Hot Chocolate 3 Ways - You Suck at Cooking (episode 82)
How to make hot chocolate You Suck At Cooking

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Hot chocolate is a dish best served hot. Subscribe: Snapchat: @yousuckatcookin


A very strange ghostly squid : This is a guy who makes videos as a hobby, I love it. His jokes aren't overused and unfunny, and he isn't completely vulgar. Not you YSAC, I'm talking about Pimblokto.

Anne'sGot_it_Straight : He took his sweet time to dress up each of his hot chocolate ingredients. Why. Why is he like this?

Josef Stalin : You're like if god blessed how to basic with his son and binging with babish was the father. Or if binging with babish impregnated how to basic. Or if the man who would become your dad impregnated the woman who would become your mom resulting in you being born and eventually growing into who you are today. Nice tiny clothes on the chocolate BTW

ChappiBK : I hope you never reveal your face... It's your brand to be this unknown hilarious sarcastic dude

Skwytek : 3:07 The way it cracked tho

Lucifer : I see you‘re using Lindt chocolate. I approve.

alexandru dumitru : to all who make hot coco with water,... Hope you enjoy your time in the unholy cauldron of Ausmodeus when you reach hell

laialy : I wonder how long it took him to make those tiny clothes

Yolanda Reyes : Next: water 34 ways

Kyle Mejia : I love that everyone talks about how funny he is, While I cant get over the fact that he actually writes these original songs for his videos 😂🤦‍♂️

Jaee Ponde : I’m not even halfway through the video and you gained a subscriber Good going my man

AlexTheNaive : Your voice sounds like casually explained dude. Suspicious 🤔

Tanmay Thakur : I subbed because you my man are heck of a lot creative and you Know how to mix things up.

Kalico Fox : Even while he's insulting my bad taste I'm not offended

Liezl Kemink : I never knew a video could be so extra... With the topic being hot chocolate

Mille Hodnekvam : You could literally be talking about a rug with leopard print on it and I would be like «I’ll give you all my money!!!»😂

Maynase3 : Extra lazy way: Heat up chocolate milk in the microwave for around a minute. If you’d like to go another 3 meters add some cinnamon, like 1/8-1/4 teaspoon, you do you.

Don Matthew : He said chocolate 36 times. Wow

roos ramakers : Omg cute dog in the end just made it a perfect thing that has everything a video needs

Ferrosa : Best hot chocolate tutorial you'll ever come across. And I'm glad he put those marshmallows in their place, finally someone says it!

Colors Point : It's 4 am in the morning and I'm thankful it came in my recommendations...

Arfin Begum : Who else came here after hearing from Robby?

Why? Because. : You should make your own cookbook

Vante Kim : I like it how he is literally prepared

Peri Dorkster : To drink he spent the time dressing up his ingredients lol

Mister Guacemole : Its almost been a full year! WHERE IS PIMBLOCKTO?!

Débora Gomes : I love his voice.

CloudySkies17695 : As someone who makes their hot chocolate through a packet, I feel extremely attacked.

CredibleDerek6511 : Declumpification = WANGJANGLE

Alpha Wolf king : Who else Robby send u here

Asmina Malla : i wasnt expecting to see this when i clicked on this video but hey im not mad

Rifi Gerwiciel : I tried the recipe at 3:17 and I gotta say, that's a damn good cup of hot chocolate

InternetOnTheGuy : Those chocolates have more fashion sense than me.

wenders : Boil water Pour abuelita packet into cup Pour a but of cinnamon into cup Pour 1/4 into cup and mix Pour rest of water Pour a bit of milk and mix Put whip cream D r i n k

Event Hʘriךּon : or you know, drink ovomaltine


missagaga : He reminds me so much of Casually Explained for some reason😂❤

Birhd : Did you say WHISK, I think you meant “wangjangle”

Joshua Garcia : Robby sent me and thank you for fixing my wabs

Luna Galaxy : Robby sent me a link to watch this video

Test Hobo : Just put it in the microwave god damn

Whittney Groves : Robby epicsause sent me!lol

FernandØ Barraza : Robby sent me but u suk

KaiZerEric 08 : RobbyEpicSauce sent me

Soviet Union : I found one of your vids and now I’m binge watching all of them in 1 day

Watson TV : The raver bit hit me on a personal level

Andrei Schnittke : Hell is cold too. Freezing lake and all that

R A E : Daily dose of Internet and You suck at cooking are two blessings we don't deserve😭😂

Fleek Tea : Either my brain is playing tricks on me or what but....can anyone else smell the hot coco?