My RGB Apartment (Explained)

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TechDige : But does your girlfriend have a RGB underwear?

Ben M : Bro the tutorial pls for the tv ambilight. Thanks

hawklets03 : That booty...

Algernop Krieger : Can i do acid at your place? Ill share lol

Luis Romero : Yesss please make a tutorial video on the tv ambilight

L3thal : Make a tutorial on the cube

PSN FATHER_FURIOUS : Thank you for sharing all of this excellent information. I am very interested in the household Wi-Fi ad blocker if you care to make a video on it's function and parts required, I would be grateful. Thank you for the videos and sharing your aptitude ✌️

Kaizze C : how to turn your home into a strip club...

Gorge Maldonado : Can I just pay you for you to do this for me?

Shashank kelkar : PLEASE make tutorials 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

Autunite : Typically ignorant of people to assume a high electricity bill with LEDs, especially outdoor Christmas decorations and indoor LED strips. They do NOT draw insane amounts of power, I've got about 5600 LEDs covering the outline of my house and the trees/bushes surrounding it, and in total that draws about 32W constant (1.1A in 29V, strings are made for 31V but dimmed so they're not blindingly bright). That's less than a T8 flourescent tube for older kitchen lights. It's even less than a single halogen spotlight used for indoor ceiling spots. I keep it on 24/7 and don't even notice it on the electricity bill, it's usually lower in December/January because I use the fireplace rather than electric heating.

SupermanKal718 : Awesome. Would love a tutorial for the TV ambilight. Your last video showing off your apartment and now this one showing how it looks with just the white light definitely helped with my wife going along with me doing this in our house. 🤙

Matt Durajka : great video but the video compression hurts

shooterjon mku : My good sir, my grandpa as a kid told me I had a fetish with lights like this😂 you please need to make a in depth video on this. Not only for my own use but for your channel, a lot of people would be interested in this. I suggest make an in depth how you wired it and how the devices work and now they all tie into eachother via app/software. Especially the tv because obviously the tv has a led strip that is programmable “addressable” show us how you tackle that challenge and maybe make some changes where you hangout and listen to music install maybe install addressable units there and that go with the music.

L3thal : Cool 0:24 why do you have the ad blocker statistics and whats thst mirror called also holy i thought your electricty bill was high mine is 900 every 4 months wtffff

Johan Barron : That song choice wow. What's the name?

Fry, Phillip J : How do you control the strips with the Hue Switches? Doesn't hue use some different network method

soy piter TM : 😮

Scion : Imigine moving out...

EPIC SILVA : You forgot to explain the part in the first my RGB apartment video at 0:19 on the bench press

Admiral Kizaru : Very cool, Im using the Gledopto adapters to control the led strips. Con, it costs a little bit more, but you can use them with Phillips Hue (bridge). You can order it on AliExpress. And there are "Neon LED" strips, which are looking awesome.

RØDEN : Thanks for the insight and that wifi controller is a money saviour!

joshua Moreno : pretty cool looking

Sam : Awesome thanks for explaining please make more videos

Abhi G : Dude this was amazing. I want to make my parents house look like this but i have no idea where to start. Thanks so much fam

Howly : super helpful, such a good job on the apartment

Blake Tasker : I'm colorblind

Aovax I : 00:25 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Umar khan : 0:24 that booty!!

Yes : _apartment gains 459fps_

Răzvan Vornicu : Can you make a tutorial for that 2 mirror led?

Shashank kelkar : Atlast you made a video 🎉🎉😘

Матвей Фуризон : broh ,please make tutorial's about it.I really like what you do.)

Roger Lu : THE CUBE!

Mystic : Thanks for show case. That TV tutorial would be awesome. Followed another tutorial that was way to difficult

Notes From Underground : Been waiting for this, thanks. Just curious, why don't you invest a little more into a proper sound setup with acoustic panels and diffusors and all that (unless im just not seeing any of the speakers)? Your apartment is perfection for someone who DJs at home like me. Also do you have a job in lighting or is this just a hobby?

LuiDeSantoro : Thank you!

Resort : So how much your light bill come out too lmaooo

stormchasingk9 : 0:34 Typical cat lickin' its crotch for the camera.

Darkrai : Please make a tutorial on the cube it does not have to be step-by-step I just wanna know how (cant find it anywhere) BTW like so that senpai( Coltography) notices me.

Donovan Goodwin : Finally!

Elijah Whooper III : Yes I need the color changing tutorial

Justin Williams : I just spent $390 on this stuff for my house to get it ready for christmas😭😭 it’s so worth it tho

Johtoroketti : So you're just going to show us your GF's booty? I ain't complaining

Keaneu Depe : Tutorial on the cube and the tv and the coding would be awesome

Slure : The perfect apamrtment doesnt exi-

Mustafa Kahyaoğlu : Hi! I will excatly see how you did that with the tv. And a how to make the cube. And more about your house, i would like to do the same like you. I like your home very much, you have style!

D B : 4:05 The whole apartment is cheesy. RGB Nerd-Out.

Peaceable : I see pictures of your apartment in mr nightmare videos

James Wallace : would love to see some tutorials! especially with the arduino and raspberry pi ;) nice vid