QUEEN【Don't Stop Me Now】fish ver.
Just a Japanese dude singing Dont Stop Me Now by Queen

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I sing Don't Stop Me Now only by the name of the fish


this is one gay bread : Friend: Your crush is coming! Act normal. Me:

ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ ʙᴜɴ TM : This guy: *singing in queen tune from don’t stop me now but naming fish instead to the beat* Freddie: wonderful darling 💅🏼👁👄👁💅🏼

davidmichael : Employer: So what's your best qualities? Him: I rap fish, LIKE A BASS.

BluSoulFyre : Why is this in my recommended, but more importantly, why wasn’t this in my recommended *sooner*

StoryAnonymous1304 : This is the song you sing while trying to catch all the fish in Animal Crossing.

Thomas : Bro... when he said “arownzhsadoradojwhsi” i felt that 😔

Misty Doggu X3 : Did i watch the whole video? *yes* Is it 3 in the morning? *no, its 5 in the morning* Edit: i didn't say it was long •___•

Ninigo : If I heard this without the video context *I would just think it was a French person singing don’t stop me now*

Sonofamother : When you want a Queen song on your video but you fear being copystriked

Noah BoV : Why does this sound like a version you’d hear while playing the sims

Eli : This video is just a masterpiece 0 defects. He sounds nice The drawings are on point The fish on his hat is so nice Everything is so well done. A masterpiece, I would say

Magnum Dong : Tuna Goby Hammerhead Eel Cod Pike African Lampeye Arwana Char Herring Mantaray Florida Bass Mix Platy Sole Dorado Shrimp Minnow Dorado Shrimp Crab Halibut Cod Pike Halibut Cod Pike American lobster Leaf fish Shark Black Tiger Sardine Clam Drumfish Anemone Carp Perch Barramundi Barracuda Arwana Opah Opah Opah Shell Shrimp Goby Blenny Salmon Shark Ray Two-spot blenny Grunt Clam Oyster Flounder Trout Shell Pike Arwana Hake Snapper Sardine Morayeel Dorado Shrimp Minnow Halibut Cod Pike Halibut Sole Dorado Shrimp Minnow Inkfish Clam Cod Pike Jellyfish Sole Dorado Shrimp Crab Halibut Cod Pike Dorado Shrimp Wrasse Halibut Cod Pike Dorado Clam Shrimp Sole Tuna

Michelle ‘ : All the times I’ve searched up Don’t stop me now by Queen and this never showed up, but today, I was blessed.

stonks gnome : "Whats your inspiration to become a marine biologist" Me:

downloading virus : My sim singing to itself while it’s locked in a doorless room

Stepdad : 11:pm : this is the last video I have school in the morning 4: am : Queen [dont stop me now] fish version

•Starlight Productions• : When you don’t know all the lyrics but try to sing along anyway

That One Jai : Dr: you have a minute and 19 seconds left to live Me: watches Queen: Don't Stop me Now, Fish version

bitch : _“You can do whatever you like with my image, my music, remix it, re-release it, whatever... just never make me boring.”_ - Freddie Mercury

sophs sings : *My last 2 braincells during an exam*

Cocianicat : Comments: 50% why is everyone talking about Jojo comments I don't see any 25% why are there so many Jojo comments 24% other 1% actual Jojo comments

An-A-Quay : Jolyne: What's in the ocean? Jotaro: Give me a sec Literally one second later Jolyne just sees her dad pull this out from behind him.

cyber_inu : Just hats off for this dude who sat down and probably googled and drew all the fish. Awesome and derpy. I love it😂😂

Arcy : You deserve praise just because you made it sound like the actual song, without song and with fish names

dru : freddie mercury once said “you can do whatever you want with our songs, just don’t make it boring” this is certainly not boring.

Zeppienator : rare footage of 7 year old me singing

Mirai Nico : Me: What can I do to forget about this emptiness inside? Youtube: Have this Queen song but the lyrics are fish names Me: thanks

Megan Lawrence : 10% impressed with how he made the lyrics with names of fish 90% impressed with how fast he turned the pages without messing up *wow*

What Even Is This Channel : Yeah yeah everyone is praising this dude for making it sound good but he also A. Drew all the fish B. Used a whole sketch book C. Had to find all these very perfect fish names D. Has a fish on his hat Edit: I'm going to start adding more off of what people have also stated. E. Redrew all the fish very exact (@Luke Gilliand) F. Most likely memorized it all (@Sleepy)

時貞益田 : まさかの外人受けがすごい❗️ ちなみに僕はtwitterであった前前前世で知りました

Nothingness : *Jotaro teaches Jolyne about Marine Life instead of Good Father Lessons*

Unknown_ Gamer : I don't know what this is- But like I can relate to it some how- Anybody else?

PrettyMuch .Beanz : Respect, this probably took a long ass time *This was in my recommended and I’m not complaining* 😎😎

Dissapointing Person : This man's dedication to the art of fish song parodies is impressive

Scared Girl In The Mirror : Me: Im so shy Also me when my best friend is there:

Tanzanite : Me at 3am studying for my biology presentation about fish

美幼女戦士 : ハットリさん世界進出してほしい

selenapink98 : the complete lack of editing, the out breath singing....LITERAL GENIUS

Floating Sunfish : I like how you hand-drew all the fish including the repeated ones.

Watergirl Blue : I only just realised theres a giant fish on his forehead.

Sellsynt : Why does this sound like a weeaboo trying to sing an anime opening?

D.DoT-Z : Although many might not agree with me...this is very Queen

Alivados : "What kind of music do you like?" "It's complicated"

coconut seagull : Why, when I look away from the screen, does it sound like Queen became a Japanese rock band?

YoUtHtUbeR608 : Me: No cover or parody of don’t stop me now is better than the original Him: Me: I stand corrected

Chummy Pancakes Queen : This is actually really cute, great job drawing all those fish, coming up with the perfect combination of names so they sound good with the music rythim and that hat is adorable.

Internet : I admire this man more than I can explain

MEDZI : This has that old Youtube energy. I love it.

Gaysian : I'm appreciating the fact he got a whole giant sketchbook and filled it with fish for this. Respect.