Get your money up not your funny up

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trace norton : Pqqrrrow

Starwin : I need subtitles.

Ghetto Sponge : Turn on captions and go to 0:08

i got big Stephens : 100 dollars to whoever can spell what he said

PianoGold651632 : Skroqoqoq

Jordan G : lol why do this man have a red velvet du-rag on his head

jojojorisjhjosef : That was gay

Brealbatter10 knowsbest : 0:09 pink dildo in due

PianoGold651632 : Im the big dilf dont do that

Midwest Angler TV : Whats his name?

Anime : "Get yo money up not your funny up" pwowwwwwwww

crumpy : damn i just uploaded this dont think i stole this from u

Barrack Obama : 😂✋


Dark Edition : 0:11

Queen A : All I had to do to find this was type "get y"😂

CloutDemon : @thakidhuncho2x

MVazer : Prlrowwwlrlrlrl

ethan : I was just looking for this vid yesterday

•Jumvi• : .50 speed

Benny Boss : Bruh am I the only one who thinks that sound is fake 😂😂 there’s no way that sound is possible to make

PARG : Was that English?

Cool Broseph : grilowww

Reilly Len : Does anyone want to translate this conversation?

Tha Gawd : “Don’t do dat” 😭😭