer picture of what the twitch community is to the public, as well as inform young viewers on the proper way to pursue gaming as a hobby/career while still making an effort to complete their education. Job well done.

Ed D : This guy earned my respect. "Stay in school kids, secure your future." Not many youtubers and streamers tell you that. Good job Ninja

Oscar Briggs : Am I the only one who thinks he looked a bit like Joe Sugg?

Javian Johnson : Man big ups to Ninja, he's really been working hard for 7 years doing this. He definitely deserves his success

QTube : GOAT of Fortnite

noobtoob : I wish the news would just not talk about video games.

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Scooter1 : “Focusing on the future of my life” ... 500k a month I think your already there bud ... haha

3p1ks : 3:45 Thanks to MrBeast.

Dawson Harris : She’s jealous because she loves PUBG more than Fortnite

MobileDecay : Nice hair. Lol.

Cool Kid : Ninja says he has a "positive environment" yet he curses and rages all the time.

That glitch Guy : Dang does it really matter how a man makes his money

Egg On : An animal a month... hahaha what a gimp

ADirtBlock : I love how he emphasizes the importance of staying in school, and how he supports an animal every month. True role model

Dewd : im glad hes a good person, since he roasted me in my video LUL

Hormone Monster : I didnt know who this guy was till like 4days ago. Seems like a cool guy.

Rob Hollister : lalala : "...keine weitere Million, für die selbe Person...."

Overlord Alfredo : *Those doubtful newscasters who just make angry faces whenever someone gets money for gaming on high tier are disgusting me!* They won't make such faces when talking to a professional football player or a chess champion at all!