Say Say Say by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

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Brel Diogène : When the king of pop join he Beatles . Great

Nicholas Donaldson : Michael and Paul the con men in this was just too hilarious.

checkthisout : 2 legends, serious voices

carlos diaz : This song and video was just a great collaboration between two titans of pop culture.

Michelle : R.I.P Linda McCartney

Lina Jackson : I think I was born in the wrong generation..I just want to meet Michael 😢

Samuel Grainger : Rest In Peace Linda and Michael

jasper fatty : Great cinematography ....the lost art of Music Videos extinct art form. ......who is watching this in February 2019?

Yashwini Nathwani : That's LaToya Jackson (michael's sister) at 3:22

Gedy Shaltiel : This song is perfection!

jeof minud : i don't think you'll ever find a modern song with that type of atmosphere. this is priceless

Gilbert Martinez : Michael should have stopped with the surgeries at this stage. He looked good....then...

johnny zell : Say, say, say what you want But don't play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need But don't leave me with no direction All alone, I sit home by the phone Waiting for you, baby Through the years How can you stand to hear My pleading for you dear? You know I'm crying ooh ooh ooh ooh Go, go, go where you want But don't leave me here forever You, you, you stay away So long girl, I see you never What can I do Girl to get through to you? Cause I love you, baby Standing here, baptisted in all my tears Baby through the years You know I'm crying ooh ooh ooh ooh You never ever worry And you never shed a tear You saying that my love ain't real Just look at my face These tears ain't drying You, you, you can never say That I'm not the one who really loves you I pray, pray, pray every day That you'll see things, girl like I do What can I do girl, to get through to you? Cause I love you baby Standing here baptised in all my tears Baby through the years You know I'm crying, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Submit Corrections

Antonio Barbosa : Paul has such a great voice in this song. Yes of course he can sing, but in this song especially!

lloyd warren : how can you not love this song only losers don't know muisic

Michael.Jackson 777 : 2:57 is so cute Michael is holding in his laugh after Paul put the shaving foam on his face😂

Naomi Eggleston : Whenever I see Michael I’m always smiling he was so cute and talented!!!!!

Loranne Lori : I love michael jackson

Davron Mamanov : This song is perfection!

NICK BENISIS : 3:00 Michawl is so cute!!!!

Tania Ali : micheal Jackson looked better when he was dark skins. more sexy in my eyes

Mr. Black : "Say say what you will but don't you go and try to buy my catalog." - Paul McCartney

Jack T : How did I miss all these years that Latoya Jackson is part of this video and Michael's love interest?

Elaina Gray : is Bob Giraldi not the coolest director ever? I like Paul McCartney, but MJ is my cup of tea. Honey, he is unbelievable. This song is legendary and amazing and this video is EVEN BETTER!

•GreenTae : Wow michael is hot

Jada McGill : 2:58 Michaels eyes tho

Datra Hardaway : I love their black and white checkered outfits they look so nice in them

Ruben Delgadillo : Who was watching this in 1983?

glyss suppply : I missed michael jackson your a king

Bowser Ruler Of Koopas : Rip linda, pual's first and only love

Living With Ericka : Their voices went so well together. And Paul's sounds FANTASTIC. Of course #MJ is always excellent but you gotta give props to Sir McCartney.

Rick Hurt : Wish there were more like it

realitybitesgirl : I tell ya, MJ was the most beautiful man back in the 80s RIP.

Shannon Laforce : One Of The Best Duets In Music History Still Jamming In 2018...

David Leck : I haven't heard this for ages and I don't think I've ever seen the video but it's one of the best, the part where Paul puts shaving cream on Michaels face , Michaels smile and his whole demeanor is so relaxed and natural it's nice to see him how he was before he was hounded into the ground by the press...

Lia Poetry : The King with a beatle.

Nelly Salazar : Maravillo verlo así de joven!! Tremendo talento.. Como yo lo llamo Dios del pop El Rey le queda muy chikito Eres mi Dios te amo desde que nacistes . Michael Jackson..

Rohiwaldo : For sure there was something in MJ voice that turned the songs into magic

rotterdam haven : this song brings me a big smile on my face who agree with me?????

Luna García Rosas : Que gran combinación de estoy dos grandes ídolos de la musica gran mezcla y ritmo por parte de ambos :) , no como las mamadas de ahora ;( esto si es musica apta para mis oídos :b

Alexis Hdz : 2018????

Vanessa Adaboh : Mac (McCartney) and Jack ( Jackson)😂

Theo Ikhide : Mike and Paul made some really great collabs

Juan Garnica : When music was music...

LaToya Smith : This video reminds me of how things were simple back in the day. The eighties were easier times and great music and everyone got along. RIP Michael and Linda.

Lorde_ Angel : This video was shot on a ranch Michael later bought and named neverland ranch.😁😁

Zoro Zorice : 2018 DECEMBAR BANJA LUKA

Michael Jackson : Who's watching in 2018 ?😂💘✨

Ronnie Ferguson : Even before the incomparable Michael Jackson died, every time I’d watch this video I’d cry and the end where Paul and Linda link hands gets me to sobbing every damned time! True love!

Myra Crosby : Michael Jackson’s music takes me back to my childhood. One of my favs...