Say Say Say by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

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Michelle Jackson : R.I.P Linda McCartney

Nessa Jackson : R.I.P Michael Jackson

Nicholas Donaldson : Michael and Paul the con men in this was just too hilarious.

Brel Diogène : When the king of pop join he Beatles . Great

Anna Haj : Is there anyone still listening to Michael. Give a like ❤️

Jack T : How did I miss all these years that Latoya Jackson is part of this video and Michael's love interest?

Denis Melvin : I just got to Say Say Say that Michael is so sadly missed. This man had immense talent!!!! Every song by Michael Jackson stands the test of time!!!! His music will never sound dated!!!!

Samuel Grainger : Rest In Peace Linda and Michael

Richard Dobos : Pauls voice is like a baloon, just floating around in the air like there is no problem in world, and MJs voice is like a spear penetrating anything that comes in its/his way.

Melissa Kopyto : Paul McCartney and his first wife!!! Great legends!! Michael and Paul

Gedy Shaltiel : This song is perfection!

LaToya Smith : Michael was so cute and handsome I love you RIP angle.

J igh M : *Two Legends..*

Liana Soares : Michael Jackson is SO GODLY HANDSOME in this video. 📹😁

hoseokay : this song is so underrated

realitybitesgirl : I tell ya, MJ was the most beautiful man back in the 80s RIP.

Lore Sol : This is perfection.

Tarantulisimo : Paul McCartney – guitars, keyboards, percussion, vocals Michael Jackson – vocals, percussion Chris Hammer Smith – harmonica David Williams – rhythm guitar Nathan Watts – bass Bill Wolfer – keyboards Linda McCartney, Eric Stewart – backing vocals Ricky Lawson – drums Jerry Hey, Ernie Watts, Gary E. Grant, Gary Herbig – horns Bob Giraldi, LaToya Jackson, & Art "Norton" Carney - video cameos

Humzah Zahabe : Love how Mj comes at out of nowhere at 1:31

Christian Hatfield : M.J. is still like a kid in in this video

Michael Jackson : Who's watching in 2018 ?😂💘✨

johnny zell : Say, say, say what you want But don't play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need But don't leave me with no direction All alone, I sit home by the phone Waiting for you, baby Through the years How can you stand to hear My pleading for you dear? You know I'm crying ooh ooh ooh ooh Go, go, go where you want But don't leave me here forever You, you, you stay away So long girl, I see you never What can I do Girl to get through to you? Cause I love you, baby Standing here, baptisted in all my tears Baby through the years You know I'm crying ooh ooh ooh ooh You never ever worry And you never shed a tear You saying that my love ain't real Just look at my face These tears ain't drying You, you, you can never say That I'm not the one who really loves you I pray, pray, pray every day That you'll see things, girl like I do What can I do girl, to get through to you? Cause I love you baby Standing here baptised in all my tears Baby through the years You know I'm crying, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Submit Corrections

WINS Art : Latinos repórtense a esta chulada de música 🇲🇽

Ste.B. : I was 9 years old when I heard this song and I still like it. MJ voice is so cool, when he starts to sing, the song goes to another level.

Melissa Loubriel : Aww at 3:00 Michael looked so cute with his smile

Joy Lee : Linda McCartney is so beautiful...

JakeDoggyDoge : I remember watching this when I was younger, and I just realized they are con artists...

The Duo : I love Michaels voice! It melts my heart!

Hana : MJ is the cutest singer of all time to me, have to admit!!

MARTIN HATCH : It is hard to believe that Sir Paul McCartney and MJ made this video 33 years ago. Both are still popular in 2017. Real talent never dies.

Richie Ingpiece : It never ceases to amaze me what a brilliant, class act Sir Paul was...and still is!

TaTa DEME : I LOVED that video and song. My favorite part was when Paul put the shaving cream on Michael's face. The expression Michael made, made me melt. I LOVED that MAN😘😘😘😘.

Rosie W : I miss Michael.

Antonio Barbosa : Paul has such a great voice in this song. Yes of course he can sing, but in this song especially!

Rohiwaldo : For sure there was something in MJ voice that turned the songs into magic

jeof minud : i don't think you'll ever find a modern song with that type of atmosphere. this is priceless

Dan hansson : Remind me of a simpler time, and innocent

Chris Dickinson : This is one of two songs recorded by Jackson and McCartney. The first was The Girl Is Mine that featured on the Thriller album. This song featured on McCartney' s Pipes of Peace album and was produced by George Martin who had been involved with McCartney since his time with the Beatles. The two singers fell out in 1985 after Jackson purchased the publishing rights to Apple records and McCartney saw this as a betrayal of their friendship. I don't think the two stars ever spoke to one another up until Jackson's death in 2009.

Jake : One of the best collaborations ever

Marcus DaSavage : In my opinion, I don't think Michael was a pedophile. If you see what he was subjected to as a child it becomes very clear why, as an adult, would want to have friendships with children, so that he could, somewhat, have a childhood that he never had. The 1993 case was filed by the kid's FATHER who, 4 months after Michael died, committed suicide which people have speculated to be connected to guilt. The post 1993 allegations were made by the kids who were, at the time of the allegations, adults who weren't very successful. It's up to interpretation but I believe that they were just trying to get money out of Michael. Rip Michael, you'll always be a legend.

Yashwini Nathwani : That's LaToya Jackson (michael's sister) at 3:22


Nachtmuis : That moment when MJ comes in just gives me goosebumbs.

Ruben Hernandez : RIP Michael Jackson, Linda McCartney and old dude taking a swig at 1:05!


ISABELLA WEHRMAN : i will dress like mike for halloween

Davron Mamanov : This song is perfection!

Amy 14444 : RIP Lynda

jennifer jensen : Does anybody else think that him crushing on his sister and vice versa, in this video is a bit weird? Lol.

Skky Gavin : I. Miss. Mj. With. All. My. Soul