An 84 Year Old Man Wrote This About His Wife
An 84 year old poet wrote a poem about his wife and his grandkid got Mac Lethal to perform it And I know that Mac Lethal isnt for everyone but the old poets words hit home

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Joshua Bradley Nanat : when a 84 yearold man is more lyrical than rappers these days.

Tim Kreamer : I fell in love so many times throughout my life, every single time was with the same woman that's my wife. Wow AJ, thats real

mmm hrn : Im only 18, but I wish one day I could love someone like how AJ and Grace did.

Isaac Boxtart : Thank you, YouTube recommendations, you finally did a good job😭♥️

Christopher Yako : 1950's when men had class. Respect.

Matt - : I dont cry easily but this made me cry not just tear up I actually cried during this

Gr8WhtMomba : I'm watching this while my wife is next to me snoring getting teary eyed. That was a great video.

heavydirtyrice : when you almost cried, i balled my eyes out. i was already sobbing, you just had to hit me.

Taxi Girl McHolland : ✨My Feels)💥 🤛🤛🤛🔥🔥🔥 RIP Grace, may your memory be a blessing.

Blazin rhymes : Grandpa spittin straight relationship goal bars 10x better then todays rap 💯

Ardanwin : Tears rolling - hope I can expirience that some day - beautiful

Britbong : Music is food for the soul. This really got me man. Such beautiful lyrics, from the heart. True love exists. Here's proof ❤

YES. It is I. : I literally started to cry. This is the first time I've ever cried over a video. Grace was such a lucky wife to have a partner like this.

juleZ : Stephon: Gives compliments and shows appreciation to mac Mac: that's not important let's move on...

Pixel Beast5271 : The people who disliked this had tears in there eyes and there eyes were blurry

Sidney Brown : Grace looked absolutely gorgeous. Hope she is having fun in heaven❤️❤️❤️❤️

dat boi : Holy crap this is so amazing Mac lethal for 2020

Shalacy Manderson : You need more recognition my friend.. I shared this to my Facebook page cause you deserve alot more subscribers.

Damien Dingus : His skills are amazing. Mac's and AJ's. Both combined are incredible.

UhxP : I fought with the tears the whole song but when A.J. spoke and said he's visiting her grave every single day i just couldn't hold back the tears and started to cry... The song is what pure love is like

Zsolt-Dénes Sándor : Hey Mac, You are doing something truly amazing and very special, stuff that meaningful and uplifting to listen to. Thank you ! 🙏

lamoi bell : "Under neath she was my greatest friend" Oh god... I couldn't hold it😢😢😢.. I need a husband like this. I swear!!! Grace is one of the luckiest woman in this world

Epic Game Clips : The people that disliked this video were just blinded by the tears and missed the like button

Monica cookie Cool : Best real life love story ❤️ This should be a movie

☁AntiNebula☁ : “I still possess your memories, but I sure miss ur touch” Man that one gets me.

Frisky Angel : Something got caught in my eye omg so sad SMH Grace why but that dude got some BARS 😿😿💏👇🕴🙏☝💏🔥🔥🔥☃

Crispy : This touched my heart😭❤️

ii KSA : A.J Got Barzz Homie is a legend

juan lopez : Mac i came across your page totally by accident....keep Real...what you did here was AWESOME...keep doin what you do

Luke Devadoss : The people who disliked this were holding their phone upside down

Ayla Douget : I can’t!! 💛😭 I love this so much. RIP Grace. I love you.

Lalo__sea 132 : This was so beautiful and the way he talked about how much he loved his wife .... that’s the kind of love you dream about....🥺😢❤️ truly a beautiful thing

Bloxburg Babe : Whoever disliked this video has no soul😔😢

Hadley Jones : Al of a Sudden tears started pouring down my face😭

Zacharias : I actually cried, that is some powerful stuff. He tells his life story in such a beautiful poem.

Solaire Sunbro : I'm a full grown young guy and I cried through this and it was beautiful. I've had very rough times with women myself and just waiting for the right opportunity to find that Grace of mine. I love you guys 3000.

Drue : This HIT me hard !!! Any body thumbs down this has NO soul or has never known TRUE love. That ...that was profound and heartfelt. Mad respect for the real feelings and the respect of a beautiful life. You brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for the prose AJ. I KNOW she’s smiling ! Well done is TOO small a term Mac....

Calleigh Black : This made me cry. God bless you for doing something so nice.

naht naht : Every single time I watch/listen to this vid, I cry

Gijs Sterenborg : I've watched this over 200 times now... and i don't know why but every time there's some behind me cutting onions😢

charmnGUY : I'll admit I'm a mess, Awesome job sir! Thank-you to the grandson also!

RIP Nola : Damm bro! ⚜️💯🤞🏻🤙🏻🇺🇸 Incredible!

Susy Doki Doki : As he was speaking I could see the true pain in his eyes but when I saw the picture with her I could see true happiness

Reuben : That was hot bruh...but you got me tearing up in public

22Average : Gramps packin’ the heat 🔥 🔥 🔥 So damn sad tho Damn

Shannon Worland : ❤💔😭👏🏻 honest True love. They fought through the hard times and made it to the finish line together. Beautiful. ❤

312Daniel213 : Man I love this! What a great lyrics! Bless him

wes squad : yo rip grace respect to AJ and her family

Nate Prewett : This gave me the chills man. You did such a good job with this. Awesome job 👏