Faulty Smoke Detector Troubleshooting & Solution
Smoke Alarm Chirps Drive Man to Insanity

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I'm here to share the pain and mental anguish we went through to hopefully save you from doing the same. Learn from my mistakes so that when the perfect crapstorm comes along you know what to do. You're welcome. Follow me on Instantgram and Twitter - @joelnert Send me hate mail - joelnert@joelnert.com


Evelyn R : I don't condone violence, but in this case, very understood🎆

Christine Heidenfelder : Thank you, thank you, thank you! After 3 days of searching YouTube videos for help, changing batteries and shutting down the circuit breaker with NO happy results...we came across your video. We couldn't believe it! Finally peace again. We will be forever thankful... and laughing over it too!

Cappin : you are one of the few youtubers that make videos that i watch the whole way through, Very entertaining dude keep it up!

Peter Wilson : Joel. You rock dude. Mine has been chirping for a day now and Im going to replace the battery in my carbon monoxide detector to save me some time and aggravation. Love your video and a great sense of humor too. On a side note....love your shirt too.

45eno : I'm laughing while understanding your pain. I have had that regularly with my wired detectors. My problem was 99% of the time the two combo 120v Carbon/Smoke detectors that I bought for the two kids bedroom. For some reason those always chirped as if the battery was low even though they are hardwired with the battery as back up. When I would swap a regular detector with those combo units the problem would follow where I put the combo. My detectors are about 10yrs old now so I am going to be replacing them all today. One feature I wish they made VERY clear was the light that would stay constant NOT BLINK to the detector that is having the problem. I hate waking up and then waiting for that 3-10min chirp. Wait in the hallway, nope, move to bedroom, nope... Make a clear separate LED light that is for the alarming detector that stays light that it has detected something or battery is low. I feel your pain and frustration. All this would be solved with better designed detectors with separate indicator lights. I love the something about marry crazy tick face you made.. :)

Pedro Alvarez : Omfg!!!! Thank you so much!!! I was so mad that I could not figure out why they kept chipping. It was the stupid carbon monoxide detectors!!!🤬😡😠 Thank you so much for posting this video.

themisianos : You just saved my life more than any detector would!! And saved me a trip to Walmart.

Zhu Tang : Well done !

notimjw : I am glad you did this. The same thing happened to me, and it only happens at 4 am

R Fung : Thanks! Very helpful.

Garage Movie Reviews : Great troubleshooting! I think you did the right thing. I'm sure there's a German word for that, because Germans have some very specific verbiage, but I really like #stangry. I feel that way often.

Kathie Ferrette : THANK YOU! It took me a couple searches to find your video. Our chirping started last night. Drove the family nuts. The humans could sport ear plugs but my poor dog had to suffer through it. I changed all the batteries and even tried the circuit breakers! NOTHING worked......until we unplugged the &^^$* carbon monoxide detector. Peace has been restored. I wish I had one of those nifty M80s, LOL.

PNW Sportbike Life : You sir, get ONE BILLION LIKES! Mine was a plug-in CO sensor near the "malfunctioning smoke detector." At least all the other ones have fresh batteries...

Rajesh Ramani : Stangry feeling 😆

Ink Spots : Carbon monoxide detector took the fall for the battery. The open window goes on as usual. Very good information and funny!

Maxine * : LOLOLOLOL!!! Right on point and funny! Your video is the best, makes a whole lot of sense of what was REALLY happening, and you're right, it makes you feel stupid and mad as hell at the same time-stangry😡. I just went through the same damn thing at 5:30AM! I jumped straight up and out of bed in a millisecond, looking all crazy and wide-eyed😳. Thanks for blowing up the damn thing! Five stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Luis Rodriguez : Thanks very much for the video. I had exactly the same problem and went thru the same pain you did. Until I discovered it was my Carbon Monoxide Detector. Thanks again.

VJ Fadely : THANK YOU! Entertaining but wish you would have cut to the chase. After listening to the chirping of my smoke alarm in my front room, changing the battery and blowing out dust, going through the reset procedure over and over, I was going insane. Then I found your video! Indeed, it was not the smoke detector but a carbon monoxide alarm nearby... FIXED!!!

Patricia Minard : I really expected the blown up CO detector to still be chirping. LOL. I'm dealing with chirping now. Thanks for the help

G. E. Dixon : Great video!! I'm in the middle of the chirping phase of the story. I don't have any M-80's. Perhaps a sledge hammer will do the trick. Thanks for the interesting entertainment.

SJ Furniss : unbelievable....up and down a ladder for 30 mins swapping out the battery in my smoke alarm to no avail...beep...beep..beep....then come across your video and low and behold its my blooming carbon monoxide detector located just yards from the smoke detector that was beeping....thanks !!

NYEH!!! : This was my problem too, I thought it was coming from the smoke detectors, turns out just like your situation it was coming from my carbon monoxide alarm. Thank you so much for going through all that trouble at night to help others who were in that similar desperate situation.

Hubbard's Handmade : I love the "perfect fit" of that M80! musta been destiny.

Double EE : to funny been there done that .

BishopX : Thank you! I was my CO detector!

notimjw : #Stanrgy. Thank you for ridding this world of that horrible piece of trash.

Joe Pomykacz : Thank you so much! This was exactly my problem!!! The good news is our detectors were 21 years old so I needed new ones anyway. So as I watched this I realized that OMG! it's our Carbon dioxide detector. Sure enough that was it. Thank goodness for your comments and YouTube. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

reena chang : Lol n still chirping. I thought it was the smoke detector.

Azift : Mine started saying "fire" when there was no fire at 1am

Can't_Start A_Fire : Outstanding..... Out-F'n-Standing...... Stangry, check... I was but I'm not now... Demolition will commence in 5 min or so. Cheers!

Gabriel Moisan : Allons-y c'est du français ça !


Danlerie Montoya : are the alarm possessed ?

Stephen Shelton : I had a smoke detector that kept going off. Not chirping, but going off. The damn thing was new with a built -in 10 year permanent battery. I kept pressing the button to silence it and it still kept going off. I took a hammer and smashed it to bits, wrote a nice nastygram, packed it all up and mailed it to Kidde. They sent me a replacement with a nice letter saying that they don't normally do warranty replacements for physical damage! Now this was a house I was renovation so I wasn't living in it, but damn if these things only fail if it's 3am if you're actually living in the house.

Maya Mimi : Lol... I'm sorry but you sound hilarious...

Therepetitionkillsyou : ❤️

Scott Douthitt : Very humorous video. Like yourself, I changed the battery first on the old smoke detector and still chirping. So I exchanged the smoke detector altogether and still chirping. Don't have a carbon monoxide sensor. Any thoughts on how to get it to stop chirping?

James Ebola : This is what works for me. If detector starts to chirp, I take it down and vacuum it. Dust, cob webs, insects, and various debris can get inside and fool detector causing it to chirp. Next, I put the battery in and let detector sit near me for couple of hours (while I watch TV), making sure it does not chirp. Then I reinstall it. In many cases I was able to reuse the same battery since chirping had nothing to do with it.


DigNap15 : What did you replace them with?

Danlerie Montoya : I hope you have another Co alarm cause if not don't worry about hearing anything cuz you'll be dead from co poisoning. Please get another Co alarm tho all kidding aside

Zipporah X : Get to the point

Matthew102000 : have you tried pressing the test button after replacing the battery and re-installing the detector? always works for me.

kaotikguy : What a complete waste of time.

selam Lehulum : Nice video but do You know that you could easily start grass fire and burn your whole neighborhood?