Tokyo Ghoul: Unravel - Animation/ Piano Cover

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Listen to it on SoundCloud: Buy the sheet music for this piece: Coming soon... Credits for the original lyrics go to: ----- Welcome back, it has been a while since I last uploaded a bigger animation and the only reason is this animation, it's literally the biggest project of my life. This project took a very long time to finish and I would therefore really appreciate any feedback to it. Project Name: Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel - Piano Cover Framerate: 24fps Project Start : 06.08.2018 Project End : 19.10.2018 Vertices : 3 000 000 Estimated Time spent on Audio : 72 hours Estimated Time spent on Visuals : 300hours Creating Materials & Textures : 30 hours Estimated Time spent on editing : 15 hours Estimated Render time in total :171hours Approximated work time on project: 400hours ----- Have you just reached the end of this description? Congratulations, you are amazing and therefore get a special question (which you can answer in the comments section below): What is your favorite anime/anime-song ?


Elyk Drahcir : Yasssss, Back at it again with them quality content. Nice sound and awesome eye candy m8. I'd be spamming the comment section if I posted all the anime songs I like xD

Sahara Gonzalez : Well done the animation brought it all together - Desarix

Tea Fanatic : Answering question in description: Fav Show is just all of the Monogatari Series Fav song is probably Perfect Slumbers

Chris Da Artist : If you synced the text with the music manually I commend you. You got patience 😂👏🏽

Alex Coffee : Epic video!Awesome work once again!

swenpai : damn that's some actually really neat animation. Best one of yours yet.

MrSorbias Tutorials : Very artistic video and piano music. Thanks for uploading ^____^

Killary Clinton : "This project took a very long time to finish and I would therefore really appreciate any feedback to it." It was worth the time it took.

Priyanka Soni : You're good... (°∆°) ....*TOO GOOD*........(>ω<)

Cake Maniac : 10/10 would like again

yoonminship : Great work! you did amazing

Yvanne _ : the visuals from 3:10 to 4:00 are so good, did you draw them yourself?

pianofreak1993 : Like ! :) 👍👍 Please upload more Piano Covers !

Evilcorkin Reacts : Also for the secret question, 7 deadly sins songs are amazing and on my toplist at the moment <3

Phoenix Gaming : Do you have sheet music for the intro??

keshiv heer : Sooooooooo niiiiieeeeeccccce 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😍😍😍😍😍😍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Akash bro. U kill it 👍🏻👍🏻

Maybe Rayy : This is so beautiful!!!

That person turbyo : nice vid spiky

Abhishek Mahajan : That's really good!

Neville Corkin : Very talented ..can you do butterflies and hurricanes by muse.

ActionAdam : Fantastic spikey!

Maya 525 : Hecking nice dood

cookie 404killer : Nice

LadySpyGamer : Beautiful

Alpha Bro 56 : Nice 👌