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Have UFOs visited Southern New England? In February, a former radio reporter related his encounter in 1979 at the so-called Bridgewater Triangle in southeastern Massachusetts. I tracked down the other radio reporter in the car at that time, and there's some starling new information that will have you wondering what really took place. "Generally speaking, I thought the people who especially saw -- before I spotted this device -- I thought people who saw stuff like that were definitely a little nuts in the head. They were crackpots," said Steve Sbraccia. "Now I have a different attitude about certain sightings." Until I tracked him down, now a television reporter at NBC17 in Raleigh, N.C., Sbraccia said he hadn't really talked about what happened to him and then fellow Boston radio reporter Jerry Lopes on March 23, 1979. After a long day at work, in the same car, they were heading to the Raynham dog track, coming down Route 24 where it meets Route 106 in West Bridgewater. "And I was driving and I said, 'Ah gee, you see that?' As we're getting off the exit, it's a strange object in the sky. It looked like sort of a baseball home plate," Sbraccia said. "We noticed a couple of other automobiles pulled off the side of the road, and we decided to do the same thing," Sbraccia said. "To get a good view of the thing, I had to get out of the passenger side and stand next to the vehicle. And when I did, we saw this, this, this thing coming at us with this very bright light very much like this. And it passed directly overhead." Sbraccia said it was as big as three Boeing 707s, wingtip to wingtip. It hovered for a couple of minutes, and then took off. If that first close encounter wasn't bizarre enough for Steve and Jerry -- and apparently many others along where Route 24 meets Route 106 -- wait until you hear what happened next. Sbraccia at the time lived in Newton, Mass., about 30 miles away, and Jerry, about 20 miles away in Braintree, Mass. "It was about 10 o'clock at night, and I was out jogging, and I saw the, I saw the same thing again. Now, I'm figuring at this point I must be crazy. I must be. How could I see the same thing within two days?" Sbraccia said. He called Jerry. "Flash forward two more days from that ... and he is coming back from a friend's house. It's about 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, he sees the same thing. He sees the light and so forth. But Jerry, because he was mobile and because he was in an urban area, he was able to get to the Braintree police station. He goes into the police station, he talks to the police officers and drags three of them out to the parking lot of the police station, and all four of them sit there and observe the thing," Sbraccia said. A reporter for The Enterprise of Brockton picked up the story and discovered that two credible radio news reporters weren't the only ones who saw this thing. Steve and Jerry started digging deeper. They checked with nearby Air Force and Navy bases. "The FAA, no radar returns. Logan Airport in Boston," Sbraccia said, "no radar returns. That bothered us tremendously." And that was that. Until a few years later, it was revealed the U.S. had stealth technology, the ability to hide aircraft from radar. Its development went back to 1977. "One of the thoughts I had was 'Hey, maybe this was some kind of stealth technology that we have.' The problem that I have with that is the shape and the size of the object. It doesn't look like anything that we still are flying right now even with stealth technology," Sbraccia said. Then in 1990, mass UFO sightings over Belgium -- 13,000 reports in all -- caught Sbraccia's eye. "Several photographs of it were taken," Sbraccia said. "This is a thing that's almost identical to what we saw. If you look very closely, there's that triangle shape, there's the home-plate shape." What if it is "ours" and the public just doesn't know about it? "Why would they be flying it over Route 24 in Raynham? Why would they be flying it all over Europe, which would get all the public in a tizzy?" Sbraccia said. "Is it a UFO from another star system? I don't know. Is it something inter-dimensional? I don't know. Is it a time machine? I don't know. I still don't know what it was," Sbraccia said. "Even if like 5 percent of the stuff is real and the other 95 percent is fake or hoax, 5 percent is still a lot." "Billions of stars, billions of galaxies ... Maybe we're being visited. Maybe we're a test lab somewhere," Sbraccia said. "All I know is that it was something different, something unique, and something that I can't fully explain." Go check out the Bridgewater triangle documentary here - Never Miss A Video (Receive A Text When I Upload!): SUBSCRIBE HERE - LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE -

Comments from Youtube

Snack Filter : I live within the triangle NICE

American Roadwarrior : Great story. I live in Boston and hadn't heard of this one yet. 

Edward Feltch : The filmmakers are sceptics?Give me a break and open a book.Undoubtedly, a phenomenon exists and its's senseless to try and attach a cause or meaning to it.All should read Robert Hastings 'UFO's&Nukes',a 30 year investigation that shows how UFOs have shut down ICBM weapons in their silos, and degraded tactical nuclear weapons in their storage bunkers.All true and all pointing to an intelligence that does not want us to destroy the planet.Why, being the $64,000 question.

Will : "I'm an Airforce veteran, I've been in the airforce for 4 and a half years" - eh??

JAC : I saw a rabbit jump over a car in Bridgewater once

Bruce Maronn : There used to be guy in this area who flew a ultralight powered glider. Sometimes at night, with lights. Just saying...

