My RGB Apartment (Explained)
My RGB Apartment Explained

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TechDige : But does your girlfriend have a RGB underwear?

Kaizze C : how to turn your home into a strip club...

Yes : _apartment gains 459fps_

Trenten Tarrentino : Next Video: My apartment complex is kicking me out

Ben M : Bro the tutorial pls for the tv ambilight. Thanks

KnifingGHST : What about the vibrator you had attached to the bench press?

Ramos R : Why isn't that cat rgb

Ivan Josip : Tutorials for: 1. Smart mirror (without wooden frame) 2. Add blocking wifi with raspberry pi 3. Infinity cube 4. RGB behind tv 5. Setting up wifi strips

Luis Romero : Yesss please make a tutorial video on the tv ambilight

stormchasingk9 : 0:34 Typical cat lickin' its crotch for the camera.

hawklets03 : That booty...

Cookie monster 315 : 0:25 who is that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Enurzia : _Linus Tech Tips wants to know your location!_

Blake Tasker : I'm colorblind

Boring 5 : I don't know how I came across this video but i'm glad I did. Inspirational.

L3thal : Make a tutorial on the cube

Gorge Maldonado : Can I just pay you for you to do this for me?

DavidV : perfect place to play Cyberpunk 2077

S H A S H A N K K E L K A R : PLEASE make tutorials 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

Codyteddy Is me : Bro I am saving up for leds I want my room to be lit ima call it the Cody cave

Autunite : Typically ignorant of people to assume a high electricity bill with LEDs, especially outdoor Christmas decorations and indoor LED strips. They do NOT draw insane amounts of power, I've got about 5600 LEDs covering the outline of my house and the trees/bushes surrounding it, and in total that draws about 32W constant (1.1A in 29V, strings are made for 31V but dimmed so they're not blindingly bright). That's less than a T8 flourescent tube for older kitchen lights. It's even less than a single halogen spotlight used for indoor ceiling spots. I keep it on 24/7 and don't even notice it on the electricity bill, it's usually lower in December/January because I use the fireplace rather than electric heating.

Rafael Pimenta : Dude, where is the tutorial videos? Teach us, you’re my spirit animal

SupermanKal718 : Awesome. Would love a tutorial for the TV ambilight. Your last video showing off your apartment and now this one showing how it looks with just the white light definitely helped with my wife going along with me doing this in our house. 🤙

Sweg aholics : Ready for cyberpunk i see.

SmuckerDew : You forgot rgb lighting in the toilet

Umar khan : 0:24 that booty!!

Pïchi * : Do a tutorial on that cube thing

dixiecupz15 : Bruh this is the apartment of my dreams since i was 10. Definitely doing this set up when i get my own place. Thanks for the vid!!!

PSN FATHER_FURIOUS : Thank you for sharing all of this excellent information. I am very interested in the household Wi-Fi ad blocker if you care to make a video on it's function and parts required, I would be grateful. Thank you for the videos and sharing your aptitude ✌️

Matt Durajka : great video but the video compression hurts

Howly : super helpful, such a good job on the apartment

Sarah Renee : get back on youtube and give us more tutorials! this is so awesome man.

RØDEN : Thanks for the insight and that wifi controller is a money saviour!

Kwesi Robinson : This is WILD‼️ I’ll be sure to hire you to do my studio and my house lol

roblox and tio SUCK : Smooth in on your girl friend ass. Looks great btw.

VMS Collective : Only thing that would improve this is some nanoleaves

DiamondOfTheCentury : Waiting for the tutorial on the arduino + TV leds

S H A S H A N K K E L K A R : Atlast you made a video 🎉🎉😘

Vape Nation Bg : Link to the wifi controller?

Dustin M. : Great video dude, thanks for some knowledge and ideas.

vacationboyvideos : I don't have that nice setup.. I'm to lazy I could! But do u own your apt?

mmc975 : i just came across this a few months after you put it out but man its so amazing, you really should make in-depth tutorials for well... all of it, you could really carve yourself out a niche here on YouTube i feel doing that and i know a lot of people like myself would really appreciate it.

Thor Fjelsted : so fucking cool dude, thank you. Liked & Subbed


GunnerDucker : Damn bro, that's impressive.

Teej : Well.....I Subbed, nice setup bro👍👍

Alex Smith : Definitely make a video on how to do that with the tv

First Name : Can't wait for the "My Electricity Bill (Explained)" video.

ANNIHILATION TV : This is actually really cool man. I'm building a recording studio and wanted it to be all Outrun-ish and this video points me in the right direction, for that I thank you.