Slapping Championship | Russian guys!

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Killswitch : That big guy with the beard has a mean ass slap

Quaglium Quagnarr : Finally, a sport made for stepdads.

Let me sleep in peace : My ass would win this

I am Mitch : Slaps hurt more than a punch. P.s this is dangerous. If you slap someone on the ear hole. You can deafen them.

FxnesseKxng : Im glad these arent my dads...

Raitis Pujats : How to lose your hearing

TheFieryPotato : what did i just watch

Coco Sto : Captain America throwing some dank ass slaps after losing to Thanos

BIKV Team : 1950: At 2018 flying cars will be done and ready to use 2018: Slapping challenge

Kai : This would’ve been better if we could actually hear the slaps

chandu ki vines : Omg

Maddenbeast7 : Meanwhile in Russia

THERSX : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

POLSZA DUMA : *fckin captain america*

Sly Unity : Just Why ?

Consistent Inconsistency : As a male, I feel bad for males.

Awe Sum : That camera guy at 0:57 🤣😂

İbrahim_09 : song name ?

Omar Shabib FPV : My mom would win this

Saif Alameri : Caption America went hard

GREEN R P ARTS : This is tutorial of :- how to loss your hearing systeam.

emma137 r : Why is this even a thing

Hufterdino : Why isn’t this at the olympics😂

Raitis Pujats : Dumbest thing ever

DangleHD : If someone is interested the song is: 50 Cent - Ready For War (instrumental)

lord Escanor : The peak of human evolution

1 man : That’s a game Iam never participating in

痛みZAY : This Is Russia!

PolosoFist : Russian with captain america suit Me:hmmmmmmmmm

Steven Nanan : Childhood memories

KingMoamalboss 07 : If my mom was in this she would win first hit, lol

Payload Gameing : why

Polig : 2:29 You can See in his eyes he knows that He is gonna lose this

Tman Tman : I’d never do this lol

Jabari Bishop : these are some tough guys I would of taped out the first smack and drop off the stage 😂😂

NOUVELLE FROONCE. : LOOOL my dad does for sure this too , this bcs he everytime trains on me :)

Savva : Придурки

Anh Đức Trần : Seriously, these Russians are all aliens I'm telling you...

Savva : Тупые кочки

Dank Dan : The funny thing is I’m actually Russian and I slap my friends as like a little greeting and now I see my distant reletives beating the crap out of each other with slaps

sk : when they ask you how are you and you have to say that you are fine when you are not really fime and you cannot get really into it because they would never understand -katty perry

Gaming Lover : Why?

David Medrano : Respect to the all the men who took that shit like champs

SpangeBab : 0:11 i didn't know Mark Zuckerberg was in the championship

Chaelim McCarthy : WTF

TirthB'Arya : This is a Sport???

VTM 21 : Those are the type of guys you wouldnt want to have as a teacher. But that used to happen a lot of time ago so you're ok 😉

davibrass : This sport requires a high level of skill and intelligence

Serkan-TR : Siz bi osmanlı tokadini görün ondan sonra aklınız başınıza geliyormu :)

RAYZON : They ran out of ideas