An 84 Year Old Man Wrote This About His Wife

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Mac Lethal : Lyrics by Grandpa A.J.: This is a story about my wife My sweet wife, her name is Grace I met her in 1953, she had freckles on her face a poodle skirt: it was navy blue saddle shoes: they were black and white I said my name is A.J. I’d like to take you out tonight she said you’re very handsome sir with your outfit I’m impressed but a lady aint a lady if she so easily says yes  i may change my mind one day and let you take me on a date i said your beauty is so boundless you’re so perfect — I would wait until the very last day of my life…...' I swear it’s true I’d die happy knowing I spent at least one day with you Did she finally agree to see me? Why yes she did We were married a year later, we had 2 great kids We were married a year later, we were unified as 1 We had a daughter named Nicole We had Anthony he’s our son We bought a tiny house with a yard it had a dog his name was Moon i used to watch Grace garden every Sunday afternoon i used to watch the Sun dance off of her golden skin her curly locks of her,  bounced in the calm wind she used to hold my hands as our fingers intertwined she’d say: All I really want to do is kiss you one more time All I really want to do is kiss you one more time. All I really want to do is kiss you one more time. she’d say: All I really want to do is kiss you one more time Then I'd lock my lips with hers and we would go somewhere divine. we were married 10 years we were married 20 years we were married 30 years every day our love grew more we were married 40 years we were married 50 years       we were married 60 years then we were married 64                                                                                                                          I use to hold her as we danced inside our kitchen my life felt complete not a single piece was missin i fell in love so many times throughout my life but every single time was with the same woman and she’s my wife Growing old with someone hurts its a process full of pain sometimes the sunny days are full of black clouds and rain You need to have kids & grandkids it’s the truth So as you approach your final days you can still enjoy your youth My sweet wife her name was Grace she started walking with a cain in her smile i could see love but in her eyes i could see pain I can’t forget the day she told me he could really see the end i told her underneath it all she’s always been my greatest friend Every single night before we’d go to sleep and close our eyes she’d look at me, she wouldn’t say good night she’d say goodbye I remember the last night she went to sleep and closed her eyes we held each other one final time and said goodbye and then she died  I locked my lips with hers and we went somewhere divine All your friends and family were at the funeral in tears even Anthony came, you hadn’t spoken to him in years my sweet wife her name was Grace how i miss you oh so much i still possess your memories but i sure miss your touch i still possess your memories but i sure miss your touch i know your soul was not inside the ashes or the dust all I want to do is kiss you one more time all I really want to do is kiss you one more time. all I really want to do is kiss you one more time. i can’t wait to see you in heaven baby it’ll be so divine Love A.J.

Praneesh A.K : Youtube should have another option besides "like"...A golden buzzer would do...

Qai : Damn if I cried am I still a real man?

Qai : I can literally feel my heart trembling

Tampatec : Beautiful. This was recommended to me by YouTube. Thx YouTube 👍

Bernbo : DAAAAMMN that was powerful!

SpreadLove : I really am not a guy that shows emotions openly. I still couldn't help but cry. I wasnt fighting the tears, i just let them run down my cheeks and dripping on the floor. Thanks for honoring someone like this, i have great respect for you!

Mika Vilpas : Dying one day is a hard pill to swallow. The poem was beautiful and your delivery of it was genuine. It touched me. It she was lucky and had a good life. It seems like she was lucky and had a good death.

Saikat Debnath : It's not just a rap or poem or a song , it's a lyrics that defines true love....

Qai : The only word that can describe this video is. Beautiful

WayneTec : I'm not crying, you're crying!

Themisteriofamily : this took my breath away. tears flowing down my face and I got this on repeat.

Its Ya Boi Putin : An 84 year old who has bars

jay Pazare : Bless YouTube recommendations!!!

Thomas Abernathy : I swear I hate everyone who disliked this

Nathan Figueroa : Right in the feels ❤️

Ballistic Badger : You won't find men like this anymore.... Thank third wave feminism for this....

