Body Language: Kevin Spacey In Courtroom

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Body Language Ghost : Another video demonetised New for 2019, discounts for cryptocurrency users for annual subscriptions to exclusive content and tutorials. P.s. Thank you Gooch

The Epic Question : Hmmm.... It sounds like this narrator has already made up her mind prior to hearing out this case. The problem with trying to identify body language is that context matters; personality matters. There are general rules and best practices that can be used to get a basic idea of what someone is feeling and or trying to convey via their body language. That said; this narrator has already showed her cards. The tone of her voice, the intonation & the timbre of her voice demonstrates irritability and malcontent. Throughout this video she has likened his movements and mannerisms to that of a guilty party or a person who is prevaricating in some capacity. I watched this video because this topic interests me & I enjoy some of your commentary on the Subject. Going forward I would recommend trying to keep your preconceived notions out of your "diagnoses". You judged this person already and that has poisoned your point of view. All I ask is that you think about it. That said we subscribed and look forward to new content going forward.

happyz hoodwinker : So according to this lady Kevin Spacey is a former CIA opperative

JunkiezGaming : Channel should be called... "Judging People"

Goldust : Innocent until proven guilty

j scott : This really an over sensationalized bunch of garbage. This is false analyzing of body language.

Brian Fletcher : Innocent or guilty, he would be terrified. Who wouldnt be?

Viva Frei : The body language is great, but even more interested: Can you believe the debate on the Motion to Preserve? The Prosecution is actually objecting to an order to preserve evidence because too broad (i.e. up to the present date). It's interesting to me, as a lawyer, that the prosecution would not willingly agree to a Preservation of evidence order... Imagine they get to trial and Spacey's attorneys ask for emails or text messages, but the witnesses say "Sorry, we deleted them because there was not order to preserve issued by the court?". (I'm a lawyer, so I find this stuff intriguing). Peace!

Tammy Womack : I think this lady dont know wtf shes talking about!!

mewyattt : This must be the funniest satire about "reading body language" I've seen. Thanks for the laughs

Marilyn Nesler : I'm not a fan of Kevin Spacey, I've always thought he was kind of creepy. That being said... This particular lawsuit against him seems off. So, the young man was 18, lied and said he was 23. He had just come off a shift at a nightclub where he had to have been known. There were numerous alcoholic drinks served to the young man, purchased by Kevin Spacey but made and served by the bartender. At any point did the bartender ask for ID for proof of age? The young man was so freaked out by Mr. Spacey's attention that he went to the bathroom to call his girlfriend with a probable "You're not going believe this..." conversation and then, instead of leaving because he was freaked out and offended, went RIGHT BACK for more of the same (including accepting alcohol) except this time he utilised his cell phone for proof. That's premeditated entrapment. As for the multiple charges by other young men against him, I can't speak to those. These these charges are ridiculous.

keith cunningham : Soooooo.... how should an innocent man look if they're innocent? I guess you can't look innocent if you're innocent because you will then look guilty. Duck off

AG Creations : Everything you pointed out is what almost anyone would do.... Im not wasting my life with this video

The Married Couple : Nobody sees the masonic, diamond hand symbol at 3:57 that Spacey made???!!!!!

Heather Watson : If you can, find a video of someone sitting quietly. sitting on a park bench perhaps. Now play the audio part of this video while watching that video of another person. You will find that the person in the other video must be hiding a look of guilt. The other person has an "open face" that they are displaying in an attempt to show innocence. You will see their facial muscles are tiring and so they must do some subtle head movement to alleviate the muscle fatigue.

AntwonDaBusiness : this is supposed to be about BODY LANGUAGE and you're implying/assuming what is going through his mind to determine his body language. you ASSUME he is guilty before you even made this video. guilty or not someone being accused of sexual assault is going to be tense in a court room. hell i get tense for a traffic stop and my body language isnt normal simply because its a nerve racking thing to do! youre stretching in this video big time. you need to present both sides (he could be hiding body language because he is nervous and pretending not to be or he is actually guilty).

erlNite : When I saw this video and read the comments underneath, I got a feeling that "people like to pre-judge" persons that are accused of, especially, sexual assaults or conducts. It's sad that people pre-judge like this, before a court has reviewed the case. It's like you get judged by everyone, or most people in general, before anything has been reviewed by the law enforcement. Your career and rumor are just crushed into dust, just like that, even if you are proven innocent in the end. It's so Sad. If the court finds him guilty, good! You can judge him all you want, but do it after the court has ended! Pre-judging is some of the worst stuff anyone can do, in my opinion.

FemBot : It looks like they cleared out a high school classroom for this.

RoK Bottom Studios : I hope he exposes Hollywood for what they truly are. His frank Underwood video gave that strong vibe of doing it.

msalisond : Who let Kevin wear that tie with that shirt? Or is that a "distraction technique" too?

