John Mulaney Loves Messing With Bill Hader - CONAN on TBS

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Ashely Diaz : I love watching this after hearing about oceans 8 haaa

Kenny Jones aka relientkenny : Now they're REALLY making an all female Oceans 11

bella pritchard : "that's why they haven't made that movie: it can't work!!" damn that comment has not aged well

Kristen O'Hara : I couldn't tell if he was like 18 or 22 so I Googled it and he's 34. I'm shooken

Jake Marsing : Mulaney is one of the purest comics working today. He can craft a joke like almost no one else.

Basilisk Ishikir : A lot of people are pissing on comedians when they retell jokes, let me tell you a thing: If it works, it works. Not everyone will have heard a comedian before, and most change their acts when they go back to certain cities, but c'mon now, not everyone likes stand up, they like little snippets because they want short laughs. I personally find his jokes funny, New in Town is hilarious and I've watched it at least 4 times and still laugh...

Maria Luísa : Joke's on you Mulaney, they ARE doing female Oceans's Eleven lol

MisterCovek : What's ironic is that they're making an all female Ocean's 11 movie.

LoverOfTheMusic99 : John: "I don't want to make any generalizations about women." John: *Makes a generalization about women*

San Dan : The fact he's responsible for Stefon makes him the greatest ever. And I love that he changes lines to crack up Bill Hader.

Stefon : This man is one I'd like to take to New York's hottest club "...... Kevin???"

GamerzNewb : John Mulaney uses A LOT of the same jokes from show to show to show I still think he's funny 

Mal Terra : Unbutton your jacket when you sit, you barbarian!

Hector Delgado : why is Barry Allen on Conan.

Nocturne22 : I'd actually love to see an Ocean's Eleven movie with an all female cast.

Cornelius Spark : I know Mulaney uses the same jokes but I sill love him. He's hilarious, in my opinion. Especially the xanx story. I died laughing at that one. I couldn't even tell it to my friends cause i'd was rolling on the floor laughing so hard. ^^ He's AWESOME! XD

Tyler Masi : John baby un-button the jacket when you sit down kid

shop_pratsh : oh so this is the evil genius behind hader always breaking character while doing stefon! good bad man

Sam Rosen : I used to think it was a cop out that he quotes jokes directly from his cd, but now I'm just impressed. It's the exact same wording, the exact same inflection, edited  only to cut the not-safe-for-cable words.

mrtalkative91 : that whole thing about women was word for word from his stand up

jope7 : Highlights of this interview: John's bizarre, anxious finger rubbing at 2:21 and Conan's at 2:39

Gae Elle : If I close my eyes, John's voice sounds like a mixture of J.D. From Scrubs and Ray Ramano😄

Maggalynn22 : “Oceans 11 with women wouldn’t work” It’s 2018 now oceans 8 has come out It sucked so bad John was proven absolutely correct

bamb113r : for people who dont know how comedy and writing works: every comic has their bit. they bring with them, its their show, its their resume. most characters on sketch shows are characters these people have been doing all their lives. now when it comes to stand up its like people say, its like a musicians set. they have a set of jokes for that particular part in their lives. whether theyre touring or compiling clips or making an album they do a certain set until they are ready to change it. obviously when you get bigger you have to create more and more but you also use what works. like songs we listen to over and over.

Roman Flores : The joke's not really on him though because if you noticed there aren't 11 women in the female version of Ocean's Eleven; there's 8. They must have left out the 3 catty b****es.

cathartic555 : It's funny and tragic because an Ocean's 11 reboot with an all-female cast has been announced :')

Bitch Craft : I don't want to make genetlizations about women but *spouts stereotypes about women* bc we can't be mature professional or serious or get along were too busy competing

J C : I really don't like when people do bits from their act on talk shows. It's just not as funny and not organic

Rads021 : hes a writer for snl? he looks young

Ruthie Dworin : I think he's directly quoting his stand-up.


Aaron Samar : So the new Ocean's 8 is just to prove John Mulaney wrong... Interesting

Mickiddy Michael : Oceans 8 was announced. All women.

Nate Brothers : His suit is making me anxious!! Unbutton that button bro!

erick carlsen : Yeah this is directly from his standup lol :P I actually quote this one a lot :P

Trisha Kooky : "you can't do an Ocean's Eleven with women because the other two would break off to talk trash about the other 9" BEST QUOTE lmao

zoomflume : He's just did his act from new in town

JaeNice13 : They're actually making a new Ocean's movie with an all female cast.

Michael Dark : keep in mind at the time that special wasn't out yet. so that was a fresh joke

Nick Serio : If you guys knew anything about him you'd know he already wrote all this stuff and preformed it

Thomas Zelios : Lol and now they're making a full female version of Ocean's Eleven.

Peter Brown : Hmm. That heist women joke sounds very similar to something from his stand up comedy album. In fact, word for word. Hmm.

amby star : I had so much faith in this guy but then he whipped out the sexist jokes :/

Gabby Dahlberg : ew at the sexist crap

paintur68 : What a talented, handsome young blessed.      Meanwhile, I am a loser. :- l    Sigh.....

Diglit Dover : Why is he doing a bit? its a good one, but why?

sean donachy : He is one of the funniest people alive.

Brittni Scott : It's weird to see this interview, because he's basically just saying his "New in Town" special.

Avery Nelson : and then they made Ocean's 8 and it's really quite good

Travis McNasty : He's going to be as big as Seinfeld in ten years.