Naturalistic + Bioactive Crested Gecko Vivarium (Housing Henry 2.0)

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Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy : You are an artist at heart Mr Serpa. Beautiful setup.

My penis is unbelievably small, but : Youre not just an reptile keeper. Youre an artist, gardener, architekt, ingeneer and a reptile keeper together.

Duncan Robertson : I really think you should do a carnivorous plant terrarium with sundews, pitchers, bladderworts, etc. I’m setting mine up soon but I think you could do a great job of one

Stuart Hopkins : I seriously think this is your best video yet. Henry's home looks better than what you'd find in a high quality zoo! Great work!

Mattias : I thought it looked good before the plants were in. When it was done my jaw was on the floor.

Logan Hawkins : bro I gotta say with this much work involved you deserve more subs

nahh nah : these are my favorite videos the vivarium build videos are fun to watch

Aquilist : I love your videos. I just finished a vivarium which has your drainage system and spray foam background in it. It also has a parlour palm a birds nest fern, lady-hair fern, variegated pothos and some species of mini bromeliad. I used your tutorials to create it and I think it looks great. Not as good as this vivarium though.

TuckerSP2011 : It's just awesome! I think Henry will love it!

Daniel Huber : That looks amazing Tanner... another fantastic job!!!

Naerwyn : Holy crap!! I love this one so much! You have always had a really good eye, but (I think) this setup really showcases how much you have learned idea-wise, and aesthetically. I am jealous of Henry! x'D

Raccoon Balls : Haven’t watched cause it was just uploaded. But Henry’s first tank looked amazing! Currently I only have 1 bioActive tank. But I am culturing springtails and Dwarf white isopod! Anyways keep up the good work!

Sewa Groznij : You make really good content mate!

Lộc Nguyễn : It look like a small jungle in a box , i am sure henry will love this

Zbionix / Caleb H. : That looks soooo good, nice job 😁

5,000 Subs Without Any Videos : Ur my favorite verrarium build channel!

Marc Sallis-Lyon : Yeeesss!!!! They just keep getting better!! I love what you did with the cork bark. I can't wait for part 2 and the next series!! 👌

Alek Kent : What a dope hobby

Itz_Fez_Tex : Something about the way this man speaks has me relaxed

Melissa Voorn : Was waiting on this! I am going to build a vivarium from scratch this summer! So exited

June Knobbe : I like watching you make a background but I don't see myself ever doing this. It looks so good. Your little gecko friend is lucky.

oskar walczak : Love it! Can't wait to see how this terrarium is doing

Sara Anderson : I love your videos! I am new to the reptile world and received a 6 year old Bearded Dragon from a friend. I bought a cabinet that I want to make into his new home. I love your vivariums and your videos are easy for a beginner to understand. I totally appreciate it! I know Bearded Dragons and Crested Geckos are very different but I am wondering what parts of this I can use. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kest : Hey Serpa, i have a question,i tried to make a vivarium,but the dirt wont stick to the silicone. by the way,i didnt use coco fiber. i used dirt.

Daniel Medford : Amazing!

Insect_ Freak : Super cute😍😍😍henry😍😍😍😍

JW Aquarium's : Great video like always and information on how to do everything 😀

Andi amo : amazing

Ant's Mieren Avonturen : Thanks for sharing!:)

Curtis J Berger Jr. : This is awesome!

Max Bridwell : Nice video

Mia : beautiful setup, such a lucky gecko

EYE-IN-THE-SKY PRODUCTIONS : YAY, an awesome video

Barry Lowis : Great video. Thank you.

Jake J : Beautiful

Juwangsang : Ah, i have waited a long time for this ;)

kjeldsloot : First I was thinking what is he doing. But the result is awesome to watch. Great job.

Citoyenne M : 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Orange Young : Been looking forward to this. Awesome build as always! I appreciate your use of different materials and making different setups each time, it has given me so many ideas.

GD4D : excellent as always

AL Lan : Your pets, super lucky. Mine must hate me in comparison. Your designs, and living spaces, Top notch!

Johnfloyd man77 : Fantastic video again , real enjoyed it . Your crested gecko is one lucky guy , bet he can't wait to get in to his new home 😁😁🐸..

RedRicochet : Henry and Delilah, bet you didn't think anyone would ever get that fire watch reference :)

Royal Crab : Would you please do a video of how to culture isopods? I love your videos and prefer your tutorials over others'. Thank you!

Malgorzata J. : Amazing

David Ramos : Oooooooo nice music

Ryan Donoghue : It's beautiful

Froggo Channel : Nice I recently got a Crested Gecko myself. His name is Newton

Anders Hermstad : Hey dude, love your vids. Could you make a video on how you quarantine your plants? Keep up the good work!

Adventures Alberta : Good stuff man!