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highlight to the gods : it's like every episode of this series the photos get better and better! i'm in love with every single photo that was taken, all 4 of the photographers were amazing. the emotions that all of the different photographers' pictures captured were beautiful, and i love seeing how many different ways you can style and relocate a model to fit different tastes and portray different feelings and stories. i hope you keep up this series, jessica! i love seeing how everyone's different style and technique can alter the story and vibe of a photo of a model in the same clothes and general location❤️

Geofrey Hervin GG : Joey is really being himself today

1 : *_Photographers 3 and 4 are the 1 for me._*

Trashy Tuber : The Model is So Damn Cute <3

Peter Lustig : 2, 4, 3, 4...

paris sparta : suprisely dani was the winner for my test. jessica comes second joey is more of art like,like some museum art like photograh which is most impressive.

Yashodhan Goenka : Dani and brandon!

Israel González : Joey is all like "What am I doing with these people".

Emma Wessel : You should make one of those poll things so the viewers can vote which photo is the best while watching! :)

Iliana Kada : Been waiting for this since Brandon tweeted that another video was on the way.

Big League : What I would love to hear is how each photographer talks to the model

Arturas Bondarciukas : Great technical abilities and knowledge! But... I am the only one who went "Huh, these look like typical tumblr portraits"? Especially with the last shoot - complete with cheesy Christmas lights and skyline in the background. Come on, really?

ally bell : it's so hard for brandon's photos to stay "anonymous" 😹😹 thanks for being such inspiration, jessica x

Azure : What's the point of this video if you didn't show the difference between each of their photos in the end?

Ophillia Balls : Great, more Christmas lights

zpupul : joey is so cringey

Yarit Duarte : Next you should take pictures of a dancer.

Home & Garden Ideas H.&.G.I : I am enjoying everything. Thank you.💗💗💗

Lavinia : This is honestly the best series on youtube

Asmaron : Ballin on a budget Says the guy with the 40.000$ camera (that's without a lens)

blackjohnny0 : Dani Diamond simply best here. Rest looks like amatours compared to him.

Michaela & Elin : Dani was clearly the best! <3

Thanyasiri Srisoongnern : I like your video color. Can you make "how to color grading video",please.

The Awkward Penrose : Best series on YouTube honestly you guys are so talented

Lawson Vaughan : Jessica sucks

COOLIO PORTFOLIO : Brandon's outfit was best!

Deep Desire : hahaha what a joke !!! this light will not even work in mid-day.. also cost is so high .. and this guy jason is not a photographer he is just being a sales man..look at the bad images..

infires man : charlotte is so pretty

Gio Zaffini : I like how by the end of it I could figure out which photographer took which photo just by their unique style. One of my favorite series on youtube rn.

sara watson : J.1- Brandon and J.3- Jessica (I couldn’t choose!!) D.4 -Dani and D.1 -Jessica(couldn’t pick again!!😂) JL. 1- Dani B. 2 - Joey This was sooo hard to choose all of y’all did amazing!❤️

Royal_Fangirl 27 : Brandon's photography is so specific though, you can always tell which photo was taken by him

Khaled Shehadeh : The wifi pass is writen at the left 0:09

Tatiana Pink : I would like to see you do a male model.. just to switch it up

Aaron D : Dani absolutely killed it. His was in my top 2 (usually 1) every time! That's why his photo is in the thumbnail.

patprop74 : why is that guy wearing a dress ffs

Arushi Gupta : Jessi u r my all time fav. But this time Brandon owened it;))) He has motivated me in a quoted way...... Don't do different things, do things differently!!!! And that's what he did, the lighten umbrella and the fairy lights and the scenery being all these amazing photos are just nailing the video 😍😍 Love to see more stuff like this one:)))))

ima245 : Ok, I did a kind of points system for choose my favorite photgrapher, and basicly Dani, Brandon and Jessica did 11,10,10 and Joey just did 5 points but checking each instagram, well, yeah, Brandon was my favorite from the 3 highest scores, and dani and jess well, are good too, pretty models, nice edition, like a lot of instagrams out there, but Joey's Instagram was like WTF?! is the only one wich I said "wooow" not kidding, I loved his instagram, just amazing! Thanks for the video and Sorry for my english

Zoe Barnes : i can always tell which one is brandon's :))

kikyo 210 : I just don't get how editing a photo is known to be good photography. I have seen many photographers buy a real expensive camera and still edit? I understand blemishes and maybe contrasting ; and minor things ,but as far as airbrushing; changing the whole entire photo to what it never looked like, is just kind of disappointing to me.Don't get me wrong the whole photo looks awesome BUT it is not the true capture of the photo that makes it special.

Gabriella Dino : Aweee welcome to new york🙌🏽❤️

Mark Official : looking forward for more 4 photographers challenge please i one of the big fan of you guys

Tea : Honestly loved how chill Joey was :)

Mangahome : I expected gunshots, I'm highly disappointed

Jonzza brah : 4:57 . . LOL . . .Danny D . . .she is crazy

Adore please : Thank you so much for making me discover Joey's work! His work on the Syrian conflict is truly amazing;

Reychan Faiz : Brandon number one

Lucy Jo : 3,1,1,1 - basically 1 was my fave

Hamza Kebbati : J.2 D.1 JL.1 B.3 or B.4

lol lol : I DO LOVE JOEY

Flow Bea : 3,3,1,2