The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, On Oprah, from 2003

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Nana Tayang : Now his son robert is doing wht he did😊

Anastasia Manafe : Oprah: "Who do you want to be when you grow up?" Bindi: "Just like my daddy," That one line always makes me cry!

Stephanie Schuurmans : For 40 minutes I forgot that Steve was actually taken from us :( I felt like he was really still here

Nuno Soares : Shocked and saddened (especially for his wife Terri, kids Bindi, and Robert), when Steve died. But I'm sure Steve passed away happy doing what he loved. Long overdue condolences to the Irwin family. RIP Steve :-( . If you were here you would be proud to see your family continuing the work you and your parents started. All the animals were amazing especially the white bengal babies (not babies anymore hehe) :-)

andrea perez : oprah has more balls than jimmy fallon when it comes to handling animals

Bonggyu Lee : Named his daughter after his favourite crocodile baby lol

eliz964 : 12:19 "I wish the crocs could understand that I've been put here to save them, y'know? I've been put on this planet to protect them." 😭😭😭

Ahrianna Macias : I think Oprah is the only host that I’ve seen actually interact with the animal...I’m impressed

willtynellyworth : "Yeah...that's what mates are for" How can you not love this guy? Who are the 19 bots that hate life?

Names Regine : man i cant help it 😭😭😭 i like how steve doesnt talk at all when terry and bindi is talking. he gave them the stage.

RetrospectionMan : 40:20 - The way Steve looks at his wife......he adores, respects, and loves her.

A. Kinder : That light in Steve's eyes and his enthusiasm... tears in my eyes to see him again.

Mallory Carll : What a gentleman Steve Irwin was. He had such a beautiful personality, and I can't help but admire how he gives Terri her time to talk. He doesn't interrupt. He just casually sits there and gives all his attention to his wife and Oprah.

manwin : I love that Steve sits back and allows his wife to have some limelight...sign of a humble man.

Kelly Montiel : @42:03 "And what do you want to be when you grow up?" "Just like my daddy." And you can see steve's smile just gleaming

Mubarakka Z : I used to watch his shows as a kid and today I see his children doing wonders , It’s very heart warming.. I’m a 90s kid

Alejandra Ibarra : Robert is so much like him! The same energy, Steve lives on within his family

David McDonald : Fuck me. This man has too much love for this planet. I'm a little bit glad he isn't around today. I'm glad that he isn't around to see how much hate is spread throughout all of mankind. I'm glad that he isn't around to see the growth of the killings of wild animals. I'm glad that he isn't around to witness the amount of damage we are continually doing to wildlife conservations. I'm glad he doesn't have to live to live through the pain we are causing this planet, because out of everyone. Steve would hurt the most and it would be a hurt like nothing that can be described. ...and this is coming from someone who isn't at all patriotic. Actually it's coming from an Australian who wants to be a Canadian or an American (though an American in Alaska, not is the fucked up main part of America) Steve is what we all need to be.

Names Regine : prolly the only person that can call oprah mate. lol

Mario1611 : 30:25 Steve: Ughh, Terry? Terry: Yes? Steve: RUN!!

Tommy : 42:02 That really broke my heart hearing Bindi saying she wants to be just like her daddy. As a father, I'd be so proud... But knowing Steve is gone now, it must be so hard on her.

Chris and Marisa : Tilt the bottle up Oprah

Dysfunctional Dildo : A lot of people here are commenting about how much they miss Steve Irwin and how much they used to watch his shows all the time when they were young, but I'm just sitting here feeling a little ashamed because I never knew about this bloke until _very_ recently, like I don't think I've known this guy for more than 3 months. I was checking out some of his videos because he seemed like an amazing person, so I looked him up on Google instead of YouTube and found out that he had already died over 10 years ago. I was like *_FUCK!_* I wish I was in the journey with him while he was alive. I guess having been born in 2002 was not a good time for me.

