This beat is killing country music

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Country music has been taken over by snap tracks, and it's killing the whole vibe. Hence this video, made with LOVE for country music, in which I argue why I think this percussive emphasis is doing the genre a disservice. Keep in mind -- I like a handful of these songs, but the pervasiveness of this exact same beat is suffocating. (And go easy on me -- I've never made a talk-through video essay before. Trying to step up my video editing game.) Twitter: My T-shirt design shop:

Comments from Youtube

Boss Romos : Country now days is Tractor Rap

JarOfPickles : I don't even listen to Country Music. Why am I here? Still a great video though!

MP : When rock was king, mainstream country sounded like rock with a twang. Now that hip hop is king, mainstream country sounds like hip hop with a twang.

Stephen Deinema : Country ain't Counrty no more, its R&B/ pop with a southern drawl

funknotik : Everything in this video is what hell would sound like for me. Absolute horror, pain has a face.

Marlon XGamer : "A dirt road A cold beer A blue jeans A red pickup A rural noun, simple adjective" Bo Burnham criticized country music 4 years ago and things got worse since then.


pkunkbwok : and remember, if country music fails you, there's always metal

Solyndros : George Strait and Alan Jackson had it right when they sang "murder was committed on Music Row."

GregSB : “...the laundry basket of country lyrics.” That was a brilliant statement.

dame soumbi : Modern country music = any genre + southern/western accent + douchey/rapey lyrics + trucks + dirt + beer + cheap sentiment + autotune + SNAP

TNWoman Tanya Neill : Outlaw Country forever! Johnny, Willie, Waylon, Bocefus... old country (pre 2000) RULES!!!!

Friday Phoenix : I think and am pretty sure they are all produced buy the same handful of producers

Susie Q : Damn, just listening to a few seconds of these drove me crazy! Couldn’t make it through your vid bro, but agree! Where is Dwight!!!!!

elly [moonfish errata] : things ain't like they used to be tractor had its last day wife ran off with my other wife and my chickens ran away *AGGRESSIVELY AUTOTUNED*

Jacob Nosbush : It's gone from country to Hick Hop

hjuske : i'd never given country music a second thought until i heard what you had to say in this video. great job man

immikeurnot : "How do we fix this?" Turn off the radio. Buy digital. Stream. Find good music played on real instruments with vocals that aren't auto-tuned and listen to that. All corporate music is trash. I can't even stand listening to the radio anymore. A couple years ago when I put a Bluetooth radio in my truck, the only reason I connected the antenna cable was habit. I still haven't listened to anything through that antenna on that radio. For all I know it doesn't work. For all I care, it doesn't work.

Commodor Jack : honestly folk punk is replacing what country used to be

YEEEYEEBRUDER ? : Girl on my truck *snap* with a COLD ONE*Snap*Shaking that thing *snap*

AX System : Johnny Cash would die again watching this.

Whateverfits : And Rap fans are saying this same stuff about Mumble Rappers lol. edit: I actually thought that a lot of these top country songs were actually pop and not country.

William Matthews : Classic bluegrass country music is all I listen to nothing else

Mike Mac : basicly, it's an rnb beat from the 2000's. it's a shame since I grew up with fun and More meaningful music

Kristopher De Tar : Thanks for being the first one to tell us the white elephant is in the room and passing massive quantities of gas.

Captain Cherry Pit : Country music now is just pop music with southern accents

Aiden Banda : I hate you.....I can not stop hearing the claps now. I was deaf and fine and loved music, now wtf is up with every song. Also woooo Tyler!

Jarrett Whipple : Glen Cambell, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, thats country

I am Miconis : So true. A computer somewhere is making a fortune churning out variations on a theme for pop and country

rovertkralc1 : It's because every actual drummer kills themselves once they realize they're playing country.

Bolsheviki : "Country music today is hip hop for people who are afraid of black people" - Steve Earle

Savy D : The longer this video went on the more I became shook 🤭😵

Diego Tobar : A guitar, 3 chords, and the truth Well ain't that the truth.. now wheres my guitar.. G C D should do just fine

Lieske : the snaps under Alison Krauss made me wail with laughter

CyberQuadRacer1974 : What about Jason Alden though. Barstool,whiskey drowns the memory

A Perez : So this is the "Mumble Rap" of Country music?

Eric Walla : Funny thing my 18yo step-daughter said to me when I played some just some old tunes from various eras - 40s up through the 90s before she was born - and she said, "I like this, that's their REAL voices!" There is hope. :)

Johnny Love : You are so right about everything you said and thank you for pointing out all the bullshit. I truly hope that The mainstream producers hear what you said in this video and they’re inspired to stop giving fame Away to strippers and Calvin Klein wanna 🐝 models.

Melbournaut : I never thought I'd hear an analysis of nodern country music. I always just assume it was all 'fidle-idle twang twang bidle-didle guy' and that was it.

jfuite : Wow, you sound like a cranky old conservative. I love it!

engine7design : Great exposé Grady! Now it's all I hear.

Sim Lucien : “3 cords and the truth” was an amazing album name. There’s 10 albums with that name already, aren’t there?

Mr Brightside : For a song to be considered country these days, it MUST mention 1: cold beer 2: pick-up trucks 3: blue jeans It all sounds very generic.

Aug24th : This bithcy resting face Meme in the Video is so amazing. I love it. :D:D

Hyperatek : Modern country music: Pop music doing a bad country accent.

Steve Greenfield : Ouch! My eyes hurt from rolling so much.

Dan Howard : music producers are requiring this click beat. It is probably subliminal hypnotic devil stuff.

Najah Muhammad : I listened to Old Town Road once, and now this popped up in my recommended. Anyway, snap country's basically club pop with even less charisma.

L.E. Batte : I've not listened to mainstream country in several years now . I didn't recognize most of those singers .