Yngwie Malmsteen-Arpeggios From Hell

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Chris Shellenberger : He may be one of the biggest pompous egotists to have ever held a guitar.. but god damn if he hasn't earned the right..

J. Júnior : It's very hard to explain... But its "PIRIRI PIPIRPIPIRRPI PAW PAW PAW PAW PAW POW!" I don't know how to explain... But's just like! "PIRIRIRPIPIPIRIRIRIRPIPIPIRI POW POW POW POW POW!".

Derek : Okay guys, on three we ALL throw away our guitars...

Moe Greene : Bach 1685-1750 Paganini 1782-1840 Malmsteen 1963-

Alex R : Kinda ironic he's wearing a cross bracelet and playing arpeggios from hell.

tylerbmx777 : So when does he start traveling through time...

Myles JS : I didn't think mortals could play like this.

Claudio : His right hand is painting. That's one of the speed secrets... relaxation.

Amanojaku8 : Listening to this makes me want to play Castlevania. That is a good thing.

Will Hoste : i can do this, one of you hold my beer...

Jeff Scarrott : Surprised at all the trash talking...the guy was one of the first to play like this. All that Baroque classical stuff, created a whole style for shredders. To say it's soulless is an insult to his intelligence, c'mon any guitar player who gets it can appreciate what he's doing even if it's not your style. Get over yourselves, look at his right hand and learn something...

speedyguy8 : 100% confirmed, he must have sold his soul for these skillz

Free man : I'd love to hear this isolated from the shitty drum machine.

Adam Grzela : I ain't gonna lie, Yngwie's technique is from outer space, and you all have to admit it, whether you're a guitarist or not. But it's absolutely normal for some not to enjoy this kind of music. Personally, I don't enjoy it too. It seems just overly complicated to me. But it's just MY OPINION, which I can express. All of YOU guys can think differently and that's right. But don't forbid people to express their thoughts. And on the other hand - if you don't like it, you can criticize it, but remember, that some enjoy this music and show some goddamn respect. Now let's watch some more sweep picking

Edgar Martínez : "This particulal vido". Only Malmsteen can be forgiven for saying that.

Reynold Suhardi : thank god youtube has an option to slow the video down

Ketan : Sorry, this is a wall of noise. I'd take Gilmour or Clapton over this any day.

Patrick Bateman : very hard to explain

George Ioannou : thats nice an all but can he play smoke on the water

SpecialJ11 : It's so enchanting to watch someone like him play. The speed is so fast, yet the movements are so fluid and confident.

Peace Sells but WHO'STURNINGTHEFRICKIN'FROGSGAY? : I can play this! Just click on the "play" button...

shutterbugblues : I don't deny Yngwie's abilities and his contributions to music, but I really wish he'd expand more. I saw him live earlier this year and it was the most bizarre, corniest concert I've ever seen. There's little variety in his music and his performances are a bit too narcissistic and impersonal. His bandmates were all on one side of the stage (his lapdog bassist did all the talking for him) while he took up the rest of the stage doing acrobatics and poses over and over again, which got old after 30 minutes and the show went on for almost 2 hours.

PanteraSD : "No i dont like donuts"

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt : You expect to see hands moving like crazy, look and all you see if fluid motion.

Luis Campa : 21 freets no floyd rose...this man is a monster!!

Shaojun Cai : Reminds me of beethovens symphonies

Battlefront Productions : Malmsteen has a lot of talent, but also has a knack for making all of his solos sound boring.

Jonathan Campbell : I wonder how many hours this guy sat in his bedroom practicing as kid...

moises salcido : This man changed the way neo classical metal and the way shredding is done.  this man might be an asshole at times but he is imo the greatest guitarist.  such a deadly combination of baroque style of music and shredding.   Rock on yngwie.

Marco Rademan : "many arpegios in different modes.. craziest i could come up with." plays standard diminished arpegios entire way through. not criticising technique .. simply his condescending wording.

Robby Suter : Yngwie Malmsteen has the most feel of any guitar player out there way more then any blues player for sure. I heard that Stevie Ray Vaughan wanted to quit playing guitar when he heard Yngwie but Yngwie encouraged him to keep at it!

Circle Of Fifths : I love how the different octaves are used and jumps from key to key but does it so smoothly, each lick fits together so well. I just learned this song but I Definetely can't shred it how he does

Demer : Yeah he is fast, who cares, but HIS VIBRATO DUDE, best vibrato ever

Trevor Houdek : i understand the amount of skill it takes to play this, i understand that Yngwie is truly inspired and that he truly inspires others, but to me it all just sounds soulless.

Billy Buttlord : What a pretty lady.

Hiram Rosenberg : I am not particularly a fan of shredding, but this guy is a true exception - a lot of hard work and dedication and actual musicality on his part - he's not your average shredder.  And he should not be working for Ozzy - Ozzy should be praying to him instead.

Fibson97 : How could anyone hate Yngwie? Jealousy is what it is. The guy is the word 'unique' in the flesh. Some call him arrogant but when you're as talented as this why should you be mellow 24/7? We know he's amazing and he knows he's amazing so what's the problem?

cmoreno : I have word just right now that 346 flute players disliked this

Nick Stark : From a shred guitarist like me perspective: this has lots of theory and technique and is well made. Other people don't appreciate this stuff, needs to be recognized more

Santeri Nissinen : epicness starts at 0:28.

meedily : I started watching this clip but ran out of eyeliner halfway through.

Michael Jeffrey : In summary: A viddo of a very hard to explain arpeggio from hell... 

Josh Wilson : Yngwie is definitely one of the most skilled guitar players of all time, but his music is all shred. While he could definitely play chords and the like if he wanted to, he dosen't, and as a result I think his music has a lack of substance to it, especially when you compare it to a lot of the newer instrumental rock and metal such as Animals As Leaders, Plini, or Chon. Just my opinion, though.

Jaymzofsteel : I think Yngwie is the reason sweep picking became popular. Even though he does not even himself do it much. But half assed players who cant pick all the notes he does so they do what they can to sound like they are.

MrParisienWalkways : This is bollocks, I’m outta here.

RadioactivePrincess : Aw sweet as hell :)

TheMetalButt : Best guitarist ever. I think if I tried to play this I'd die

abigguitar : Much of Yngwie's clarity and speed is attributable to his guitar tone. It seems that once Yngwie found this guitar tone, he has not changed it. Clearly, the action on his guitar is very low, so he's doing very little work to press down those strings. His right hand is doing most of the work to stay in sync with what his left hand is doing. However, his guitar tone is what keeps each note clearly audible. Without this tone, the notes would blur and sound jumbled and muddy. For example, Van Halen's classic brown tone likely wouldn't support this level of speed playing.

Graham Black : His playing is remarkable, and it's got a certain beauty to it. The utter precision, the perfect vibrato, the gorgeous phrasing. Some people dismiss him as technical but unmusical, but in truth he's a brilliant musician. Despite the speed and complexity, his playing is actually remarkably easy to transcribe because he plays so perfectly. A lot of fast players, include EVH, can hard to figure out because they can be messy and do things that are little more than noises.

1032patrick : I play in the style of Petrucci, Vai and especially my favorite Yngwie. They play technically fast with lots of emotions. There are people who would tell me when I play one of their songs that they don't understand what I'm playing and that they don't like it. but I don't give a damn, they are just sore losers who can't understand music.. I'm from the Philippines and I can say that most guitarists here can't play well. Playing chords is as far as they go.. The very few shredders here aren't given recognition only the usual singers.