Hero Dog Saves Dog From Drowning

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David Young : Dogs are gods gift to mankind. Selfless animals who only want to please others, including their buddy. Way to go Remus!

tbone : That is just remarkable. For Remus to know he had to jump in the pool and push Smokey up to save him is crazy. Damn SMART dog.

adoracle1 : That was so awesome. Before he jumped in, Remus tried to show Smokey which way to go, then literally tried to turn him around...assessed Smokey's fear and ability and jumped to the rescue. NOBODY can tell me animals do not have emotion. wonderful

brainwashing detergent : good dog. now just toss your dog in and the neighbors dog too then eventually it will train the other how to get out.

Markus Magnon : The owner of this pool have to do some redesigns

Valerie S : I love my dogs.

Whoflung Pooh : Good dogs. That pool needs a safety gate around it.

Lance Prior : Morality displayed in animal behavior! I'm pretty sure that dogs don't go to church so where the heck did that come from?

Alexander R : wow!!

junvic feria : That’s why we have friends

Sharon 92075 : H E R O D O G !