Hot Chocolate 3 Ways - You Suck at Cooking (episode 82)

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ChappiBK : I hope you never reveal your face... It's your brand to be this unknown hilarious sarcastic dude

TSkies : “Hot tattooed barista cocoa powder” ...Babish?

Pvt_Plebe _ : Is this guy related to how to basic in any way ?

Lexi Hernandez : This dude HAS to be Canadian

A very strange ghostly squid : This is a guy who makes videos as a hobby, I love it. His jokes aren't overused and unfunny, and he isn't completely vulgar. Not you YSAC, I'm talking about Pimblokto.

Yolanda Reyes : Next: water 34 ways


Samantha Nielsen : don't EVER attack marshmallows like that ever again

Straight Savage : “While the raver is an endurance athlete”

Josef Stalin : You're like if god blessed how to basic with his son and binging with babish was the father. Or if binging with babish impregnated how to basic. Or if the man who would become your dad impregnated the woman who would become your mom resulting in you being born and eventually growing into who you are today. Nice tiny clothes on the chocolate BTW

Why? Because. : You should make your own cookbook

It's the Music Guy : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *that's some hot chocolate*

ccas : Sorry but im going to need to disagree with this one mate... The correct recipe is to add 1 drop of milk to a 1kg tin of milo. Make sure you DONT stir it, then enjoy.

Darth Tyrannus : It hurts when I pee

Tiger gamer : Robby sent me

InternetOnTheGuy : Those chocolates have more fashion sense than me.

Is that a chicken : Who's this robby everyone is talking about? I wanna know lmao

Charlotte Bateson : this entire channel radiates chaotic neutral energy and I am LIVING FOR IT

Kalico Fox : Even while he's insulting my bad taste I'm not offended

a_ lin23 : Add a half spoonful of creamy peanut butter. Life changing

Axel Gerolamo della Porta : what breed is that dog like my dog is identical

Watson TV : The raver bit hit me on a personal level

Kamil Erlik : Its almost been a full year! WHERE IS PIMBLOCKTO?!

Citsong The gaming god : I found one of your vids and now I’m binge watching all of them in 1 day

The Patsy Family : In full disclosure, I do not know how to operate a chainsaw.

Addison Campbell : Robby didn’t send me here... ...He totally did...😐

Who's That : Marshmallow, but not the cheap brand one

Mavis Dragneel : Like if Robby sent you!!!

Lunacreates : Let it be known from now on, that this will be the first step on my journey of watching this wonderful channels videos, that the shear quirkiness and effort put into this video has made a new fan with only one viewing of your channel.

just a guy who likes anime : Here is a toast for pimblokto

immaculatelation : LOL! "Cuz that's how ya burn ya PAyants!"

Tamara Kennedy : Ya big baby man...make ur own chocolate with marshmallows and dont be ascurd

ryehaaan : hot choco in sachet is for cowards

Anastasia [DarkLady]gr : Ground ginger is so good in hot chocolate!I made one just now and it made MY hot chocolate amazing (3 squares of dark chocolate 1 white chocolate 1 teaspoon cocoa powder a pinch of salt, a pinch of instant coffee and sugar to taste)

H Kay : Look at those outfits- you made Haute Chocolate

Nightmare Johansen : Robby sent my here.

-Llama Gacha- : Haha 😂 I lve this, it’s funny while learning how to cook!

David Ortiz : I make my own hot chocolate mix by dehydrating chocolate and powdering it and finally mixing it with sugar

Mary Ciuffreda : Honestly you go so above and beyond it’s inspiring. You deserve happiness because you radiate it... this was amazing.


missagaga : He reminds me so much of Casually Explained for some reason😂❤

420essketit6999 : I get chocolate milk and just microwave it

laialy : I wonder how long it took him to make those tiny clothes

J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen : This hot chocolate is hotter than hell

Alanna Gray : There is no proof that he has an upper body, other then his arms and hands. *mind blown* Also, stay awesome. Where is your next video it's been a month? XD Kidding

bruh Am TRYING : Robby sent me and he was right about you being funny😂

iiLeaf LZ : I want to say where the f are the Christmas videos but he probably wants to spend time with his family

zayden the legendary gamer : Who else is here from robby

Skeets McGrew : Time spent making hot chocolate: 15 minutes. Time spent making chocolate costumes and writing a hot chocolate song: 15 days

Dis cord : Robby DIDN'T send me.