164 Digits of Pi recited while solving a Rubik's Cube blindfolded
164 Digits of Pi recited while solving a Rubiks Cube blindfolded

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Turns subtitles on if you want to follow along with the digits. Also, I had a 34 sec solve earlier but I messed up one digit, hence my reaction :P I memorised a few hundred of digits of pi back 5-6 years ago and still remember most of them for some reason so figured that I might as well put it to some use :)) Method: Pi - Hard and Phirm's 'Pi' song Cube - Roman rooms for memorisation, 3-Style for execution Cube: Gan Air SM Camera: GoPro Hero Silver 4 Comp: Instagram: jack3bld PBs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qKHcJ774MMP0YWcw8NoYT7KQqK8vXGcfdNKc1VFNOOI


The Minetex : That is actually insane. Huge respect for the effort. You are awesome af.

Tommy Kiprillis : Are these type of solves suppose to help you for ASFA with all of the distractions that will most likely be there?

BezoomnyBratchny : I learned pi years ago too (although unlike you, I only learned it to 150 decimal places and also unlike you, I only still remember the first 25 or so digits) and I'm also a cuber. So I just had the idea to combine the two and was planning to re-learn pi and do a pi recital combined with a 3x3 solve. So I did a quick search on YouTube to see if anyone had done the same and lo and behold, you've bested me before I've even started by doing it blindfolded. I can do 3bld with M2 and even that would require too much thinking for me to recite pi at the same time. So much so that I'm not even going to try. So to not only do it blind while reciting pi, put to actually use 3style on top of that, is super impressive. This deserves way more views. You should post it on some speed-solving forums. Well done dude.

Shivam Bansal : Nice multi tasking :p this looks so tough

Guido Dipietro : Dammit, I practiced doing this some days ago... Couldn't get a single success XD

untouchable TRAMP : Thank you for this content:)

ROEVOSS : Completely forgot it was pi day. Lol

Aš storas, bet : Woow this must go viral

Leo Annett : How are you not saying the letters out loud instead of numbers lmao

The Physicist Cuber : Nice Pi song :)

Judith L : What memo technique did you use for the cube? Which one for Pi (if any)?

Ayush Dixit : Genius!

RSCubing : Damnnnnnnnn you're awesome!

Nikola Štulović : Genius

Joshua Eom : What the howwwwwww

Fiend : NERD