Skyler Janosek : This body language lady's assessments are predictable 100% of the time. I'm starting to think it's much more about opinion than "body language" because other body language experts have different interpretations of the same behavior. People will always see what they expect and want to see. Nobody's going to look at Spacey and say, "Oh my look what he did with his eyes, by George he's innocent!" Seriously. Anyway, Spacey's guilty of a lot worse than this.

Rectum Ralph : 5:54 Gulps air like lizard. 5:55 Eyeballs roll away from each other. One focuses on ceiling, one focuses on floor. 6:10 Kev catches fly with his tongue.

MDtheLegend 98 : Unlike your other videos, it seems to me you're over-analyzing this one

Meegan Fixler : I too liked his acting, but I just can’t handle these Hollywood people anymore! He was acting there in court. I wonder if these people even know who they are anymore?

ryan williams : Have you ever just considered that he's a psychopath? That can explain much of his behavior.

Mike : Its disgusts me to watch baseless videos like this portraying this man as an Animal without even being prosecuted. You've already made up your mind befor he even walked in. So what happened to: *Innocent till Proven Guilty?* DISGUSTING! *Edit:* I am glad that your Video got demonetised. That's clearly all what you are after. MONEY AND VIEWS! So where did you get an educatiion for reading "Body Language"? lol Shame on you woman!

Frankg3rd : With the thousands of variables to each individual person....this is all subjective and pointless. Its like the b.s of profiling serial killers....experts prove to be extremely wrong time and time again....

Dreamwalker : He's part of the global elite #pedogate #pizzagate

MyFriendlyPup : Pizzagate is real

nowvoyagerNE : Drama drama drama...and I am not talking about Spacey.

chindoo : Baseless allegation with no reasoning.

We Be : He should be looking very serious and with great humility. He looks like he is doing everyone a favor being there.

Meruem : Meh. While I also think he's not entirely innocent, you've clearly gone in assuming he's guilty and are specifically looking for those cues that make him look as such. Some of the expressions you pointed out are super broad, and could easily be used to argue the exact opposite.

cryptomnesiac : I heard about Spacey's abusive behavior more than 10 years before allegations hit the public. Industry insiders have known about it for ages.

Benjamin Trif : He's trying to keep it soft LMFAO!!!

John Walsh : It's a set-up. All part of the frenzied panic and witch-hunt. Just another show trial.

Little Uzi : He's a sociopath Case closed didn't even need to watch

Brooklyn Babe : Lets be real here. Weinstein looked worried because he's facing life in prison with no possibility of parole. Spacey on the other hand is looking at a maximum of 2 years (and thats if the judge throws the book at him). And if you read the criminal complaint about this case, it favors Spacey.

Dušan Cholvad : Reading body language to look for guilt is for total fools. Just like a squirrel looking at the finger when they are showing you the Moon... You don't know what his current mindset is and what he did an hour ago. I am not even an actor and can act out almost anything, in most situations, just having worked in direct sales for a few months. Imagine what a pro actor can do. Whether hs is guilty or not, he is professionally deformed and you will never "read out" anything out of him, for his own good and his own bad.

J B : I'd like a reimbursement rounded up to almost 12 minutes of my time, thank you !

Molly Joy : Any sane person can see the guilt! He is a psychopath. A brilliant actor, but a psychopath.

Sloane Grey : Thank you for the post. I also loved Kevin Spacey but way too many allegations for me to turn a blind eye. I hope he doesn't get off the way his character did in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Killer Germ : no nod = bad, nod = bad, no swallow = bad, swallow = bad . . . nice expert analysis

pstrzel : Can you do a video on Chuck and Nancy?

kygmay 82 : GAY...enough said.

Bicentennial Nagger : I think anyone who has appeared in court understands that far too much is being read into Mr. Spacey's minimal number of tells and tics. He's a good poker player. And I made more physical tells at my divorce proceedings. I also think groping someone at a bar is not a crime worthy of this circus. And before anyone brings up the "victim's" age, let remind you of the fact that it was at a *bar.* I'm not defending anyone's behavior. ...just saying that shit happens at bars. It's not like the kid got dragged to Uncle Touchy's naked puzzle bunker, fer fuck's sake

Savannah Rey : He's a major Poo Pushing creep.

jas jrock : actors and mimicks were village idiots 200yrs ago

Yermanus Guías : Esa mirada y lenguaje corporal son de un hombre que sabe como va a terminar todo y de probablemente no haber dormido toda la noche. Desde el momento que entra al recinto se lo ve muy animado (de saber que es favorable a el ) pero cansado probablemente la ansiedad de la situación durante esos días. Simple logro un acuerdo favorable

Gilles 82 : Has it ever crossed this woman's mind that as an actor he's acting innocent as a way of highlighting his innocence? This might not be a wise tactic but if you were innocent (as Spacey may or may not be, we don't know) and you had the ability to make yourself look more innocent by acting, you might try this too. So the fact that's he's 'acting' innocent proves nothing. I hope crap like this never makes it into a courtroom.