Jimothy - Fashion

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Strontiummuffin : How does one acquire a zebra? Blessed

Gulagwithahumanface : this song sounds like depop


APKSRMKS : need a jimothy lacoste dance tutorial dvd

Lobster Patrick Stewart : Your songs are so catchy and well put together the minute they end it’s immediately in your head and it feels like it’s been around forever

StrumDum : I heard this playing in H&M and I really liked it

Football Daily : The weekend can officially start now! 🔥💰💵

badgerclit : uh oh he did it again

J M : Can’t go anywhere wearing my zebra shoes without someone thinking I stole drink from Sainsbury’s

FauxBeauty : Thank you to my job (H&M) for constantly playing this song at work ❤️

MushroomSpoon : Lacoste closing out fiscal year 18 with a mad bop. Smarts.

Ayana Brown : I have a strange attraction to him

MiltonCraft : You could say your fashion sense would la-COST a lot of money

Buckets And Spades : Wow jimothy you really are finna getting paid !

Ridhwaan Quasem : Is this the guy that did the video in the London underground

savidge : these comments are jokes

Hvnnvy : Life is getting quite exciting

Rv : Man i heard this in H&M and was in disbelif mod dance

Citizen Dildo : I want this played at my funeral.

See Safari : Primary colour blocks at the end - semiotics of simplicity / so soothing / u don't a milly to feel and look a milly, nice zebra , production values have gone up but still feels decent

Communist Roadman : h&m playing this now LIGQE

Brown Baddie : saw this on a ad watched it all the way thru. i love this. what a gem.

definite party material : man like jimothy piling up those shirt stacks

Chicken Shop Date : <3

BB1349 : The bastard love child of Yung Lean and Mike Skinner

william hayes : Looking like a milly rock, feeling like a milly rock.

Luke M : Straight up banger

Mathew Grisham : Wicked rude tune shag the bird to this one xxxxxxx

Izzy 666 : jimothy lacoste will be the next big thing

Rikke Brewer : hard to find difference in people! yes my guy.

rektengle : ooft yes this is getting quite exciting

Thisath Ranawaka : Jimothy truly is a pioneer. The new face of music.

tobertitus : This a perfect album starter right here

JedDraws : Jimothy finna blow up this year 🤯

Reuben Larkin : Better than iridescence

Sekela N : You’ve made us all fashionably woke so when’s the dance tutorial coming out?

Luke Johnson : Track of the century

Holly P : does anyone else find him proper sexy? hmu jimothy

wig : never been si happy abt an ad that took me to this

The in_visible girl : when you actually click on an ad. thanks ads, you're not always rubbish <3

Old Acc : Waveyy as usual

lil sleepy : feelin a chameleon

BaggyTrousers : sounding like a milli too    LIGQE

Oz Page : When you come from Camden and realise he is dancing on combo estate at the end. So many feelings.

Piers Ellis : Saw the billboard to this next to tufnell park station

Old Man Saxon : It's such a good damn song. can we be friends?

Fingalick : I swear I was the 80,000th view

Interpreting Aesthetic : sexy this like

Sheyy ASMR : thanks for this banger dude

James Willis : saw this advertised... absoloutley sick