Comparing yourself to others

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Piquetures by Nomi : I want to be a cat sometimes too 😂🐱

LarryCook333 : "Our lives are a constant battle of self management" - THIS!

MrBeast : I struggle with this, always comparing my videos to other youtuber's videos and never being happy with my own.

theFitty : *This might not occur to you right now, but a lot of people look at you and think oh my God I want your life and they compare themselves to you! :-) just know you are so awesome for being the way that you are. I love you.*

Cat Dog : Honestly, this is just what I needed. I've been feeling this way for weeks now. It's good to know that I'm not the only one. It's enlightening.❤

Brooke Holland : well damn why you gotta expose me like this

Vakarė Kilčiauskaitė : For a second I thought i was waching liza koshy

Fire Nation Files : "Stop watching me right now and go get a life." *I FEEL ATTACKED*

Nightmare Files : One way to bring down your self esteem is to compare yourself to others and kids don’t understand that. They get so caught up in tv and Instagram and some becomes overwhelmed with the filling of doubt and they want to end it. Suicide

Drew Aker : I deleted my Facebook and Instagram.. Best decision ever.

JAS : "Comparison is the thief of Joy"

Peter Verstappen : ''if you compare yourself to others you will become vain or bitter''. Desiderata.

Dan D. : Goddamnit I love her work. Not only is it artistically astounding how much detail goes into each frame but the relativity of it all is pretty darn cool. I've been following this channel for a while now, and 80% of the videos have left me feeling something which is far more than the average YouTuber could boast.

Christopher Rivera : See, this is why I quit social media years ago. It brings more problems than what people realize. Research actually proves this.

로미언니RomiUnnie : This is just what I needed...

violet flower : It’s weird how you feel bad about yourself when I see you as a role model. You constantly come up with new projects, you always workout, you read 70 books a year and you never stop chasing your dreams. Seriously Anna I aspire to be like you.

Cai Hui : Everyone out there i suggest maybe trying to detox social media for a month or'll feel much much better. I had a social media detox for one month and then half a year and then finally permanently deleted all my social media accouts. IT'S BEEN A WHOLE YEAR NOW.. and it's been one of the most satisfying and liberating things I've done.

June the Goon : Social media is what’s ruining human society in all aspects.

Sanity016 : I think comparing myself to my past self is actually more destructive. when I compare myself to others it gives me a bit of a motivation boost and inspiration to work a bit harder. my past self had friends, my past self didn't have as many worries. now I can barely afford food, now I'm battling serious anxiety.

irlyn esguerra : Recently deactivated my Snapchat and Facebook. I have until the 30th. I honestly feel a lot better

Veiled Heat : When you compare yourself to other people, you compare everything you don't know about their life to everything you DO know about your own. You lose every time.

BLACKPINK_ MV : My parents compare me to other children😭😭 But I compare them to other parents😝😝

theFitty : *I totally feel this all the time among the people around me. I surround myself with people that uplift me and remind me of my value! :)*

Jesse Perkins : The selfawareness of knowing I'm doing it to myself makes me dislike myself even more, further darkening the spiral I'm going down. The selfawareness is honestly the worst part.

Bob Didlboc : *reads title* Me: No papa

Asher Halperin : I used to do this all the time. Now I love myself and only want to be myself.

Eduardo Rodriguez : Get off Facebook and get your face in a book

Raheem D : So many people say this about IG but I thought we all knew IG is fake? We all know we only post our best pictures with filters. We ain't out here posting about how we're alone on a Saturday night watching TV, we're telling you what we did on holiday! Like IG is for flexing and isn't supposed to be taken seriously. I can look at an IG pic and go "OK...well she's used facetune, and a really nice filter from VSCO and she was hella smart to use that hashtag, it's gonna rake in the likes. Thumbs up though it's a nice pic!" I feel more like how Anna feels when on Facebook because that's where people genuinely are married and buying their first house and getting their promotion and I'm like "lol wow....I just finished a tv series in a day" Idk. I dislike Facebook way more for that reason.

문외한 : So easy to say when a natural good looking girl says it

mugensamurai : To all the women out there that feel insecure about themselves. The truth is you're actually awesome the way you are. Sometimes the truth is hard to see.

Rockylol : Just imo. The zooming is pretty annoying.

ТРИ ПОЛОСКИ : I wanna be anyone else but me

musiclaura : Anna, I've been watching your videos recently and just, GIRL, you say everything I need to hear. I have perfectionism, anxiety, and chronic depression (as a result of the perfectionism) and I get so into the spiral of feeling bad about my life and thinking how others are just being happy cause that's what it looks like. But I've got to learn to stop myself. I've got to get so involved with my own life that I don't have time to think about how others are so much happier than me and better than me. Thanks for doing what you do, Anna.

SinBGfYerin : Life is a massive society of judgement, you can’t escape it so choose to ignore it.

ArtisanTony : it's easy, just stop dramatizing yourself over social media. Go outside and enjoy nature. Pull the plug on the internet for a while

Ventilate : Your Note 9 is better than my Nextbit Robin I'm sad now

Patrick Arazo : i love how natural anna looks in this vid

Lan Pham : I hate when comparing myself with Rihanna.

Kaylie Sepulveda : did you say Karen sepulveda? My last name is sepulveda too lmao!💛

Asher Halperin : I used to compare myself to some other streamers on twitch, and it ruined my life. Now I just stream what I enjoy and I am happy.

Phillis Powers : May SWEET DIVINE HEAVENLY MOTHER BLESS ur pure heart and wonderful inspirational WORDS x1x1x1x1x1.. be blessed!

ACETARIA Animations : “Also I want to be a cat” Of course you do, Anna, of course you do

cruz cruz : Is it just me or is she weirdly hot or just normal hot??🔥

Asher Halperin : OK I just realised you are my favourite YouTuber ever. I wanna be your best friend.

Clarah Gatlin : I wanna be a twinkie, nonexistent

J.Chan : The way I deal with this is to just not use instagram.

Gabrielle Velez : "Stop watching me right now and go get a life." I'm personally attacked, Anna.

Blue Bird : I really needed this because I've always compared myself to other girls and also body wise

I Am Furious : That's why i avoid IG, it's toxic... if u feels sosmed make u feel that get rid of it

Brandon Cue : Gets paid millions a year and complains about not going on vacations and doing fun things. Take a week off and fkin go do it then ???