Porn Star Casting Couch Auditions

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Ross Everett : Okay, I hear you - you want more of these. I put this together so let's make it happen

Dan C : "That's an A for attitude, it's not a good A" 😂😂 Great vid

JustJulyo : I forgot I was even subscribe to this channel, glad I stayed subscribed!

JimMcnugget : *_You've never seen porn_*

Old Schooled : " and I've never seen porn. " Yeahhhh right.

Wolfgang : Holyshit that's kayden Kross.

Sad Fwog : A guy clearly in his thirties that has never seen porn? Sure...

JSAcousticJuice : This was funny until, "this is the best math I've seen" then I fucking lost it!! My insides hurt, someone please send help...

Marilyn Adams : *Dоn't Wаit Any Longer - Мееt Уоur Perfeсt Wоmаn Tоdау* ► ✌️

Guanfei : Summer Day looks like a nice girl to hang out with. Kayden Kross looks like she's ready to kill you after all the crap you made her do.

Tobi Odina : "They would be hot around me", "I got it, you have a fever!" I'm dead, me when a girl is trying to give hints

theelwoodful : I call bs. Its not possible to have never seen porn.

Dilettante_Elite _ : Never seen porn...that's a good one.

xhectichectorx : Oh my goodness this has got to be the best thing I've seen in the past few months Love the ladies love the Target employee love the weird horse in a bikini. A solid "A" for attitude my friend

Noah The Realist : Would do this in no nut November

Doni Bathuu : Ahhh Kayden Kross...

David Boi : Summer day is already a porn star look her up lol

Johan Pfeiffer : Prettaaaay prettaaay prettaaay good

Jason Janelle : Funny but I hope you paid these people for wasting their time.

HeroX : didnt this kid used to work for sourcefed?

jie Z : what is the name of thick blonde girl?

owen cross : Ross this was amazing! Even better than the first!

Marco Mark Productions : i CAN CONFIRM SUMMER DAY IS A FREAK

Wonder Dumplings : This almost reminds me of a new and improved version of Kassem’s deep dives with porn stars. Funniest thing I’ve seen all week!

Petru : Summer day my new bae

Andrew Broden : Missed you, Ross! Hope your shows are killing it in LA!

gmflashmx : "You disgust me. There is nothing in this room that tells me that you are on the right lifepath." Woah there mister condescending that has never watched porn. Disliked the video

Moeh : Niicee glad to see you post again. Dude random question, do you remember being on BART and having a guy ask you if you were named Ross? It's been a while so probably not but yeah I'm the random dude :D

Oliver R : Haha genuinely funny nice one!

Andy Jay : Geez what a feckin' attitude! Nastiest POV attitude ever, not even a smile or an agreeable disposition! Unwilling to cooperate is an understatement. And this was just the interviewer!

10 subscribers : its very funny

Vortexes ღ : More please!!!!! Like so he can see how many people want more!!!!

Lindsey Wakon : this is hilarious. I hope it blows up like the last one!

Krom bob : Wasn't funny

Dat Boi : lmao, alt-right rally

Quasar Productions : I don't believe this idiot for a second. You are making videos and hiring 'real' pornstars. Why do you even feel the need to even say you've never seen porn? What difference does it even make for this video? These interview questions aren't even funny.

lonzo maggard : Ayeeee kayden kross!! 😛😛

TOP 10 : hello

A.S.W TECHNICAL : anyone want to have with me subscribe

iamcoolstephen1234 : Missed you since SF. Glad to see some funny vids! Subscribed.

Caden Brewer : "Like the KKK." He did it.

سهر الليالي : mr

TOPNotch Squad : 😂😂her face when he said 36 inches

Estranga Marl : KAYDENNNN

Ich Halt : wtf Ross you look like Leo Messi at 6:39 +

Hypnotist 24 : Thank you for the blow

José Miguel Sousa : yeah, another one of these! this is the funniest concept I've seen in a long time

abnav : what did i watch lol

AsianAFK : Where's the uncensored version

bro dayshizz : Oh no like family guy stly