Max Power : if nothing else. .. it's fun lmbo

Barry Doherty : I've seen just about everything, including this stuff i'm a braintree resident. The stuff that goes on there is obviously an explanation for this. maybe it's hybrid's not alien if we're allowed to see them.

Frogasmol : Ears from outer space!

Dennis LePorte : Ps I know there were tons of sightings in summer of 1969 as well.

Rb2268 : I saw the same thing there in 1987 scared the hell out of all of us!

Alexander Serafin : is Raynham part of the Triangle??!

daniel callaghan : My mother saw a ufo back in the early 80's. she said it had 3 lights in a triangle and blocked out all the stars as it passed over her. This was on top of Mt Climie in New Zealand tho. but strange that it was a similar shape and happened round the same time on opposite sides of the world!

Patricia Saluti : The lights. I have evidence. I was approached. It communicate d. Audio to prove. It touched me. I had stores on my shoulder to 2 months ago

Michael 88 : I live in western mass I see weird stuff in the sky practically any time I look up at night ( bright light ,different colored lights stars that grow extremely bright then shoot off into space) there's some weird shit out there

jake98161 : The Bridgewater triangle trail is a great place to smoke a ounce of weed out of joints and walk around the swamp

Bella Helene : I cant remember that much? Cuz i was really young, but a when i where in 1 grade i saw a strange ligth, just hanging in the sky and then suddenly flew away!!!

Michael Rosenberg : I lived in Longmeadow, just on the Springfield line. In 1979 me and a few friends (including people I didn't know) were pool hopping about 9pm or so at Georgetown Apts. An object that resembled a movie screen stopped above us, a hundred feet or so above and ran through a pattern of some of the most beautiful colored lights I have ever seen. There was no sound. Then it slowly exited in the direction it had approached in. That's it, sorry, no probing!

Dan Smith : Excellent testimony and new too. We need lots more reports on all the news outlets...we'll get disclosure soon.

CardiffCityisthebest 44 : I live in the area of Worcester and I've never heard of this before until now

A1 LAKEVIEW DOORS & GLASS : Ya. Well I got a feeling its a star. With the rotation of the moon and earths rotation. look at its time lapse and its placement keep in mind one thing Were moving ... and so is the moon but if it were a star as far away as it is . We see it as a fixed position. We are going east west and the moon goes the opposite direction causing ( the effect)... of this being an object getting closer when in fact were turning .. just think about it...

Michael Gandolfo : What kind of drugs was he on you like your new partner on Chronicle JC Monahan I know you wanted to be the head person of Chronicle but don't worry you doing good on other station I don't blame you for wanting to be in charge of conical you get to go on those beautiful trips and eat all that free food you news reporters are so lucky wow I wish I could travel honestly JC Monahan you never got back to me when I emailed you I want a autographed picture of you couldn't be more pleased having the Summerville girl on my wall it seems like you guys only get back to certain people said with this note I don't watch Chronicle no more and I don't want your station anymore JC Monahan

ACiDxBLOTTER : On 106 headed to rt 24 right by the lights before the K gas station I saw this bright light that made me so sad I got tears in my eyes and felt like something Higher than me was watching me and I felt naked....Don't know how to explain it but as soon as it came it was gone

Patricia Saluti : I have found there portal. Big black circle circle on ground

Patricia Saluti : He left prints in snow

Free man : I filmed the exact same orbs that Derek Holt filmed in the Bridgewater Triangle doc. I have them on my channel if anyone is interested. It's refreshing to see someone else filming them because they aren't a very common type of ufo. Raynham seems to be another hotspot for them.

ConsciousMachine 413 : damn I live near Sheffield and went to bridgewater state college... are they after me?

Dennis LePorte : I live in Bridgewater. There are many strange unexplained things that go on here. My grandparents have told me stories....

