Hot Chocolate 3 Ways - You Suck at Cooking (episode 82)

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ChappiBK : I hope you never reveal your face... It's your brand to be this unknown hilarious sarcastic dude

AuburnFoxx : You're kind of like a calmer version of how to basic

Lexi Hernandez : This dude HAS to be Canadian

A very strange ghostly squid : This is a guy who makes videos as a hobby, I love it. His jokes aren't overused and unfunny, and he isn't completely vulgar. Not you YSAC, I'm talking about Pimblokto.


Why? Because. : You should make your own cookbook

Samantha Nielsen : don't EVER attack marshmallows like that ever again

Pvt_Plebe _ : Is this guy related to how to basic in any way ?

ccas : Sorry but im going to need to disagree with this one mate... The correct recipe is to add 1 drop of milk to a 1kg tin of milo. Make sure you DONT stir it, then enjoy.

Straight Savage : “While the raver is an endurance athlete”

Yolanda Reyes : Next: water 34 ways

Darth Tyrannus : It hurts when I pee

A Random Person : I once tried boiling eggs I totally forgot about them My sister reminded me I was cooking eggs I ran back to da kitchen Turned the damn stove off And threw the eggs away Cause there was no way I was gonna eat them Hope you enjoyed my very irrelevant story 😊

Is that a chicken : Who's this robby everyone is talking about? I wanna know lmao

It's the Music Guy : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *that's some hot chocolate*

a_ lin23 : Add a half spoonful of creamy peanut butter. Life changing

ArishaSmile : Felt proud when I understood what he meant when he said to check it for WABS

Gamer54321 Drysdale : Robby sent me

Sophia Lopera : I am watching this because robby sent me Edit :thanks for liking you made my day

InternetOnTheGuy : Those chocolates have more fashion sense than me.

The Patsy Family : In full disclosure, I do not know how to operate a chainsaw.

Watson TV : The raver bit hit me on a personal level

Shmellos key : Robby sent me

Kamil Erlik : Its almost been a full year! WHERE IS PIMBLOCKTO?!

Citsong The gaming god : I found one of your vids and now I’m binge watching all of them in 1 day

just a guy who likes anime : Here is a toast for pimblokto

Annette Testa : Well Robby sent me

The Gachashow : Robby sent me.

Ava Agnew : Haha 😂 I lve this, it’s funny while learning how to cook!

ScienceInSchools : Robby sent me!

H Kay : Look at those outfits- you made Haute Chocolate

Tiger gamer : Robby sent me

Learn2Draw CuteAnimals : Robby told us to tell you that he sent me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

hadel Al Salah : What does was mean Robby i watch your vedio

Giovanni Arredondo : Robby sent me

garbage fire : I really loved how you broke down social constructs and revealed that deep down we are all just... chocolate?

Cole Harsch : Roby sent me

Kalico Fox : Even while he's insulting my bad taste I'm not offended

Chickenx 2 : Sent By Robby to fix your wabs

Kimberly Campbell : Great, now I want hot chocolate even though it's currently in warm here in Texas -_-

CloudySkies17695 : As someone who makes their hot chocolate through a packet, I feel extremely attacked.

Tamara Kennedy : Ya big baby man...make ur own chocolate with marshmallows and dont be ascurd

Katie Silaban : *you're like joanna ceddia's boy twin*

Lucy's Reborns : Robby sent me

catherine shortall : LOL HAHA kJ sorry

Birhd : Did you say WHISK, I think you meant “wangjangle”

Nexha Shillova : Here from Robby

Who's That : Marshmallow, but not the cheap brand one

Mylee Radloff : Robby sent me

Luis Hi : Robby sent my WABY arse here