Porn Star Casting Couch Auditions

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Ross Everett : Okay, I hear you - you want more of these. I put this together so let's make it happen

Dan C : "That's an A for attitude, it's not a good A" 😂😂 Great vid

Dilettante_Elite _ : Never seen porn...that's a good one.

theelwoodful : I call bs. Its not possible to have never seen porn.

Doni Bathuu : Ahhh Kayden Kross...

Sad Fwog : A guy clearly in his thirties that has never seen porn? Sure...

Noah The Realist : Would do this in no nut November

JimMcnugget : *_You've never seen porn_*

Kanchan S : Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

David Boi : Summer day is already a porn star look her up lol

IMAN - index : love you porn fllow me 👌👌🎥✔

Knukxas : People searching up *"porn"* on YouTube just to see what they can find. :/

IMAN - index : ان كنت تفهم اللغة العربية مرحبا بك نمارس 🎥 الجنس ليلة كاملة 👌 اشترك

jie Z : what is the name of thick blonde girl?

Tobi Odina : "They would be hot around me", "I got it, you have a fever!" I'm dead, me when a girl is trying to give hints

Old Schooled : " and I've never seen porn. " Yeahhhh right.

Marco Mark Productions : i CAN CONFIRM SUMMER DAY IS A FREAK

Petru : Summer day my new bae

Andy Jay : Geez what a feckin' attitude! Nastiest POV attitude ever, not even a smile or an agreeable disposition! Unwilling to cooperate is an understatement. And this was just the interviewer!

Estranga Marl : KAYDENNNN

Vortexes ღ : More please!!!!! Like so he can see how many people want more!!!!

Dat Boi : lmao, alt-right rally

Caden Brewer : "Like the KKK." He did it.

TOPNotch GamingSquad : 😂😂her face when he said 36 inches

lonzo maggard : Ayeeee kayden kross!! 😛😛

TOP 10 : hello

MikeB26 : Not funny. Not clever. Just mean in a petty way. A bad, unoriginal copy of Sacha Baron Cohen.

A.S.W TECHNICAL : anyone want to have with me subscribe

Sweet Pops : Girl in the leggings is super stuck up. Pipe down, you’re a porn star. The other girl is very bubbly and sweet.

Mat Walter : why does the girl in the purple have such an attitude?

Catalyst - D B : Porn isn't a quality relief at all. That road still ends in loneliness and a void a couple addictive years down the line. only difference is you become more creepy and awkward than before and the only way to fix it is actually through going outside in daylight and spending time with other people and doing something fun like Scuba Diving or Motorcross or motorcycle riding or joining a wrestling program or rock climbing or something public and non sex related and extraneous and not too difficult but challenging on mind and body and thought provoking like that. Porn only hurts you in the end. I fixed myself though doing these exact things btw. I speak from experience and I am not ashamed to say this.

xhectichectorx : Oh my goodness this has got to be the best thing I've seen in the past few months Love the ladies love the Target employee love the weird horse in a bikini. A solid "A" for attitude my friend

Johan Persson : What was the point of this?

abnav : what did i watch lol

Arbetarbroder : Haha😆

Ich Halt : wtf Ross you look like Leo Messi at 6:39 +

Lukáš Duběda : In what culture is this considered funny, interesting or entertaining?

AsianAFK : Where's the uncensored version

bro dayshizz : Oh no like family guy stly

TheLonesomeEchoesite : pure bullshit

Doni Bathuu : Twats in the comment section don't understand that all this is comedy and not real casting interviews...

Foreign Express : I thought porn wasn't allow on Jewtube?

Ricardo Highlander : Ok.

Sameh Rad : This man is psycho psycho need go to hospital

Sexy Grill : wow very hot

pas col : Add mee

Müzik Merkezi : sub. please

Michael Ray : Something doesn't look right. That couch needs to be black leather.

Nicole Hudgins : Hey guys

Stephen Smith : How the hell did I get here? and why am I still here?