Community Season One Cast Evaluations

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man, fuck you son : Gillian Britta'd at 8:20

Burton L : Holy shit... He's so young!

w00tyd00d : Its weird to see Chevy having such a civil conversation with Dan o.O

Ingo Miguel : Love how Yvette is like the only one who is actually serious

geronimo : I actually can't tell when Chevy was joking, because he actually is an asshole irl

Sebi The Hunter : Am I the only one who's searching every bits of community on youtube?

Sumtinrandom : "It's all confidential." (while looking straight into the camera)

Thomas Smith : I love Dan cracking up when Joel is talking about his hygiene.

Czeckie : I love how is Dan holding the laugh with Joel

Rachel : Ken thinks you have Lupus

Lucien Potempa : I can only hear birdperson lool

kylesteinhauser : Fucking 5.4 ratings these days would make this show a smash fucking hit

EyeoftheU : I love how Dan is unable to keep the straight face up when Joel does the personal hygiene bit.

Ethan : Wouldn't b surprised if everyone was joking accept Chevy

BRobMorris : It's sad because Dan and Chevy actually have some comedic chemistry

SwogFrog : [With Ken Jeong] Harmon: "This doesn't get back to anybody" Jeong: (Looks straight to camera) "No. It's all confidential." Holy shit even his dvd extras are amazing meta pieces

Katie Stolealltheunicorns : Look at the mustard on my face, but listen to my words!

Harshraj Chauhan : he might think she is a man....

UT C : GOD!!! Alison is so beautiful.

Aliansyah R : Ughhh britta's the worst...... #andamvoie

Bitchtheman : God Harmon has aged horribly, rick and morty season 3 bitch

phonixzero : "Hi, I'm Bird Person."

Doruk Türkmen : I love it how they did the editing at 10:32. Dan Harmon uses one sentence but the video combines shots of Gillian, Dany, Donald and Ken. Dan being meta :D

Chris Bauer : Gillian Jacobs at 8:15 to 8:30 makes me believe in love again

internisus : "I'm very happy. I've never had more time taken away from my life."

Shadow Heart : Is this the guy from Rick and Morty? Can people go grey in just ten years or was he dying his hair before?

Just Jake : he looks so different with his beard

First name Last name : "...Marty Short & Steve Martin." - for being the biggest a**hole of the cast he got the biggest laugh of this whole thing. How is this show off the air but big bang theory has been number 1 for years?

David Sooley : love the ratings graph in the background.

QBG : Looks like Dan's secret stash of McDonald's Szechuan sauce ran out about two to three years after this video. No wonder Rick wants it so badly... it's a literal fountain of youth!

mario lewis : Dan without a beard is so strange

UnorthodoxSummoner : Dan looks so fucking weird without a beard.

Lzhe Dmitriy : Dan Harmon is an ALT RIGHT faggot who likes to drink Russian semen.

Goorpijp Wessel : Soooooo does Dan Harmon age 3 years every year?

Ricky Carrillo : It's amazing how britta essentially became like how Gillian is in this video by season 5. That is amazing

moosedenied : oh my god AAAAAAAAAAAAAA how have I never seen this before <3 <3 <3

my profile pic is a close up of my penis : Dan Harmon has let himself go

shunkela : "could you send the cast down for season one evaluations?*hi*"

A. Fable : WOW DAVE! You had one job. My addiction to this show is all your fault.

Luckyday216 : I knew this girl named Jillian I always sat next to in class. Almost the same name lol. But we always talked and then we graduated and on the last day we walked around school since it was the last day and I knew she wanted me to say something before she moved to the North east. This was in Arizona. All you guys reading this if you sense a feeling even if of it's a little bit take a chance and say something before you never see her again. Regret it everyday

Young Griff : 4:53 you can see Dan cracking up and then shaking with laughter!

Oni Berugu : Yvette is so nice

Samuel Dolbinski : I believe this is my favorite video on youtube

dhjgjkd : 0:53... 90% of internet Men's rights activist ideology

Icy Cold Hands : God, I love Gillian Jacobs.

Brian Vaira : Dan Harmon being clean shaven just looks weird.

Troy W : I love Gillian !

EdwardBil : Lot of prescient stuff here.

Devin Johnson : hey man these are burgers. I didn't even notice 😂😂😂😂

Darthstar : donald glover is fucking funny. 6:46