SparkyCat : Mortality is quite a depressing concept, yet is the very reason things are truly important in life.

Luke Ferguson : I was almost crying well hearing this when people are sad they can go to this and it will show that there is a reason to be alive I recently met a girl named Gina and I have never felt the way I do for her and I was with a friend tonight and asked would I ever want to have kids with my girlfriend and it made me think and I said yeah when I’m older but this song really had me thinking when he said a real girl doesn’t just say yes it made me think how she waited and I honestly liked that she told me before I went to bed and kept me waiting just to make me happy she means the world and I wish when I’m old I can have a story like that sweet old man did it honestly shows you what living is for and to be thankful for who you have in ur life and I know some people have people who hate them and bully them people always try to be popular when you should just be looking at ur future when people bully other people or even you speak up don’t let it keep happening I stoped 3 people from killing them selves 1 was in the act of cutting when her parents came in because of me and this means so much to me

Desky Show : Whoever disliked this video is a monster😞

vRyaann : Damn got me in my feelings

Mohammed Ayoubi : The 264 people who disliked is people that is 84 and still stingle

TheMoniathansNest : I am already pretty down, my girlfriend recently left me after months of being in love, we are in highschool and I thought I found the girl I wanted to marry, but she left me for the simple fact that she didn’t want a relationship, she said I was codependent, which I am, and said she wanted to move on, she simply didn’t feel the same about me anymore, but I told her then and I say it now, even if I may not have my soulmate, even if she is miles or countries or even worlds away from me, she’s out there, and this story brought me truly to tears. I cry as I write this and ponder everything, I ponder life after death if it exists, I ponder making my own path and fighting for humanity even after death, without gods or demons, just me and my soul mate in the beyond making use of infinity, I ponder this and think of growing old with someone. I come to terms with the loss of this girl, she’s not the one for me, even if I have to sit there everyday and act like I don’t know her while she lives on in happiness and watches me break down and die inside, it will all be ok because this soulmate is out there for me, and I still have a purpose, thank you for making this video, it truly helped me see the light.

Sosi : I’m crying. This makes you realize how fast life goes by.

Azeg : There were many onions but the fire of the song burnt them

niknatural : *Chills down my spine.. amazing lyrics, amazing delivery.*

Austin Goldsborough : I need to write for my girl. Man, as much as I love her, this makes me feel like I need to appreciate every minute I spend with her more. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen/heard.

Henry O'Donnell : This gave me chills

the_young leegit : It was beautiful

FlamingTaco : 😢😢😢

Мужская тема : wow man this is RAP!

Metlof faif : this is amazing

Xero : I wasn't prepared for this feels trip Mr. Lethal

Mr Pringles : It’s so beautifull. that really mest me up😢

badisawesome 03 : Im fighting tears wow that was deep

StevenBridges : This was so moving. Was holding back tears watching this.

20Hunter Mahar : I litteratly cried to this

Thomas Burch : If you dislike this, I don’t know who you are but never talk to me because you’re heartless.

Alex Waimora : Fantastic poem and what a sincerely genuine performance of this song. This is incredible. I salute you for doing this.

Bloons_God - Joshy : 😢 😞 this guy has been through a lot and this song was so sweet and sad

Blaze : This truly puts you into a retrospective outside look into life, upon realization that we are soon going to be old and frail.. a lot quicker than we know. Make life count. Don't end up with Regrets.

Thomas Lenhart : For the 317 people who disliked it......... unsub and get out

GoofproofHarp32 : I literally just cried

ahti29 : I dont cry, Its just something in my eye..

RJ : Damn, man.

DeezMiZzY : This is so tearful and well written. I love it

Snake7445 : Bruh how people dislike this. Smh

the_young leegit : I cryed

o k : Wow.

GoofproofHarp32 : Had to stop half way through and click on a try not to laugh