An 84 Year Old Man Wrote This About His Wife

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Mac Lethal : Lyrics by Grandpa A.J.: This is a story about my wife My sweet wife, her name is Grace I met her in 1953, she had freckles on her face a poodle skirt: it was navy blue saddle shoes: they were black and white I said my name is A.J. I’d like to take you out tonight she said you’re very handsome sir with your outfit I’m impressed but a lady aint a lady if she so easily says yes  i may change my mind one day and let you take me on a date i said your beauty is so boundless you’re so perfect — I would wait until the very last day of my life…...' I swear it’s true I’d die happy knowing I spent at least one day with you Did she finally agree to see me? Why yes she did We were married a year later, we had 2 great kids We were married a year later, we were unified as 1 We had a daughter named Nicole We had Anthony he’s our son We bought a tiny house with a yard it had a dog his name was Moon i used to watch Grace garden every Sunday afternoon i used to watch the Sun dance off of her golden skin her curly locks of her,  bounced in the calm wind she used to hold my hands as our fingers intertwined she’d say: All I really want to do is kiss you one more time All I really want to do is kiss you one more time. All I really want to do is kiss you one more time. she’d say: All I really want to do is kiss you one more time Then I'd lock my lips with hers and we would go somewhere divine. we were married 10 years we were married 20 years we were married 30 years every day our love grew more we were married 40 years we were married 50 years       we were married 60 years then we were married 64                                                                                                                          I use to hold her as we danced inside our kitchen my life felt complete not a single piece was missin i fell in love so many times throughout my life but every single time was with the same woman and she’s my wife Growing old with someone hurts its a process full of pain sometimes the sunny days are full of black clouds and rain You need to have kids & grandkids it’s the truth So as you approach your final days you can still enjoy your youth My sweet wife her name was Grace she started walking with a cain in her smile i could see love but in her eyes i could see pain I can’t forget the day she told me he could really see the end i told her underneath it all she’s always been my greatest friend Every single night before we’d go to sleep and close our eyes she’d look at me, she wouldn’t say good night she’d say goodbye I remember the last night she went to sleep and closed her eyes we held each other one final time and said goodbye and then she died  I locked my lips with hers and we went somewhere divine All your friends and family were at the funeral in tears even Anthony came, you hadn’t spoken to him in years my sweet wife her name was Grace how i miss you oh so much i still possess your memories but i sure miss your touch i still possess your memories but i sure miss your touch i know your soul was not inside the ashes or the dust all I want to do is kiss you one more time all I really want to do is kiss you one more time. all I really want to do is kiss you one more time. i can’t wait to see you in heaven baby it’ll be so divine Love A.J.

Tampatec : Beautiful. This was recommended to me by YouTube. Thx YouTube 👍

Top 10 Archive : When you paused is when I started crying like a baby.. Beautiful song and poem..

Yumi : Falling in love with the same person over and over again as a concept is pretty eye opening

UziYumaシ : This 80 year old man has more bars then most rappers today.

nottheonlysinner : Holy shit the line "She wouldn't say goodnight, she would say goodbye." actually made me cry.

Chaos Kid : Whoever disliked this deserves to burn in hell.

Fullmetal Shenron : Grandpa AJ spitting bars since the 1900s

Fighting Dreamer - Harcoló Álmodozó : "I fell in love so many times troughout my life, but every single time was with the same woman, and she's my wife." - my favourite part

cxmille q.d : who is cutting the onions like fr tho

Praneesh A.K : Youtube should have another option besides "like"...A golden buzzer would do...

Zodyrus Sevaron : Sent this to my dad in reference to my mom who passed away 3 years ago and he cried and thanked me

YOW Gyrl : We should all be so lucky as to have an AJ in our lives.

killme 13 : I Don't Want To Get Old, I Don't Want To Die The Human Condition 💔

shadow wing : Can i get a rip for grace and remember one life can Change your whole world😢😭😭😭

Мужская тема : wow man this is RAP!

