The Sorry State of Dark Matter Alternatives
The Sorry State of Dark Matter Alternatives

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Scientists can’t directly observe dark matter, and they still don’t know what it is… so why are they so confident it exists? Hosted by: Reid Reimers For special, curated artifacts of this universe, check out ---------- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: ---------- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters: Lazarus G, Sam Lutfi, D.A. Noe, سلطان الخليفي, Piya Shedden, KatieMarie Magnone, Scott Satovsky Jr, Charles Southerland, Patrick D. Ashmore, Tim Curwick, charles george, Kevin Bealer, Chris Peters ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover your torso and hold your liquids? Check out our awesome products over at DFTBA Records: ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: ---------- Sources: [PDF] [PDF] Images:


Gravijta : I guess dark matter is just another state of regular matter. The Sorry State.

z beeblebrox : 4:33 I can't believe you passed up an opportunity to say Sextillion

The Exoplanets Channel : Dark matter.. *matters*

Aspect Science : “Dark matter. Each pound of it weighs 1000 pounds” Is my math right?

SweatyShivers : ""Along with 'dark matter' and 'anti-matter' we've recently discovered the existence of 'doesn't matter', which appears to have no effect on the universe whatsoever"---Richtennant.

jrpipik : SciShow 1887 is still putting all their money on luminiferous aether to explain the motion of light through the cosmos.

Ryukachoo : Mond totally glosses over gravitational lensing too, which is..... definitely a thing

Pranav Ghandade : What about dank matter?

Jynxedlove : I spent the entire video wanting to fix his collar and didn't hear what he said, so I had to rewatch it without the video.

jimlovesgina : It seems like we are taking a leap in claiming how galaxies should be moving based on nothing more than our very distant observations and math, which could be wrong. We have been wrong many many times and we think we have the right of it now? We are making these claims thinking we have all the data. I am guessing we don't have all the data.

derklempner : In Hawking's book, "The Universe in a Nutshell", he posits that dark matter may be nothing more than the gravitational effect of a nearby brane or multiple branes containing their own universes. The matter in those universes could gravitationally affect our universe, causing the effects we see and describe as "dark matter".

New Message : Meat alternatives... sugar alternatives.. we've gone too far with Dark Matter alternatives..

Robert Pruitt : Another big problem with MOND is those 2 galaxies(forget the name) that passed through each other and had almost all of their gases ripped out and the gas from both galaxies is now sitting together in the space between the galaxies. Both of the galaxies have less mass escht than the gas cloud, but the smaller galaxies show affects of dark matter while the more massive gas cloud shows absolutely no affects from dark matter. That pretty much destroys MOND.

The Ranter : "...1 in a hundred billion trillion..." Come on SciShow... it's 1 in 100 Sextillion... not "1 in a hundred billion trillion". Numbers larger than a trillion have names too.

ThatGuy : I wonder if there's anti dark matter? (Edit: This brought a much larger debate than expected)

Paul Thomas : I accept that I'm kind of being a pedantic jerk when I remind everybody that horses CHAMP, they don''t chomp. Usually refrain from pointing that trivial difference out, except I hold excellent, intellectually rigorous, shows like this to a higher standard. Keep up the great work, definitely love the show!

Derek Peevey : The only reason dark matter works is because you can adjust how much you put into the system to make it work.

jimmyhackers : dark matter was invented to show a cause for all the extra gravity.....incorrect. constant uniform universal expansion is what is causing this extra sticking/gravity force. we cannot measure this expansion as the "measures" we would use to measure it are also expanding.

Javier Medina Moreno : And how about quantisized inertia?

mian fazle razik : Mond isn't Gona make it most probably

Andrew Nibirunnaki : It's wise to say you don't know. It's simple. Dark matter/energy nut cases these days.

Sebry : All it takes for dark matter to be a thing is for there to be a form of matter that simply does not interact with photons but still has mass/ Perhaps, dark matter will even interact with other things that normal matter doesn't interact with so much, like neutrinos.

Robert T : An ignorant internet commenters hypothesis: Maybe dark matter is the residual of universal scale anti-matter/matter collisions at the beginning of the universe? On such large scales maybe they don't annihilate each other and that there is some weird left over that isn't quite matter but can affect it.

Zom Bee Nature : Dark matter seems like sleight of hand stuff. Presto! The matter is floating with no visible means of support!

MrSerrrg88 : You could name this episode "why dark matter matters" ;)

Ryan Herst : Will you do an episode like this addressing Electric Universe theory in regards to its dispute of the existence of black holes, galaxy formation, etc.?

notablegoat : Maybe somebody just misplaced a decimal somewhere. That's why I failed my exam

Jewels_Rx Annie : What if dark matter/ god...? *cue dramatic music*

Eduardo Jardim : Dark Matter is Gravitrons, Problem Solved, Next!

Ian Stradian : What effect does light pressure have on space time? Could the affects of gravitational waves help explain dark energy?

Garrak : I'd like to see a video update of the Parker Solar Probe, exploring it's wild top speed, and first data that come from the project! Thanks SciShow!

Will Janzen : Thanks Reid, quite interesting! All of the hosts on this channel are great but you are my favourite! I look forward to your next video.

Jesse Lun : Does MOND "allow" Alcubierre warp drive type solutions?

Dark Matter : More about Dark Mater, Antimater, Dark Flow, Dark Energy!

Interesting Times : Maybe all the matter that is going into black holes gets converted to anti-matter/dark energy to provide the fuel to expand the universe.

Kevin Bishop : What if all this ‘dark’ stuff is all the same’ thing, i.e., ‘dark’ gravity, but with opposite charges (+/-) or spins or whatever quantum label fits? I vote for pineapples and avocados.

Stanley Chang : What if, the gravitational field is not uniform through space? :o

Scriptminer : Thanks for the video, really interesting stuff :)

Chrispy_0 : String theory only exists because scientists keep doing the math until it works. Dark Matter is no different.

Trail Guy : ours must be one of the galaxies with no dark matter

BlackKNyT : The type of dark matter video I was looking for.

edmonton20084 : Champing. It's "champing" at the bit. Not chomping. Champing. Go forth and and consider yourself learned!

Lilou ou : Maybe dark matter is just regular matter but in other dimensions (string theory)

Zoltán Kozma : commoners LOL... how colonial of you :D We can however call them normies :D

BLOON TD : Can you explain the Dark Flow.

shismohammad mulla : *So Why Antimatter Don't Matter?😐*

hasan kharfan : What's is the proposed density of dark matter?

José Maurício Gonzales Praxedes : Dark Matter DOESN´T EXIST .

Anthro Wolf : Maybe the truth requires both MOND and Dark Matter, to explain everything.