Dragon Heart : Steve Irwin was a great person to bad his life came to a tragic end but he died doing what he loved .

wellman : steve irwin is the only celebrity and person, i get the sinking feeling when i think about him. he was so good for this planet. the money he made he bought areas for animals to live.. rip steve irwin

TheClumsyJedi : Baby Bindi....ahhh, I can't even! <3 Steve's passion for animals comes out so clearly here, as well as his love for his family. Rest in peace, Steve-o.

FriggSaga : "Once you start watching this guy you can't turn him off, you'll be flipping the channel searching.." or watching all the YouTube videos.

Pushpak Barad : He was a passionate soul, his heart was so pure.

Colcea Bianca : didn't want for this to end.. I was just 9 when he passed and I cried my eyes out when I saw the news on tv..

Joseph Spataro : This actually brings me to tears watching this he was such a big part of my childhood

HotRodX : Steve had an amazing life. He impacted millions and showed us all the importance of caring for nature. He passed doing what he loved up until his last moments in his beautiful life. I like to think God knew something we didnt and decided to have a sting ray take Steave home to heaven quick rather than a big brutal croc, venomous creature, shark or any other slow painful way. Rest easy Steve. You were full speed ahead in life. I know your kicking back in heaven looking down on Terry, Bindi and Robert with a huge smile on your face and proud as can be.

Kyle Evans : Okay who else cried?

boojoe1989 : i miss this man, his family has done wonders living up to his legacy though

Erika Tiainen : OMG I CAN'T EVEN 😭 He was such a kind person. And animal lover, they always get my respect. Did that crocodile just lay down when Steve told it so? Like a dog, yeah no big deal Steve right? 😄

Kaempfer M : It seems unreal that someone so full of life, enthusiasm, and energy like Steve Irwin is gone.

Rob : Robert is going to be just like him

HotRodX : Steve was not only a national treasure of Australia. He was a treasure and gift to the entire Earth and all living creatures on it. Thank you god for giving us the Irwin family <3 I only selfishly wish you would have let us keep Steve a little longer but the impact he left behind on people and the planet will be seen for decades to come.

Rish Seth : Terri is a complete star!❤ So witty, smart and loving, and so dauntless and brave. A complete gem💎 And it's so amazing to see the lovely woman Bindi has become today. RIP Steve, but you're still alive through Robert, Bindi and Terri, and the glorious legacy you left behind❤

aiden : Aussie hero! Makes me very proud to be Australian. Far go Steveo

KirstyJade : We did not deserve Steve Irwin!

Zoila-Justine Dayao : ‘Hey Terri.. umm... run!’

Raya Granum : One person I always wanted to meet.

Diane Stein : Steve, God brought you here to help all kinds of His creature and to bring awareness. We will love and continue to miss you forever. Well done.

Natálie Kaňáková : If I could bring just one person back, it would be Steve. His personality, his excitement, his love for animals and his family is just unbelivable.

ImportanceOfWhatever : Baby Bindi is absolutely adorable!!

CeltycSparrow : We lost him far too soon. I am glad to see his passion for wildlife lives on in his children. I have seen both Bindi and Robert share that same enthusiasm and unbreakable love for animals that their father had when they are teaching other people about animals. And I love how in the video clip when he was saving the crocodile, he didn't even have to speak....Wes just KNEW and was right there to help him save the croc.

alright : Honestly I’ve never watched more footage of Steve Irwin than this video but god by the end of it I couldn’t help but cry. I knew about him as the crocodile hunter, but I’ve never watched his show or anything. He seems like the most wholesome and beautiful person to meet. Why do all the good people have to go?

Dylan Thompson : I’m an Aussie watching in 2018 and I live right near Australia zoo and I’m crying watching this.

TheLtrain85 : WOW! His son is just like him. Voice, mannerisms, enthusiasm and everything! So awesome! Ugh, we all miss you Steve!

Gabby OToole : That is possibly the calmest cobra I've ever seen. Only Steve lol 😂