Jimothy - Fashion (Prod by. Jimothy Lacoste)
Jimothy Lacoste Fashion

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Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/am_fashion Spotify: http://smarturl.it/sp_fashion Download: http://smarturl.it/dl_fashion Follow Jimothy: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jimothylacoste/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jimothylacoste Website: https://ligqe.com Directed by Jimothy Lacoste & Josh Higgins Filmed & Edited - Josh Higgins Production and Art Direction - Jack Murray Written by Jimothy Lacoste Produced by Jimothy Lacoste & Peter Duffy Special thanks to Mutha - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTVUcwvsRT3AZnuVuS6YkjQ & Holborn Studios - http://www.holbornstudios.com/ Lyrics Intro You know I love to dress I’ve always dressed really smart Some people got it, some people didn't Tucked in shirt, nice jeans, cords Clothes is there You might as well take advantage of it It’s just fun bro Chorus Looking like a million pounds And I’m out here with my pals Dressing with class since young You know I just wanna have fun Looking like a Milli x 4 Feeling like a Milli x 3 Verse 1 I’ve always dressed like a little millionaire I’m talking young days when you wasn’t even there Tucked in shirt, lovely cords Lascoste on my skin but I ain’t into sports Staying hella clean, getting respect Security guard in the shop never checked Dressing like a rich guy, looking hella smart Putting on clothes is a big form of art Chorus Verse 2 Some people get frustrated when they see us using clothes as art They don’t get it, they resort to hate it But we must ignore them cos we just like to express We have creative minds, that’s what makes us beautifully dressed Chorus


nidiotskap : Had a proper nice wank to this

Lobster Patrick Stewart : Your songs are so catchy and well put together the minute they end it’s immediately in your head and it feels like it’s been around forever

APKSRMKS : need a jimothy lacoste dance tutorial dvd


Strontiummuffin : How does one acquire a zebra? Blessed

Fang : I heard this playing in H&M and I really liked it

MushroomSpoon : Lacoste closing out fiscal year 18 with a mad bop. Smarts.

Jay Mcculloch : Can’t go anywhere wearing my zebra shoes without someone thinking I stole drink from Sainsbury’s

badgerclit : uh oh he did it again

See Safari : Primary colour blocks at the end - semiotics of simplicity / so soothing / u don't a milly to feel and look a milly, nice zebra , production values have gone up but still feels decent

Hvnnvy : Life is getting quite exciting

JedDraws : Jimothy finna blow up this year 🤯

Ayana Brown : I have a strange attraction to him

FauxBeauty : Thank you to my job (H&M) for constantly playing this song at work ❤️

Communist Roadman : h&m playing this now LIGQE

savidge : these comments are jokes

rektengle : ooft yes this is getting quite exciting

Citizen Dildo : I want this played at my funeral.

Ridhwaan Quasem : Is this the guy that did the video in the London underground

Izzy 666 : jimothy lacoste will be the next big thing

Rv : Man i heard this in H&M and was in disbelif mod dance

Buckets And Spades : Wow jimothy you really are finna getting paid !

The in_visible girl : when you actually click on an ad. thanks ads, you're not always rubbish <3

Oz Page : When you come from Camden and realise he is dancing on combo estate at the end. So many feelings.

Luke M : Straight up banger

william hayes : Looking like a milly rock, feeling like a milly rock.

Nick Bugeja : "What's your favorite music genre?" -"Oh, mine? my favorite genre is Jimothy Lacoste"

Thisath Ranawaka : Jimothy truly is a pioneer. The new face of music.

Brown Baddie : saw this on a ad watched it all the way thru. i love this. what a gem.

Rikke Brewer : hard to find difference in people! yes my guy.

Sheyy ASMR : thanks for this banger dude

tobertitus : This a perfect album starter right here

Football Daily : The weekend can officially start now! 🔥💰💵

Finbarr Pine : Yes Yes Yes, love everything about this project. Well done Josh and Tim <3

Sekela N : You’ve made us all fashionably woke so when’s the dance tutorial coming out?

Truck Boi : Absolute banger from Jimothy again! I don't even have any smart clothes, oops lol

MIlknZombies : Amazing 😩💕 come to Boston

Bread Lover : Just got knocked over by the waviness

definite party material : man like jimothy piling up those shirt stacks

msundergroundsounds : Morning anthem 🙌🏻🙌🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏿🙌🏾

anon : So much love for this. Keep blowing up bro

OHHSH!Z : You killing it with the production as well jheez 🤧

Luke Johnson : Track of the century

thebennett2011 : Had the pleasure of seeing this live the other weekend in Belgium - jimothy is another level live!!!! Proper inspiration! Life is getting quite exciting

Joseph Hubbard : Bangerrrrrrrr🔥🔥🔥

wig : never been si happy abt an ad that took me to this

jjw jjw : When are we gonna get the official "Oh oh my lord, I wanna drive a ford" song?

Sharon Mutandwa : We stan a style icon

Ramasamy Nachiappan : I'm talking young days and you wasn't even there