This beat is killing country music

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Derpit The Frog : *Thanos’ favorite style*

NJOverclocked : None of this is country music.... They just have southern accents, that doesn't make it Country lmao

JJtoob : I don't even listen to country, but I agree with this guy.

Jon Ass : i don't even listen to country music why am i watching this

Averil B : It's basically just people with country accents singing over an rnb pop track

spookdude devito : Born and raised in Nashville. Country music is nauseating now. Its like they want to rap so bad...but aren't allowed. Haha

Freakylilboy : *country music left the chat*

yellowbusguy : It isn't country. It's suburban.

Amanda Cole : I could never put my finger on what made this new country so shitty. This makes so much sense. I've been tuning out of country for over a decade.

GraymanandTheLegend : *Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs > Pretty much anything else*

Mark 655321 : New country is music for people that aren't that into music.

Justin Gilles : My favorite country act from Texas is Pantera.

LordKwad : I wouldn't even class any of it as country music, I'm no expert on said genre but Jesus, it's just fake R&B with a country accent.

Captain AhabO : How to write a new country song: -choose chorus, you can use any general type of place or thing with an adjective in front of it like "dirt roads" or "old trucks" or even something "the backyard" -now just compile a straight list of things or activities that describe the country things you do and the country things you enjoy. So things like, a cold beer, a summer day, a rainy day, deer, mud, the river, the lake, my friends, country girls, and Saturday nights. -This part is optional but you can make a list of things you don't like and that aren't country like, cities, cabs, drug dealers, apartments, office jobs, or wall street. -put it all together now like this: I like a little cold beer, and a buck deer, gimme a summer day, even rain is ok, show me a country girl, Saturday night, gonna be alright (chorus) in my old truck, in my old truck, on the backroads, in my old truck. We don't like cities, don't want no wall street, you can keep your suit tie, i'd rather die, in my Old truck, in my old truck, we might get'er stuck, my old truck! That's all it takes people, this song will probably be stolen and recorded if that's any reflection of the quality of new country...🤢🤮

slimkt : Modern country is garbage, and it's a shame to watch it stagnate like this. It's all just starting to sound like 'Christian rock.' By that, I mean, I could fart out tunes that sound better.

sully : Bluegrass is the way to go, country music is for dudes that wear eyeliner.

AX System : Johnny Cash would die again watching this.

Angelus Nielson : Country died with Johnny Cash. I'd rather listen to the real deal than any "Redneck rap." they make nowadays.

Jesse Cole : Sorry kids, but you can’t kill something that died in 1996.

Adventure Boy : I don't even like country music and you grasped me and made me watch this WHOLE video because of your extreme knowledge in music! Loved this video!

Evil Avocado : Don't worry. Chris Stapleton will save us.

ITBeginsAgain : Bet this video has 90 copyright claims on it.

Q Tē : Give me old country any day, this poo can go away, hey hey 😏

VancouverMagic : The 80s had some great country music artists and real studio musicians. All this new crap sounds like a bunch of Justin Beiber types attempting to sing country.

Life As Marie : I stopped listening to country awhile ago because a lot of the songs lost their charm. I grew up with Allan Jackson, Shania Twain, and Billy Ray Cyrus. They had their own style and a lot of their songs were very recognizeable. Most of the songs that came out after 2010 sound so damn similar it is rediculous. Everyone rode the T-Swift country pop bandwagon into the modern era and forgot where they came from. Im not saying I'm against mixing music, but really just the pop sound they are trying to mimic in these songs sounds has some serious "big d*ck" attitude problems. Also is it just me or have the fake southern accents for these guys gotten thicker??? I always thought Allan Jackson had a heavy accent but really listening to most of these singers has hurt my ears.

Joey : I've been waiting way too long for someone to vocalize this exact sentiment. THANK YOU SO MUCH

A Gnostic : Wow, I don't like Country, but I can see why you're upset. This is abhorrent. Many of these songs I wouldn't recognize as even of the genre. A couple sound like bad 90's boy bands actually. Yikes. Good luck guys. I hope you get your genre back!

Emma Kuehler : this is why I listen to Turnpike Troubadours, the holy grail.

rdptll : thank god we have all of the 20th century to re-listen to.

A Moose : This 100% over and over. I haven't turned on a radio to country for years, i'm stuck with pandora and YouTube. All about the stories, you hit every note ive been thinking about modern music perfectly.

Jason in Missouri : How do kill something that is already dead? Country music hasn't been relevant for about 40 years now.


Timothy Combs : thats cause todays country isnt country

Samantha Carpenter : Tyler Childers!!

Javier Mendoza : This syht is not country

Steve W : Long live the music of Tubb, Willie, Waylon, Paycheck, Haggard, Jones, Strait, Jackson, etc. Man, the list goes on.

Friendly Neighborhood Neocon : You can have fiddles and drums. It sounds pretty badass.

Random Hufflepuff : This is the exact reason why I don’t even listen to country anymore and if I ever do listen to country music it’s either Zac Brown Band or old country songs.

Jessica Pursche : You've got to mention Sturgill Simpson. COUNTRY ALBUM OF THE YEAR at the Grammys a couple years ago.... CMA's? Crickets...

Kathlyn P. : I don't even listen to country. But as soon as I heard the song by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line, I hated it instantly. Is it country or pop? Geez, just pick one style!

Kei Lei : My recommendation is to check out the Country Western performers from Canada. Seriously. I just found Corb Lund, Dean Brody, and Eli Barsi. They bring back the old country western sounds that made the music industry fat and rich in the old days. I know taste has changed. But I've heard a lot of YOUNG people complain about the repetitious modern sounds. Some of it is good. But after awhile, when one performer gets very popular ... EVERYBODY starts sounding just like them. smh Anyway. Check out the C/W sounds of Canada.

John Cerk : Being born in early 1960's loved country till early 1990's.Can't stand any of it since then.Loved hearing when Dad had it on in car.There was a woman who sang the song "I was country when country wasn't cool".That song was very true I thought.

Nicholas Hanley : County music has been dead since 1995

James Petenbrink : Zac Brown ain't country either. He ain't Jamey johnson

Bait & Wait Outdoors : “Three chords and the truth” 🙌🏻

Rissa : Jolene jolene Jolene Jolene! Im beggin of you please dont take my man Dollys true story.

L : Nashvillian here: I can’t agree more about our music scene, and our city, has recently gone nuts. The touristy things to do used to be what the locals did. Now, Broadway isn’t accessible & every band is a cover band playing the same set of “favorites” for the paying visitors. I’ve had friends come to Nashville & leave disappointed, because we’ve lost our charm &, as this video does well at explaining, our confidence. Here’s the kicker, Nashvillians aren’t happy about this. We’ve lost our Nashville, the town we’ve been so proud to introduce & share with anyone who wants to come down & hang out. Now, we have a bachelorette tourist trap where you have to know where to go to find original artists or hear aspiring musicians playing their own music. We can get it back, but we can’t keep electing politicians who have big dreams to make Nashville less Nashville. (Perfect example: Green Hills used to be spacious, visually pleasing, but still busy & thriving. Now? It’s my home & I hate looking at it. I take back streets, not to avoid traffic, but to avoid how embarrassed I am by all the random displaced modern high rises among the beautiful brick & stone buildings that look NASHVILLE).

Evil Avocado : I’m gonna hire a bongo player for my country music. Fight me.


Drumeo : More reason to use real drummers... let us know if you need help :-)