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highlight to the gods : it's like every episode of this series the photos get better and better! i'm in love with every single photo that was taken, all 4 of the photographers were amazing. the emotions that all of the different photographers' pictures captured were beautiful, and i love seeing how many different ways you can style and relocate a model to fit different tastes and portray different feelings and stories. i hope you keep up this series, jessica! i love seeing how everyone's different style and technique can alter the story and vibe of a photo of a model in the same clothes and general location❤️

Sofia Cecilia : Is it just me or does this whole video look like it has a filter on it??

Tea : Honestly loved how chill Joey was :)

alex delarge! : that is the most expressionless 'modeling' i have ever seen...if modeling nowadays is recycling instagram poses and freezing all the muscles in your face sign me the fuck up

Hannah Roberts : J2, D1, JL1, B4

Hatcher Cinematics : the real hero here is the cinematographer who made this video. not all heros wear capes

Valeria Fernandez : Just a piece of advice I think it would be helpful to not leave whoever took the picture anonymous because I think a lot of people would have liked to see who took which picture... it's kind of unnecessary to not say who took which picture. I think people would like to see how the style of picture correlates with the photographer's choice of style and angle and different lighting in each picture.

Jess Lee : Love these but can you please just write the photographers name in the video instead of making us match numbers to names in the description?

johara : The model's personality is so fucking annoying

Ninacolada's Life : Idk why people came for Brandon, he's so overrated, but dani and joey on the other hand - are truly talented.

Salma Elalaoui : Next time can u guys tell us what camera you guys are using, btw amazing pictures all of them ere so amazing can't decide which pic was the best

fazloon mohamed : What is the glass she was using in the video thumbnail ?

Angry Khaleesi : stupid question but the photos that they show, are those edited or uploaded straight from the camera roll? can cameras do all of that on their own or do they have to go back and edit them?

The Marketing Mix : This is such a great video concept for photography

Joan Anne Wallace : Excellent - and thanks for giving me some ideas.

GWENDELYNN DOYLE : Plz plz plz plz plzzzz do an episode 5!!

Vilas Koppad : Hii I am firs time camera purchase how to camera purchase $ :- 600 to $:- 800 please reply

SPiCY GUY : I love how he switched up cameras like guns in a game

Anissa Walker : I can’t decide which picture was the best in the last shot. All of them look great.

Justin Laroche : Put Joey in the next one

KittyKatatonic : all but one of my choices was Dani

Olivia Nikolajsen : Dani is AMAZING! I like his pictures better

Nicholas Sanchez : Brandon's photos r my favorite..his photos are so distinctive that you don't even need to put a name on it to know it's his

ZirakuDO : The question that I have is how much is edited?

akkythegunner : What kind of fairy lights is Brandon using in the 4th look? How are they getting powered without an external electric source? Someone please tell me what it is and where to get it.

cmdtrigun : 2, 4, 1, 4! The model was very pretty, I don't think black and white photos do her justice.

Michael Cus : Can you please have Peter Mckinnon in your next episode? Also I really loved tashi as your model in episode 3. She was so cute

Kittysuit : jessica made all my fav pics. well then. did not expect that.

Truof : Sound is inconsistent and so is camera focus. Also most of the video is overexposed. I know you guys are photographers so I know you can do better on the "formalities" of the video. The content is great tho thats why I feel like I shoud point that out.

Meagan99 : I really like Jessica and Dani's taste

Alhuseen Alawsy : What's joey camera name??

Sebastian Xavier : Sick series! You guys should also do time-codes in the description that take you back to when the photos are on screen, just a suggestion! :)

Mike Shane : pic 2, 2, 3, 4 and Really great video, enjoyed it very much

Nathan Dean : Dani is hands down the best shooter of the group. all very good. Maybe Dani fits my style, but I thought his pics were awesome.

Craig Locke : the three guys have the same hipster glasses

kxmode : If you ever wanted to know what hipsters look like. Here you go. Total cancer.

SUM1 : They all looked the same to me.

Noor • : Loved the video, only it was very awkward between the photographers.

The 90's : Be better if you showed all the photos individually

Lucy Alexis : D.1 is literally perfection, all photographers did amazing beautiful work😻

Evan Coulibaly : B4 loved it, although all the pictures were better than better than average =D

Patricia Bourque : Love this so much

Hot Takes : Maybe next time you can pick some female photographers from different backgrounds or cultures.

MajRatbag : new york looks like a shit hole and that faggy guy is sickening. thumbs down

William Easdown : *Loving* that little What Can I Do? jingle! Would be great to know where I can hear a longer version.

Jade Harris : J.2, D.4, JL.1, B.4 ~ I found the B&Ws generally lacking. They were missing out on the beauty of the colours there. Dani's location's B&W photo was the best of the B&Ws because there was a dynamic contrast, but still not even close to as good as the colour shots.

vankozz : I can't get Danny's image wrong, Jessica is always distinctive Joey always shoots BW so... yea not much point in hiding the names :)

Sgt McFlapFlapFlapFlapFlapCAW : those last ones were way better???

Sarah B : You should do 4 photographers edit the same picture! It would be really cool to see how each person transforms the photo into their own style.

Adore please : Thank you so much for making me discover Joey's work! His work on the Syrian conflict is truly amazing;