Die Hard (Baby Driver Style!)

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HoustonProductions1 : I just sent a tweet to Edgar Wright saying to check this out, and he liked the tweet! Terrific work on this, man.

Ardimo Harsa : You get a nod from Edgar Wright! Congratulations man!

Maurice R. : So Edgar Wright tweeted about this Grats m8

Martín Leonardo Pérez Junior : Can you make another Power Rangers Styles like... Captain America: Civil War (Wild Forse Style) Justice League Movie 2017 (Operation Overdrive Style) Kung Fu Panda (Jungle Fury Style) The New Avengers or Marvel Team Red (Daredevil, Deadpool & Spider-Man) (Ninja Steel Style)?

kayninemaverick : Dude, you could make the Room look like Saving Private Ryan. Your editing is Magnanimous!

Buzzy Trombone : You should probably do a review of Stuart Little 2.

Benji Jay : This is your best work yet, you are a genuine natural talent

BlueFox94 : Why censor the "yippee kay yay" line? The trailer before it was already red-band.

DN4Man : I just came from Edgar Wright's tweet. Hw approves. 😀

Ursula Bailey : review the hobbit

Alan Fox furry : Frank West the movie

Bruce Parker : So, now this film is owned by Disney. Weird.

Rainbow Runner : Review Rogue One and Spiderman Homecoming please!

Nicholas Borg : My replay button is broken

Grayson V. : die hard is a fantastic movie but lethal weapon is a better christmas movie

Corey Burkeen : Can’t wait to see this shit in theaters, July 1988

Just a kid that rants : Review Stuart Little 2

Thor's Hammer : Marry Christmas everyone with Die Hard Kevin traps on top. HERE'S JOHNNY! Kevin: Hello...(Gun shot)

reagan's raiders : How do you get the clips to use in you’re movie reviews?

Garrison Goldberg : Can you remake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pR2Od55S7g with Hagrid as the Solaris Knight?

Brian Lee : Please review the dark knight series

What it smell like YouTube : Hey do Man of steel next on your reviews.

The killer Banana : You should do a critical review on injustice 2

Joey Martinez : Great video, suspect!

[•AI 14•] : Hah


Joshua Montague : Can you make a mashup of Avengers: Infinity War?

Haven Swan : I personally think that "Return of the Jedi" "Avengers: Infinity War" style would work really well!

Colin forever : Could you make a Star Wars intro in the style of Red Dwarf?

cody mitchell : hey could u please review home alone 4 and 5

Thor's Hammer : Don't watch Star Wars episode 8 it's bad.

Rivers : whats your faveite food whats your faveite drink do you prefer cake or pie would you go for a whole ice cream or a whole cake will you review twilight do you prefer cats or dogs and do you play lego dimensions

KaijYT : May I a what you use to edit? These videos are masterpieces

Laura Watson : You should review kingsman

Calum Peissel : Am I the only one who knew that Suspect was always gonna include the Ho Ho Ho line because of his review?

Mechno : Every time I watch this it makes me want to watch your Die Hard review

Shack Attack : Hi suspect remember me I'm the one who put your face on those movies

Григорий Битнев : That`s great.

Will Walters : so fucking good.

M 17 : Nice detail to include the silver pictures logo

CubicClash : I LOVE how you reply to comments and are very fan active #1 youtuber ever!

japzone : This didn't appear in my Subscription feed. I'm really angry about that. PS: Perfect mashup as always

Blake Kellinger : Not only this is awesome, but Edgar Wright actually watched this! That is even more awesome!

Dashtag Mania : This is amazing man

Grady Adair : I don't have Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Could you respond to my comment, please? There's something that I REALLY want to talk to you about.

Nate Anderson : Wow, that was incredibly well done. I love it.

stonecoldku : Nice

Loma : As some who rewatched the original trailer more times than the movie itself, I loved those winks like the smoking cut, the shots fired on tempo, the ending that cuts swearing, etc

Kira Aotsuki : Damn this is so good!

Trailer Blend : THIS is a Trailer mashup! 🙌🏽