The Doctor's Appointment
The Doctors Appointment

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cant spell appointment without finding the "point" SUBSCRIBE ► VIDS IN 60 SECONDS ► MID-LENGTH VIDS ► COMEDY THEORY VIDS ► hey Show More and Mobile folks. so what we have here is a combination of a handful of different little premises that i thought might work well together. only time will tell if i was right. hope you enjoy and i hope you have an excellent weekend.


DPadGamer : ...I'd watch it.

Static Transit : Man, House sure has gotten hit hard by the budget cuts

Zach Digital : P A R A L Y Z E D by this video.

Simon Nelson : You're far funnier than you're getting credit for.

Richard Luzum : Can't spell "Nice job Phil #PHILGANGNICEBOYS" without "crippling depression" #PHILGANGNICEBOYS

Jordanary Blue : Well that was far more relatable than I wanted it to be. Solid work. 5/7

EmpireSun : Thank god my HMO doesnt cover this guy

Evan Aiwohi : That moment when you are severely depressed and need help, and are trying to convey to your doctor that you are without outright saying it.

Connor Ott : Great work, as always!

Rick Astley : Will wait till spinoff. The young nice doctor will be true comedy hit.

bobandlarry : you can if you use the british spelling of paralysing

Musty Crustard : My god this channel is my new favorite

Katie K : You look like you walked right out of Rivendell. Not complaining though...

givant : I'd watch that for a dollar

Res Q : Nice job Phil

M Ransdell : You’ve done it again, Phil!!

Shelby Krauser : i’ve never seen this episode of House MD

Kyle Hill : GOD

Beacons_r_lit : Shh not a doctor

Christopher Regnery : I'm sorry but this gentleman is too funny for mass consumption. Where do I go to report it?

Joe Bliven : Ooooooooooo hooo hoooooooo!