Porn Star Casting Couch Auditions

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Ross Everett : Okay, I hear you - you want more of these. I put this together so let's make it happen

Old Schooled : " and I've never seen porn. " Yeahhhh right.

JimMcnugget : *_You've never seen porn_*

Sad Fwog : A guy clearly in his thirties that has never seen porn? Sure...

Dan C : "That's an A for attitude, it's not a good A" 😂😂 Great vid

Catalyst - D B : Porn isn't a quality relief at all. That road still ends in loneliness and a void a couple addictive years down the line. only difference is you become more creepy and awkward than before and the only way to fix it is actually through going outside in daylight and spending time with other people and doing something fun like Scuba Diving or Motorcross or motorcycle riding or joining a wrestling program or rock climbing or something public and non sex related and extraneous and not too difficult but challenging on mind and body and thought provoking like that. Porn only hurts you in the end. I fixed myself though doing these exact things btw. I speak from experience and I am not ashamed to say this.

Knukxas : People searching up *"porn"* on YouTube just to see what they can find. :/

Kanchan S : Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Dilettante_Elite _ : Never seen porn...that's a good one.

Noah The Realist : Would do this in no nut November

Doni Bathuu : Ahhh Kayden Kross...

theelwoodful : I call bs. Its not possible to have never seen porn.

Tobi Odina : "They would be hot around me", "I got it, you have a fever!" I'm dead, me when a girl is trying to give hints

Andy Jay : Geez what a feckin' attitude! Nastiest POV attitude ever, not even a smile or an agreeable disposition! Unwilling to cooperate is an understatement. And this was just the interviewer!

Jack Napier : It's not real. Because, Tell me, WTF Kayden Kross doing here?

Marco Mark Productions : i CAN CONFIRM SUMMER DAY IS A FREAK

David Boi : Summer day is already a porn star look her up lol

jie Z : what is the name of thick blonde girl?

I M A N E - index : love you porn fllow me 👌👌🎥✔

I M A N E - index : ان كنت تفهم اللغة العربية مرحبا بك نمارس 🎥 الجنس ليلة كاملة 👌 اشترك

sidiney lehonidas : These women make money. To be raped.

JustJulyo : I forgot I was even subscribe to this channel, glad I stayed subscribed!

Sameh Rad : This man is psycho psycho need go to hospital

Pyke Bishop : The young lady wearing the green lace top is so adorable and open-minded - I want to marry her!!!

DerpyNerdy : HELLO THERE

MrStifleras : >are you willing to attend an alt right rally lel

YOSI : Wheever

dalurin zinia : well well, time to stroke the salami

Raythulhu : Dude....I want a Big Momma's Pizza in my town.....I need a pizza bigger than myself

Michael Ray : Something doesn't look right. That couch needs to be black leather.

Jdor D : Jeremiah 29:11 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future....Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way the truth and the life!

Wonder Dumplings : This almost reminds me of a new and improved version of Kassem’s deep dives with porn stars. Funniest thing I’ve seen all week!

Mat Walter : why does the girl in the purple have such an attitude?

आपकी बात आपके लिए : No more back pain with this chair

Moeh : Niicee glad to see you post again. Dude random question, do you remember being on BART and having a guy ask you if you were named Ross? It's been a while so probably not but yeah I'm the random dude :D

ZENTORO HD : No dignity there parents should be ashamed of them

Slash / : “you’re writing your name?“ 😂😂

Petru : Summer day my new bae

7h3DocT0R : So noone noticed the guy with the box on his head in the blue swim suit that jumps in from the door, that he is the guy with the glasses in the video. SHAME ON YOU !

JumpStart Cinema : favourite video so turned on gave me big boner

Caden Brewer : "Like the KKK." He did it.

Anggik joule : wow nice

Krom bob : Wasn't funny

Sweet Pops : Girl in the leggings is super stuck up. Pipe down, you’re a porn star. The other girl is very bubbly and sweet.

Gavla Tennis : That is hilarious!!!

deserteagle30 : Milk me.

Jason Janelle : Funny but I hope you paid these people for wasting their time.

gmflashmx : "You disgust me. There is nothing in this room that tells me that you are on the right lifepath." Woah there mister condescending that has never watched porn. Disliked the video

Foreign Express : I thought porn wasn't allow on Jewtube?

Johan Persson : What was the point of this?