Community Season One Cast Evaluations

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Ingo Miguel : Love how Yvette is like the only one who is actually serious

w00tyd00d : Its weird to see Chevy having such a civil conversation with Dan o.O

Czeckie : I love how is Dan holding the laugh with Joel

Chris Bauer : Gillian Jacobs at 8:15 to 8:30 makes me believe in love again

man, fuck you son : Gillian Britta'd at 8:20

Sumtinrandom : "It's all confidential." (while looking straight into the camera)

Aliansyah R : Ughhh britta's the worst...... #andamvoie

Thomas Smith : I love Dan cracking up when Joel is talking about his hygiene.

Distran The Gloriously Deformed : Woah hard to recognize harmon without the wizard beard

Harshraj Chauhan : he might think she is a man....

Jen Targaryen : Thanks for uploading this! I loved it!

Rachel : Ken thinks you have Lupus

Aliansyah R : Did they shoot this mid season or did they shoot the " art of discourse " episode at the end of the season? Because gillian and alison's clothes are the same one from the episode " art of discourse "

EyeoftheU : I love how Dan is unable to keep the straight face up when Joel does the personal hygiene bit.

rosgori : Do you have Community Season Two Cast Evaluations?

Doruk Türkmen : I love it how they did the editing at 10:32. Dan Harmon uses one sentence but the video combines shots of Gillian, Dany, Donald and Ken. Dan being meta :D

BRobMorris : It's sad because Dan and Chevy actually have some comedic chemistry

First name Last name : "...Marty Short & Steve Martin." - for being the biggest a**hole of the cast he got the biggest laugh of this whole thing. How is this show off the air but big bang theory has been number 1 for years?

Oni Berugu : Yvette is so nice

Icy Cold Hands : God, I love Gillian Jacobs.

Troy W : I love Gillian !

SwogFrog : [With Ken Jeong] Harmon: "This doesn't get back to anybody" Jeong: (Looks straight to camera) "No. It's all confidential." Holy shit even his dvd extras are amazing meta pieces

John Wesson : So sad Chevy and Dan fell apart.

Pearl of a Girl Nursery : Omigosh Alison’s audition was so friggin adorable

Josh Margolis : I love it when at 3:00 when Chang looks right at the camera

Katie Stolealltheunicorns : Look at the mustard on my face, but listen to my words!

Fancy Food Fight : "It's all confidential" *looks directly at the camera*

Roslina Tamult : I love Dan's dryness during all this, it's great.

Samuel Dolbinski : I believe this is my favorite video on youtube

dhjgjkd : 0:53... 90% of internet Men's rights activist ideology

Jasper Jamm : harmon: ...are we peeling back layers or are we changing the character? gillian: i think it's a little bit of both. harmon: we peel back these layers... gillian: mmhmm, wrong answer, i gave the wrong answer.

mario lewis : Dan without a beard is so strange

NoideaGuy : where;s the deen!

Litsky Pancakes : *_Dan's wheeze laugh at _**_6:57_*

Ethan : Wouldn't b surprised if everyone was joking accept Chevy

Operaton Creation : this show is amazing... really love it, miss it

A. Fable : WOW DAVE! You had one job. My addiction to this show is all your fault.

QBG : Looks like Dan's secret stash of McDonald's Szechuan sauce ran out about two to three years after this video. No wonder Rick wants it so badly... it's a literal fountain of youth!

Anthony Flores : 3:39 xD I legit think Yvette didn't know they were doing a skit. Love it!

Cheyanabel Hunter : dan is struggling at 5:09

Young Griff : 4:53 you can see Dan cracking up and then shaking with laughter!

takewithfood : Oh, Britta's in this?

Ricky Carrillo : It's amazing how britta essentially became like how Gillian is in this video by season 5. That is amazing

geronimo : I actually can't tell when Chevy was joking, because he actually is an asshole irl

Goorpijp Wessel : Soooooo does Dan Harmon age 3 years every year?

K August : Dan cracked up on the hygiene joke.

ComaAlpha : It's so weird thinking of the NL Vacation movies and then looking at Chevy in this footage.

Omar Kayal : <3

UT C : GOD!!! Alison is so beautiful.

Distran The Gloriously Deformed : Gillian is hotter than Allison