Feeling Blue? You’re not alone. | Barbie Vlog | Episode 13

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Gems Toys & Dolls : The Barbie brand is really turning into something incredible, this is amazing

NihonSaranghae : This is actually really inspiring. Barbie can not only teach kids something but also 18 year olds like me :D

Yyasemin Ssabanci : Wow. Major respect, Barbie. That was deep.

Rachael Stephen : This is incredible and so important! THIS is how you do marketing right! It can be about raising girls up, not breaking them down. I am so, so happy that the Barbie vlogs are happening.


Adiarey : this is so realistic it scares me. Not the animation but her expressions, her way of speaking...I love it so much. I wish I could have had this when I was younger xD you go Barbie!

The trans dude Alex : how does she handle this better then my therapist did.

Bianca : depression awareness Barbie... wow what an age we live in

Thomas Talon-Pipes : Who wrote this? Who voice acted this? Who animated this? Where are the credits? These people deserve to be credited...

Facho7 : Kudos to the voice actor. She is really good, the voice inflections are so good, and realistic and work perfectly to bring the script and animation to life! :D

Grace Garmo : when this barbie animation more genuine than 95% of actual vloggers on youtube

Blair : the animation is this is so skillful, like, all the gestures are really subtle and she moves like a real human being

queen : My therapist is quaking

JustHannaMarie : The moment when you're 16 and can learn new things from Barbie.

schem1ng : This is really special and as an 18 year old accidentally clicking on something, now I'm crying.

Diana Chocolate loving triceratops : why is it so relieving to relate to someone who isnt even real?!

shyymlo : 13 reasons why is SHAKING.

jennifervan75 : How is it that Barbie is actually more helpful than all the people I have ever talked to?

Frog Princess : This is so incredibly important. I've suffered from an anxiety disorder and depression since I was five, seeing this made me cry because it might help children who are in my position. I can not express how happy it makes me to see a video about mental health directed at children, and her advice is legit too, my therapist told me similar things.

Kitty Grimm : I just took life advice from Barbie.

Nozy_Z : In this Barbie actually look like a teen before she looked like she was like 23

Eve Bradford : this is phenomenal. barbie has truely become an inspiration and positive role model for kids. i never thought i'd hear barbie talk about things so important and serious like this. this is so so important and i was blown away. you are doing amazing things, barbie team. and by the way? amazing hair. i so dig this ombre look.

Dave Strider : "You can't have the Spring without the Winter." When Barbie gets like, demonstrably deep. Love it.

Gaia M : when a doll gives you better advice than the majority of the people around you

Sara Krgo : this cured my depression

Moonstruck : ...Holy cow, the Barbie company and franchise has come a LONG way from when I was a kid.

Keane Usman : This feels like a legitimate TED talks or something to that caliber. Kudos.

Shelley Holman : I love how realistic this series. I especially love trying to see what the weathers like in Malibu! PACE✌🏽

TheCrystalsLps : These vlogs are everything 💕 I'm 17 and I just randomly ran into these videos, who knew that Barbie still can give some solid, good advice at any point in our lives 😊❤️

Adoree Jasmine : I wake up feeling like you sometimes Barbie. Feeling blue for no reason. But I have my sisters to cheer me up! Just like yours! You inspire all girls around the globe including me😘🌍 Love ya💘 PACE✌

IrishRose. : This was quite deep but very important. Even as an adult watching this, it's helpful. I hope the kids watching this take something from it that will help them. :)

Aaliyah Roberson : I absolutely love how realistic this is. I think the vlogs will help in so many ways and get us to draw closer to you in a friendly not creepy way lol! Thank you

Maya Ganzy : Whenever I feel down, I just fashion design. Sketching just makes me feel better. It just reminds me that the more I draw, the closer I get to a dream. It just helps.

Opal64 : I felt silly watching this as I'm 24 years old, but it really touched my heart and made me cry with all that me and my family is going through and the recent loss of my brother. This is one of the most real topics and meaningful conversations you can have with someone and it meant so much to me to hear this. Bravo to you, Barbie. Thank you so much. Also this deserves millions of views.

Emily N Meads : I came here from Shane Dawson

głos bezecha : Okay, so it made me cry. But it's a good thing, because this is exaclty what i needed to hear. I haven't been the happiest person lately, so I am really glad, that feeling blue is the topic of this video. Thank You, very, very much. PACE :)

月島亜利矢 : I'm really happy that younger children will grow up with things like this. I'm so proud that Barbie is taking on such serious, difficult to talk about issues so openly and honestly for young people to hear so that they don't have to grow up like the older generations did thinking that talking about feelings is some kind of taboo. Barbie is such a well-known, strong role model for girls of any generation and showing that even she, the "perfect girl," feels depression, confusion, anxiety, and other negative emotions is a really powerful thing. Even as a teenager, I feel really moved and inspired.

Manu Alijo : When Barbie is saving your life.

Elly LC : this video has helped me more than 3 years of therapy.

Larty Gha : omg love this. they should do a movie like this

LizMarie Diaz : I absolutely love this. Thank you so much for being a great role model! I want my younger sisters to see this, I'm not the best with words sometimes and this is exactly how I would have like to describe this to them. I love you Barbie thank you for this.

alice : barbie is woke af

Alan Lands : So I just watched Barbie and her Sisters in a Puppy Chase and, when Barbie is sad near the end, it reminded me of this vlog. It's easy to treat others as human, but it can be easier to neglect to treat yourself as one too.... Barbie, you love others and look out for them, but don't forget to love and look out for yourself too <3

21locusts : why does this feel so organic? props to the animators and the VA!!!!! i love this so much, maybe a little too much for a 15 year old ajskakjd



DearestDalya : can you believe that barbie just made a teenager cry wowie ok ok ok

ʚ kermitted ɞ : the moment when Barbie's a better therapist then my own


Kristel Salvador : Barbie from my generation onwards is amazing ❤️ young girls now are so lucky to have this Barbie!