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highlight to the gods : it's like every episode of this series the photos get better and better! i'm in love with every single photo that was taken, all 4 of the photographers were amazing. the emotions that all of the different photographers' pictures captured were beautiful, and i love seeing how many different ways you can style and relocate a model to fit different tastes and portray different feelings and stories. i hope you keep up this series, jessica! i love seeing how everyone's different style and technique can alter the story and vibe of a photo of a model in the same clothes and general location❤️

Victoria Risden : Joey's style is so different and chill just like his photos

KappaQVC : I feel like Joey doesnt like Charlotte too much.

Aaliyah Inspired : Everyone knows which ones were Brandon's lol! But I was obsessed with all of the photos!!

Reem Kadd. : Did she say " khalas " ? Is she Arabic ?

Gio Zaffini : I like how by the end of it I could figure out which photographer took which photo just by their unique style. One of my favorite series on youtube rn.

Gabriella Underwood : That's so amazing how different people have different artistic visions to the same prompt. Wow!

Dahlia Walton : lol this model is high

_Danibop_ : The model (Charlotte) reminds me of Diana Agron ...

Cal : It’s called post modernism

Henri Cela : Damn..these people are awkward

Buster Man : "This is my camera. It's a-" "What camera are you using!?!?" Lol

Marie Alexandra : i wish we knew who took which picture.. like i love everyone's style but like for example i would have liked to know exactly which ones were joey's, to see if, since he shot so differently to everybody, it actually made a huge difference

Biscuit Barbadensis : I was shipping Joey & Charlette. I think it was because when they first introduced her, it almost seemed like he was annoyed by her, by how he was taking her info in. Anyway, I always make romance where there is none. OR MAYBE THERE IS 💕💕💕


Mrs. Kookie : when she said, "IT WAS FAB!! FUN FLIRTY FAB!!" I legit wanted to punch her in the face.

Saoirse Griffin : Brandon’s photo was the best ( B.2 )

Nixie Nicole : Brandon slayed

isabella L : D.1 & D.4 insane quality amazing

Tea : Honestly loved how chill Joey was :)

LongWayToDesert : I liked J2, D3, B2, but JL1 & B4 was my favourites! Though, the model looks stunning in all pics.

alien remix : Dani's and Brandon's outfits all the photos on those were perfect

Andy Shick : 3:19, damn, that other girl is HOT

Elizabeth Reynolds : The model sticking her tongue out and making the peace sign drove me nuts. Haha I'm sure she's very pleasant, but I personally would not like her energy.

Ankita Singla : I loved B4

MrWubWub : Hi Jessica, I just wanted to know if you ask for permission before you shot at some of the locations. Just seeing if I need to do so or not, (usually I ask for permission, but get shot down mostly cause I say I am an amateur photographer) also I go mostly around NYC of NJ cause that is where I live.

Tameem Younis : They are all beautiful in their own way.

randomgal : I really love watching these videos! They are very entertaining and you all do such a great job. But I really didn't like the filter you used for the vlog part of the video. I mean it looks pretty but it's supposed to show your audience the unfiltered version of your locations. I wish I could have seen the video footage unedited. It beats the purpose if you already edit the colours on the video. How else are we suppose to see how the locations and he model looked in the natural raw state?

Nicole L : Joey is soo cute

Niveda Nahta : that was soooo amazing! we all can see that how a change of hands on some amazing camera can make a simple model look soooooooooooooo genuinely beautiful! thank you for the video but I would love to see those shots individually as well?! where can I see them?!

Annie Yu : Thanks @RelicNYC for giving out the wifi password 😏

Nevaeh Swanner : Whichever the one is #1won in my opinion 💕

Lavinia : This is honestly the best series on youtube

Robin Scruggs : You are all so talented! I couldn't even pick a favorite for the second group of pics!

Wiam Louhab : I liked 1 & 4 in each shooting

asabjort : b2 was my fave out of all of the photos taken

Hanna Is awesome : Brandon 3

Mangahome : I expected gunshots, I'm highly disappointed

Jessica Nowak : Last outfit was my favorite! Love this!!'

Briana McMurchie : 2, 1, 3, 3

Hey, it's me! : 1 4 3 3

Holly Rice : My vote would be 2, 1, 3, 2.

Home & Garden Ideas H.&.G.I : I am enjoying everything. Thank you.💗💗💗

Just Me;D : You guys are so passionate with what you do. I luv all of ur photo's.<3

Mary Mancuso : B3 was my absolute favorite picture

singer doctor : My favourite was D4

CookiePowerr : Outfit 1: Jessica Outift 2: Jessica Outfit 3: Brandon/Jessica Outfit 4: Jessica/Joey I kind of always find myself choosing Jessica (not intentional) XD

Sofia Abdari : when you already know who shot each picture without checking :) each photographer has their own unique style


RYO : And where is the "model" ? :|