Trailer Park Boys - The Samsquanch
Trailer Park Boys Samsquanch

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Ricky and Bubbles try to catch a "samsquanch" in the intro to "Rub 'n Tiz'zug" (S04E03) of Trailer Park Boys!


MrWolfSnack : Hey Bubs, you watchin' this documentary about Saskatchewans?

Robert Rushton : Takes a beating, steals Bubbles' bat, never even spills his rye.

HughTube : "Are you watching this documentary on Saskatchewan?" BAAAAH HAH HAH HAH

xgkick : Camera lens distortion when you see the door from Bubbles' perspective. hilarious

AscendFromDarkness : Lol. Julian sleeping in his empty trailer wrapped with tin foil..He can't catch a break in Season 4.

FBragger69 : I CANNOT get enough of how bubbles says it LOLOL

James Halleluyah : The Bubbles battle cry as he charges out of his shed is epic!

Jordan Brockbank : Jesus he took my bat!!! He took my Fff....Ahh!!!!!

mcaddicts : What person ever moved like that in the history of people.

Dan D : Bubbles' hardcore battle scream of fury still makes me lose my shit laughing after all these years.

mellowandjello : 1:19 lool when Bubbles's bat is taken by Julian, Bubbles still tries to wind up his arm for his classic punch lol

MichaelCasanovaMusic : hahaha! This show is ridiculous in the best possible way 

IRISH SAM : Truly one of the best scenes ever !!!!!!!!!

The Abyss : This was one of their best clips of all time, laughing until you bust a gut man

Grant Baxter : Top 10 Anime Fights

Daniel Hughes : Saskatchewans?

IRISH SAM : DINK DINK DINK ! Crank him Ricky !

Zartok-35 : Saskatchmalts

Kenneth Matthew : the transformation is complete Sam is an actual caveman.

Matthew Kuchar : Best Show On The PLANET

Sten Friisk : "What person ever moved like that in the history of people" :D :D :D :D :D 10 Seconds later..

Meester Writer : For my money this is the greatest comedy ever written.

Monte Lee My P.O.V : I am laughing so hard right now i have t o shut this off before i have a problem..

Aaron Wiseman : this was the funnest syht il remember this shyt!

ReFLeX KiLo : I live where they shoot the show and i saw bubbles at wall-mart 😂😂

Nova_Omnify : Once in season 3 leahey tackles him and still has his drink not a spill

frycook48 : Yet the invincible drink survives yet again!

XxMrSleepyBugxX1 : Speirs anyone?

jonwasleyskates : saskatchewanch

Connor : 1:22 well, now we know what negan did before the apocalypse...

Pepo Wonderland : its samsquamch ricky

big smoke : how is he ok when he is hit 100 times with a aluminum bat

BirbRoyalB : 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Psytrance Love : man i would love t live in a trailer or shed and have an army of cats


titanicgamer05 : Wonder how much the place Julian is living in 25$

42lookc : Ricky jumps him, Bubbles explodes out the door with his battle cry, and it's on! DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING...

puppie406 : i swear bubbles makes me proud to be canadian lmao

not mack : anyone else notice that he didn't spill his drink?

Zantar17 : Crazy to think this show became so big years after it was over. Growing up Ricky was my role model lol. He pretty much taught me how to talk to cops

Houston from houston : Tpb owns .....cheers from Texas!

Terra Vinco : Trevor stop fuckin callin me I got no dope... Oh hey Bubs, man are you watchin this documentary of scatschwalts? It's Samsquanch Ricky, and there's one right outside my fuckin door right now, he's tryin to get into my shed.

OrignalRECIPE92 : It's a fuckin' samsquanch

tim kroh : 0:42 "oh my fuck."

Jake Dennis : They took it off?

teknokracy : Irony is that it's not on Canadian netflix :|

coldNORTHmuzik : lmao annnnnnnnnnnndddd not a drop gone....

SilentMott : Still not as amazing as when they flipped the car running from the police helicopter. Julian stumbles out, drink in hand!

morefishscale : those big hairy monsters, they're reall Trinn