Slapping Championship | Russian guys!

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Ethan Tullis : That big guy with the beard has a mean ass slap

Raitis Pujats : How to lose your hearing

Let me sleep in peace : My ass would win this

Omar Shabib FPV : My mom would win this

Raitis Pujats : Dumbest thing ever

PolosoFist : Russian with captain america suit Me:hmmmmmmmmm

Anh Đức Trần : Seriously, these Russians are all aliens I'm telling you...

davibrass : This sport requires a high level of skill and intelligence

David Medrano : Respect to the all the men who took that shit like champs

Joxxol : My working hypothesis, vodka spikes testosterone.

rogar61 : Their jaws are going to be completely misaligned, fortunately one doesn't need to chew their vodka

I am Mitch : Slaps hurt more than a punch. P.s this is dangerous. If you slap someone on the ear hole. You can deafen them.

Володимир Коваль : This is stupid ever sport!!!

Quaglium Quagnarr : Finally, a sport made for stepdads.

Eastert : 3:06

Ya Fookin’ Losah : I always ask myself: wtf is wrong with Russia

Alan Noble : I don't know if Ozzy Man has reviewed this yet or not but that will be pure gold.

FxnesseKxng : Im glad these arent my dads...

AsianDumbass : My slap is so hard I won't need a thanos glove to disintegrate you.

V77 Scorpio : I thought we humans evolved though

ColdHT69 : That’s as dumb as dumb gets! But I still luv those crazy Ruskies!

critcal 1225 : some of the manliest slaps I've ever seen. wow and im used to slapping people are I cant see any Y chrome in their slaps.

Coco Sto : Captain America throwing some dank ass slaps after losing to Thanos

Jay De La Cruz : They only left with a swollen fat cheek happily.

TheFieryPotato : what did i just watch

Lone wolf : LoL damn these humans are another level 😂

Fat Fucking Lenny : fucking crazy maddafakkas!

Thyself : This is Russia

Mohammed AL-sheef : What is music name

İbrahim_09 : song name ?

Fadel Asmar : Why is this even a thing.. *HOW* IS THIS EVEN A THING

TaZeShOoT Gaming : i dont understand people sometimes

Maddenbeast7 : Meanwhile in Russia

Saif Alameri : Caption America went hard

Yann : peace and love

Consistent Inconsistency : As a male, I feel bad for males.

xaxaxa gig : Dobre , i za to kocham matke Rosje !!!!!!!!!!! ;)......

POLSZA DUMA : *fckin captain america*

V : Really WTF

clinton debeer : people this is where the thunder slaps come from.

Khalid Dujana : Russian are crazy lol

Kai : This would’ve been better if we could actually hear the slaps

DangleHD : If someone is interested the song is: 50 Cent - Ready For War (instrumental)

sinu 17 : 이새끼들모야

Nasser Mohamed : Is the guy with the microphone at 3:00 Maxim Novoselov?

Tman Tman : I’d never do this lol

Mohammed Jarwala : What music is it?

1 man : That’s a game Iam never participating in

Daniel Anikeyev : The funny thing is I’m actually Russian and I slap my friends as like a little greeting and now I see my distant reletives beating the crap out of each other with slaps

Gaming Lover : Why?