Awesome Maniadraws : Was I the only one who tried a try not to cry during this

Shishakhalifa_ : 84 years and and can only love and still love same girl most guys should take a page out his book rip grace

MC Reef : I didn't cry. But don't dislike cuz I'll say why. I didn't cry cuz I know she is in a better place now and she is not suffering anymore. I didn't cry because I know her husband and kids and grandkids kids and so on will see her again. I didn't cry because everyone dies one day. It's what makes life important. Death gets you thinking. "Man.. that will be me in that casket some day. I better make the best outa life and be the best person can be!" That's why I didn't cry. R.I.P GRACE. I'm sorry for your lost A.J. and other guy (sorry I forgot ur name). My grandma died 2 months ago. I cried so hard that I think used all my tears because I haven't cried since. Edit: I'm sorry to anyone I offended. I wasn't asking for likes, I just wasn't thinking when I wrote that part. My grandma just died so I've kinda lost my mind. Not asking for forgiveness but at least know that I'm not the type of person to make u sick, and I'd never beg, especially on purpose.

Jamie McFarland : Charish Every Second You Have!!! 😄 Treat Everyday Like It Could Be Your Last, You Never Know What Tomorrow Could Bring!!! (I Cried So Hard)😖😢😭 I Have Come So Close To Loosing My Husband 2 Times In The Last 23 yrs!!! 😈👹👻👾👽

WayneTec : I'm not crying, you're crying!

KorukiYT : Anyone else scrolling down in the comments while listening to the song

Clarence Sampang : "I remember the last night she went to sleep and closed her eyes we held each other one final time and said goodbye" Bruh. Where can I put all these feels :(

mike braun : Damn Mac shit had me chokin up n I’m a 27 yr old dude from NJ. Beautiful poem and great beat. The clips and the end hammered home that emotion too 12/10 bruh

Saying 88 : This is one of the most. Beautiful poems I have ever heard that made me and my girlfriend cry like little babies thank you very much for putting that on YouTube I can only dream of having my girlfriend by my side for that long I would die very happy man

Rabid Airsoft : Ive known about mac for a while and was waiting for something iconic and inspiring and this did it for me 100percent subscribed

kreep the gamer : holy shit bro im literally crying that was amazing your such a good person for doing that for him good luck for the future my man

Evan Yee : It’s not very often that music will make me cry, but honestly this was so raw and beautifully written. The entire time I was imagining my significant other whom I’ve been with for a bit over a year, and how no matter how strong a relationship and friendship is, an unexpected inevitable ending is to come to all of us.

Zac Rettig : I'd love to send this to all the big rappers

Blaze : This truly puts you into a retrospective outside look into life, upon realization that we are soon going to be old and frail.. a lot quicker than we know. Make life count. Don't end up with Regrets.

Beastness 22gaming : Wow thats was amazing legit made me cry

Fortnite Montage//Funny Moments//LOL bruh : 702 dislikes are people going to hell

Carolina Baller : Brb got something in my eye

ZachFurious GAMES : Damn one of the most saddest vids i ever watched and made me cry in tears

StevenBridges : This was so moving. Was holding back tears watching this.

Alphonse Elric : Man it was hard to hold back tears

Fierce Wolf : Can I get some Rips in the comments for our beloved Grace?

Erwin Crespo : I have not read a more beautiful, more heartfelt, more amazing poem than this one... to all of you who dislike this I want to say that you guys should imagine what the man felt for all those years. The love that they shared, and to have that love stripped away.... it is the worst feeling in the world. I am sad that people go through this feeling, and I hope to anyone who is going through this feeling, that you don’t divert to bad habits as that person wouldn’t want you to do so. Remember to tell your family and friends and girlfriend or boyfriend that you care about about them.

Frizzable : Chills

Qai : Damn if I cried am I still a real man?

Kyler Harvey : Please Rap Piano Man by billy Joel!!!! It would be really cool to see this song being rapped!!! Thanks 🙏 love your vids there amazing 🤯

Aref Mousavi : It is .... beyond ...

Jeremiah Ratliff : R.I.P GRACE WE ALL LOVE U

Despacito 2000 : I cried watching this saddest thing Ever

Nathan Figueroa : Right in the feels ❤️

Mia Rodriguez : A beautiful song poem

salah hbs : goosebumps

Moose : Dr. Seuss in the house throwin dust in everybodys eyes. All these excuses for crying I do despise. The lie a man protects does prove he is weak, don't be afraid of a single tear it will often leak. Although the man in this story doesn't have a voice hush and you shall hear many words of his choice, listen for pain not pleasure because what he has to offer is worth more than treasure. Learn love from a poem but you will never understand until you would give your life just to take her hand.

Aoadi : I cried😣😣

niknatural : *Chills down my spine.. amazing lyrics, amazing delivery.*