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brooke doeee : it's like every episode of this series the photos get better and better! i'm in love with every single photo that was taken, all 4 of the photographers were amazing. the emotions that all of the different photographers' pictures captured were beautiful, and i love seeing how many different ways you can style and relocate a model to fit different tastes and portray different feelings and stories. i hope you keep up this series, jessica! i love seeing how everyone's different style and technique can alter the story and vibe of a photo of a model in the same clothes and general location❤️

Brandon Woelfel : Always have the BEST time filming with you!!💙✨

Mike H : charlotte has enough profile pictures to last her 5 years now lol

Henri Cela : Damn..these people are awkward

Aaliyah Inspired : Everyone knows which ones were Brandon's lol! But I was obsessed with all of the photos!!

Buster Man : "This is my camera. It's a-" "What camera are you using!?!?" Lol

Geofrey Hervin GG : Joey is really being himself today

lilybear 아기 곰 : when she said, "IT WAS FAB!! FUN FLIRTY FAB!!" I legit wanted to punch her in the face.

Dahlia Walton : lol this model is high

Philipp : I don't know but this model behaves really arrogantly

Elizabeth Reynolds : The model sticking her tongue out and making the peace sign drove me nuts. Haha I'm sure she's very pleasant, but I personally would not like her energy.

Trashy Tuber : The Model is So Damn Cute <3

Andy Shick : 3:19, damn, that other girl is HOT

_Danibop_ : The model (Charlotte) reminds me of Diana Agron ...

Reem Kadd. : Did she say " khalas " ? Is she Arabic ?

LongWayToDesert : I liked J2, D3, B2, but JL1 & B4 was my favourites! Though, the model looks stunning in all pics.

yayshelbz : "You won't know who's photos are whose" well I know which ones are Brandon's haha

Biscuit Barbadensis : I was shipping Joey & Charlette. I think it was because when they first introduced her, it almost seemed like he was annoyed by her, by how he was taking her info in. Anyway, I always make romance where there is none. OR MAYBE THERE IS 💕💕💕

Luis M. : Not all eyes open can see the essence of the human, as not everyone can empathize enough to bring all that range of emotions found from their travels and recreate it in a studio, as Joey does. It is something that is very evident in his personal work and the commercial work commissioned. In no case, he does not stop being him So much so, that if he choose the models, he have the ability to select a model that can convey the closest expression to the real thing according to the concept of the photograph to be taken, it's not just choosing a "beautiful model" and thats makes you work more easier from any angle for shoot. And that's where this challenge seems to me excellent since Charlotte, evidently shows an expression, an attitude and a very different look in the photos of Joey L, to the rest of the photographs, which seemed to be more focused on their beauty. Because make a difference in terms of photographing a person who can make you many faces and positions aesthetically adapted to a specific circumstance than photograph many people, each with their emotion and particular expression. It goes without saying that every photographer has his own style and all the photos have been beautiful, really. In this digital age, where everything moves paranoidly fast, few stop to watch. Thanks for this video Jessica Kobeissi, nothing better than a challenge that takes us out of our comfort zone. Keep doing it.

SAOIRSE'S EYE : Brandon’s photo was the best ( B.3 )

isabella L : D.1 & D.4 insane quality amazing

Tatiana Rosado : I would like to see you do a male model.. just to switch it up

Amanda Padilha : this model is very obnoxious

Valentina Michelle : I really do love all of the locations and resulting photos. I can't help but wonder, though, if this whole day was hella awkward for everyone and they all couldn't wait for it to be over.

Laurena Escondo : Brandon’s shots are very obvious i mean its distinct from the others with all that lighting and color scheme and not to mention more bokeh 😍

CookiePowerr : Outfit 1: Jessica Outift 2: Jessica Outfit 3: Brandon/Jessica Outfit 4: Jessica/Joey I kind of always find myself choosing Jessica (not intentional) XD

Nixie Nicole : Brandon slayed

Laura Zhang : Wow this is the first time I watched a video in this series with a model that’s not shy😂😂😂

Charlize Amos : Thx for the wifi 😂 these photos turned out great I’m in love with this series

Izzy B. : I likes J.1, d.2, JL.3, B.2 Very cool! Love these videos.

Lavinia : This is honestly the best series on youtube

Nicole L : Joey is soo cute

Austin Godinho : I Seriously Liked Brandon's Photography!!Like If You Agree!!😋

The Unknown Unique Girl : B3 was the best!

Wrestling Federation Club : Brandon Woelfel, there is a magic in his hand.😍

Hacked Dont trust this acc : Im sure the model has a lot of lit pics to post on instagram😂😍

randomgal : I really love watching these videos! They are very entertaining and you all do such a great job. But I really didn't like the filter you used for the vlog part of the video. I mean it looks pretty but it's supposed to show your audience the unfiltered version of your locations. I wish I could have seen the video footage unedited. It beats the purpose if you already edit the colours on the video. How else are we suppose to see how the locations and he model looked in the natural raw state?

W A X Y : photographers have so much style

DJMangafIMK : Argh the modal... sooo cringe... I kind of feel a little bit bad for modals because they can’t eat cake or cupcakes or Doritos. They’ll never know life’s pleasures...dang she reallly practiced her fake smile.

Tameem Younis : They are all beautiful in their own way.

Emma Wessel : You should make one of those poll things so the viewers can vote which photo is the best while watching! :)

Ankita Singla : I loved B4

Jessica Nowak : Last outfit was my favorite! Love this!!'

Bethany Dean : I love ur channel so much, i really want to be a photographer

mak bey : Omg they were all so amazing

McScott76 : That Phase One is sick... but who has $48K to drop on a camera?

Nevaeh Swanner : Whichever the one is #1won in my opinion 💕

Bon : ❤️💛💚💙💜 1. J.1 / Brandon 2. D.3 /Joey 3. JL.1 and 4 / Dani and Jessica 4. B.3 / Brandon *names are just my guess*

Robin Scruggs : You are all so talented! I couldn't even pick a favorite for the second group of pics!

Amiya OG : "The pictures will be anonymous so you won't know who took each picture" well we sure do know which ones Joey took lol