TeamRippnLipz1 : Wow crazy

sexobscura : the night the lights went out in Massachusetts

Patricia Saluti : What stench from woods

Brett Allen COVER UFO MAGAZINE : In the late 80s and 90s, I too was a media personality - a DJ on Albany's then No.1 Rock station, PYX106 and did the Albany NY morning news occasionally. In 1982, my friend and I were driving east on I-90, when just east of Albany NY, about 7am, we were headed to his private pond out in Nassau NY to go fishing. It was a clear April morning. I'd grown 1/2 mile from the airport and in the firehouse, and at the time was employed as Crash Fire and Rescue at Albany Airport. I had seen every known aircraft imaginable. Driving happily along, we were chatting when somewhere between Nassau and East Greenbush, we came upon what we thought was car accident. Cars were slowing down with some pulled off on the shoulder - and as we pulled up and rolled down the window to see if we could help, people standing around started yelling and pointing at the sky saying something about UFOs! As we stood there they started yelling again and pointing and as we watched a magenta/reddish ball of light the size of the full moon rose up from the horizon ahead of us to the northeast. It rose a bit and then stopped dead in mid air, then it started to move up again when in motion, it made a rt angle turn and shot across the sky; literally in the blink of an eye. Then it stopped dead again and just sat there.. Next it started to slowly pace back and forth, quickening, like a quarterback frantically looking for a good hole to make a run. Then ZIP! it shot out into space in a flash of light - and what can only be described as "warp speed." A pinkish cloud was left behind just drifting, like you see after fireworks. The thing was perfectly round and self illuminated. It moved intelligently. Next the people in the cars started yelling and telling us they'd seen a half dozen before this. Then another started to rise and did the exact same thing. Then another, each following the exact same flight path and waiting for the one before it to finish before it launched. We saw 3, they saw something like 6 before us. Then in a few months everyone started reporting UFOs over the interstate around NYC. Amazingly, as a kid in 1965, my mother and I had seen a red sphere streak across the sky at dinner time - the very night of the Great Northeast Blackout! In fact, many had reported seeing them and Congress actually had a hearing about it. A month later - which may have been the night of the Kecksburg UFO crash, we saw another one! Then around 1974, four of us saw a ring of lights wobbling/rising among the stars on Halloween Night. Then in 1990, I moved to Great Sacandaga Lake, and found out everyone there had a story of seeing orbs, but even heard stories of everything from a UFO landing in a local businessman's coral, to a logger repeatedly seeing a disc taking water from the lake as a kid! In 1996, over GE in Schenectady, four of us including my non-believer in-laws, saw a huge right angle-shaped gleaming, metallic UFO just hanging motionless in the sky over GE! I wrote about my sightings in my own A&E paper. Then I had a very strange military visitor appear at my door - he refused to identify himself but we talked for quite a while... he said he belonged to some organization that "may choose to give me the answers I sought"?? wtf? But made me promise I had to share them! Next thing I know I catch 2 photos over my home! Two days, two rectangular UFOs over the lake. I grabbed my camera because the sky had started to thunder for no apparent reason on a perfectly clear day; knowing something about the Paranormal, I used a IR capable camera. Plus, my home had been experiencing strange power fluctuations no official from the power utility, NiMo,could solve. They literally moved into the house like a rock band and found nothing. When the photos turned out with UFOs, I was floored. They are on the net. Both are bizarre rectangles - one is just f sitting in the sky with a bizarre ladder-like extension; oddly Jacob's ladder is a Freemason.biblical symbol - helping the souls of the dead rise to heaven. Our lake had 4000 graves before it was flooded. The other UFO had a lightening bolt connected to the lake/my house below! Then the bolt goes across the UFO and up to a strange glowing UFO above it! wff? Go to the light? Although our lake has since been deemed to hold billions in mineable minerals... it also has plenty of hauntings. Although the local press didn't care, my story made the cover and a 6 page feature in world famous UFO Magazine.

Nick G : I live in the bridge water triangle and I'll tell you that this place is ghetto and always strange I suggest people don't move here

BigOperations : You can learn more about the film featured in this WCVB segment by visiting

Patricia Saluti : Apparitions of Indian woman holding child. Floats over granite graves

Patricia Saluti : There is a big foot

Jesse Gallego :

Gunnar Greene : I live in the Worcester area and I saw a triangle shaped aircraft with lights on each point fly over my house

Scott Lombard : I live in the Bridgewater Triangle!

edeelive murtaugh : @shaun Davis but isn't the description of "GOD" or Jesus not being of this World Technically Describes "Alien"?! I'm just saying think about it cultures from all over the world say their "GOD" is coming from the Sky well the only thing up there is outer space...

illa 5th : Wow

sexyremarks : i live in cape cod Massachusetts and in 2009 it mightve been 2010 east sandwich mass (near otis air force base) me my mom n my lil brother were goin home n we saw a white light that we thought was like a new street light or somthin so we we pulled over and it was above the trees hovering over the power lines and all we could see is neon green lights on the top and white lights on the bottom but it didnt make any noise when it was hovering it was completely silent and when we pulled over it shot off really fast over our car it was crazy . it was all black all you could see was the lights but it was triangular. i still joke around about it wit my mom sayin shes crazy  even tho we both saw it. it mightve had a red light too i cant really remember

Max Power : @kobidobidog indeed. ....a demonic deception for the end times, Seven Year Tribulation.....Revelation 13

artie whitefox : UFOs space ships are setting people up for Lucifer claiming to be God. Lucifer will stand on the earth being a colorful being with b no good in him.That is what the bible calls the abomination of desolation. He will spread desolation. God says this:get away from him.That is Allah who teaches Muslims to not hanker for peace saying they are for peace lying. Mosques not coming down by Muslims that built them is further evidence of their lies.