That's A Man's Corner⚡️ 322 Km/h 200 MPH ✔️SpecTTacular TT ✔ Isle of man TT

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sponge01 : i used to ride a zx10r fast on the road thinking i was guy martin or something , after going to the tt and seeing the skills and respect these guys have and talking to them i went back home had deap thought about it , now i only speed on track and ride responsibly on road as i know i should of died many times over on the road lady luck prevented that 

O8SOL3TE : You know you're a pretty badass driver when Valentino Rossi is the one handing you the trophy :O

24SparrowJack : respect to everyone who rides takes part in it doesn't matter if they finish 1st or last

lavelle woods : HEY I CAN DO THAT!! Wait, did he just jump the road, land in a wheelie and then turn on one wheel? Ok never mind. Damn, I gotta get rid of those chicken strips first  XD

Steve Zissou : Love these racers,, they live more in one lap than most people do their entire lives.

Ghost : this is a different level of having balls

Tartan Guy : When Jackie Stewart says that the Isle of Man TT is "mans country"...that's a compliment...coming from someone like Jackie Stewart.

Trevor Moore : 70 still ride, all my school are gone, Go on lads enjoy, me I am still there Got a K5 K3 and still got the balls to  ride well  Stay safe Sucker

stp479 : No one has ever fast forwarded this clip...

Steve Boyd : I didn't realise I could hold my breath for more than 5 minutes..............phew

David Hill : probably the most thrilling and dangerous motor sport event in the world

Hard N Fast : I love Jackie Stewart at the start "This is man's country, this"

fantomas3030 : Am I the only one to think that "The Man's Corner" is at 4:00 ?

cpartyReborn : That is race, where your life is at stake, not some sissy ass moto gp...These are real riders with real BALLS !

JR306 : I've watched this 1000 times and just now noticed the butt crack at 2:11

Grant Novak : lol if you dislike this you have never rode a motorcycle


spurs0706 : This race is the true meaning of EPIC.

Greg Hill : Isle of Man TT is a way of life. These guys are not weekend warriors. Thousands upon thousands of hours watching replay videos, memorization, and prep. Massive respect to those (and to those who help support) the TT racers in following their dreams. -Pints up! 

Kowalski K : If Monaco and Nurburgring had a child it would be like this....

suspectu1 : understated heroes and role models of courage, modesty and passion. This is my kind of motivational video. Thanks for sharing. Bon courage à tous les motocyclistes et conduisez prudement!

Steven McCusker : The hairs on my arms are standing up at watching these guys wring the utter life out of these machines on these roads. It defies belief at the astonishing speeds with road furniture so close. Mesmorising...

Do what you must, I have already won : 3:12 That's probably the most bad ass thing I've ever seen.

Zoltán Lipták : This guys only race for glory, not for money, etc... Respect, they are the real time gladiators!

CeMx Martinez : I've watched this video so many times and I never get tired of it. You did an excellent job putting together the race scenes with a great song. Kudos sir. Watching Isle of Man TT in person along with riding the city/track is definitely in my top 3 things to do now thank you.

Steve Pettifer : I'm really not a biker but you have got to have respect for those boys. Just unreal how ballsy the riding is, always on the limit. Incredible.

Joshua Manning : Isle of MEN. love it.

Matt S : Pushing the limits of man and machine.

Salvis Butāns : Isn't it unconfortable to sit on the bike with balls that big?

Jerk Jergens : That POV at the end though... Those bikes run on adrenaline.

srujan kandanuru : proud to be a biker

Pm sid : Even the audience is at the brink of accidents.See how close they are to the road?

SuperMice TV : These wheelie corners, SICK!!!

Penfold Smith : these are REAL motorcycle racers.....They have to be because one mistake could be their last...Heroes everyone.

Md960 : 3:10 - 3:24  Sense of Freedom=∞

Bodhirider : amazing

Robert b b : i would love to race in this one day.

Chris W : F1 is sick, but in terms of just pure balls, this and rally driving has my vote

Shark Productions : 3:10 - 3:15 who else dares to look at the heli cam while going 300km/h?

Graham Yates : I first experienced the TT races in 1967 when Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini were constantly breaking each other's lap records in a bid to win - incredible. The Isle of Man during TT week is a 4,000 volt jolt to the brain that lets you know you're alive.

therealmrcheese : people use the word amazing way to much these days but the tt is truly AMAZING!

billville111 : My mind cannot understand this. Unbelievable. 

Oliver Rashid : the TT needs to be put in gran turismo!!

FreeWorldAllDay : Every time I see and hear this video, it gives me goose bumps.  I can feel the vibration and exhilaration on my body.  Its like I'm actually there, racing at the Isle Of Man.  

miegantis : Mark Webber is a driver? I thought he is a pilot :)

Gordon Donaghy : Rip dan kneen .

Eric Crossman : When I finally get to visit this isle, I know I will shed a tear, my great grandfather once wrote of driving there, and I forever have had a fascination and complete fixation with one day going to see this place of legend. 

Kraze : These guys are a different kind of human. I imagine they see the world in slow motion.

carthaginensis : all my respect to these guys, you cannot have bigger balls than they have

DIOSpeedDemon : Within Temptation is the best background song for the TT , followed by Thunderstruck by ACDC. R DSD