Soulwax - 'Is It Always Binary' (Official Video)

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Diego : when the drums started i thought: good, good... when the synths started i thought: wtf is this???? this is brilliant! all respect to them!

A D : It's like they are using music to get to space.

Mark Philip : kraftwerk on steroids

Theo Martin : Melody from synths is Pantera’s Cowboys from Hell :D

Lukas Schwermann : Ahhh yeeesss, this was my favourite tune on the record, great to see them perform it. Unfortunatley, the mix in this one doesn't carry these fat drums, just as on the record. Still amazing anyway.

Carlo Lamantea : Why they can't just use a laptop

Chandan Sinha : A comment on Casey's video brought me here.

Tibby K : they just do what they love to do and I love it too

Joe Collins : I wonder how much all that gear would cost, cool tune though.

Hyperspace Panda : Very surprised to hear this on the grand tour!

M1ck9yReedemptioNSN 666 : 77 people who didn’t know that is it always binary question lol

carlosalberto rosado : Masterpiece!!

Calin Petrescu : Must see LIVE!!!!!

Michel Vandermeiren : kippevel, voortdoen met die handel!!!

ddouble dutch : Love it. Some clever folk out there keeping me happy

DavidDean : Son la mera verga.Quiero decir saludos desde México.

omer tonbul : What kind of DJ set is this?

Andrea Steininger : AMAZING! I See them in Ceremonia 2018 in Mexico.

ben1210 : Shout out to Ken Macbeth!

KreatorEddie : IGGOOOOOR!

Александр Мачтин : No bass, no growth, no depth ----------------- Musical critic - Alexander Matchin

Lex Smith : Fight that boss, Nintendo/dos magic?

Dániel Monostori : I hope rockstar will refresh the music directory of soulwax fm

Gabe Black : blueman group took off their makeup. this is like kiss unmasked

aBanabis : No. 1 is always divided by zero in the uncanny valley

Gimmie Shelter : mucho montaje y poca leche

Hugo Oliveira : Amazing track

T T. : Cowboys from Hell + Krautrock = wow

Video Account : Binary? Aren't their synths analogue?

Wojak Sánchez : This sounds cool and all, but sadly I have to admit this sounds just like car commercial music

Nicholas Barbret : I love this !!! But can’t help but wonder if this is what the waiters and waitresses do after the restaurants close

bram duprez : aware machines you ft to them, love you guys, you guyys ft to that shit thou

Pai Sukatat : I find it ridiculous when somebody ask why they were playing live instruments. That question is not even logically sound. I saw them live in Tokyo 2008 without knowing who they are, since then I have been going to a lot of EDM festivals and enjoyed most of them but I never find anything close to the Soulwax experience.

cree8vision : Looked em up...'cause of Coachella. This is way better than the other groups I looked up that played Coachella.

Ningli Zhu : FANTASTIC

Eric Liddell : Victoria Smith's face drumming. Worth watching again and again just for that.

Luciano Pereira da Silva : Viciante demais pqp... mais alguém do Brasil? <33333

Hightower : I love your music and the live use of gear a lot ! Going back were Kraftwerk was coming from ... ❤️

Francesco Russo : Can anybody recognize which midi sequencer (or controller) are they using to switch sequences of the song?

Eu : iggor motherfucker cavalera

Maxime Breton : I saw them live this summer and oh my god this was impressive

abhishek subramanyam : What i would give to hear this song the first time!!!!!!

Mike Chou : Filmmaking is a sport

teamsleepnine : its nice seeing igor,but pardon my ignorant,but might as well get john stanier sound a lot like battles anyway!

Mark Parnell : This video is actually from the 25th century. Its the first Universal Idol final. Soulwax from Earth in the finals against the duo from Sol 12. (Spoilers, they won!!)


Lunar Chaos : This is the song we use for our end of year performance at ballet. It's gonna be awesome!💙

Alex Sur LoL : j,aime ce groupe

Agha Saad : Mr. Neistat Bring Me Here

Jahanvi Kamra : can I use this song in my youtube videos??