The Samsquanch

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HughTube : "Are you watching this documentary on Saskatchewan?" BAAAAH HAH HAH HAH

Dang ole 01 Man : Even though he gets the living shit beat out of him Julian still has a full drink in his hand lol

MrWolfSnack : Hey Bubs, you watchin' this documentary about Saskatchewans?

Robert Rushton : Takes a beating, steals Bubbles' bat, never even spills his rye.

FBragger69 : I CANNOT get enough of how bubbles says it LOLOL

mellowandjello : 1:19 lool when Bubbles's bat is taken by Julian, Bubbles still tries to wind up his arm for his classic punch lol

Dan D : Bubbles' hardcore battle scream of fury still makes me lose my shit laughing after all these years.

Fear_Effect98 : Lol. Julian sleeping in his empty trailer wrapped with tin foil..He can't catch a break in Season 4.

xgkick : Camera lens distortion when you see the door from Bubbles' perspective. hilarious

mcaddicts : What person ever moved like that in the history of people.

James Halleluyah : The Bubbles battle cry as he charges out of his shed is epic!

Adrian Lackey : Ricky: "Holy fuck! He can talk, Bubbles! Bubbles: "That's 'cause he is Julian!"

Jordan Brockbank : Jesus he took my bat!!! He took my Fff....Ahh!!!!!

Daniel Hughes : Saskatchewans?

IRISH SAM : Truly one of the best scenes ever !!!!!!!!!

Grant Baxter : Top 10 Anime Fights

The Abyss : This was one of their best clips of all time, laughing until you bust a gut man

Zartok-35 : Saskatchmalts

big smoke : how is he ok when he is hit 100 times with a aluminum bat

IRISH SAM : DINK DINK DINK ! Crank him Ricky !

MichaelCasanovaMusic : hahaha! This show is ridiculous in the best possible way 

Matthew Kuchar : Best Show On The PLANET

maxley23 : Wish I knew what Trin says in the window...

Kenneth Matthew : the transformation is complete Sam is an actual caveman.

Psytrance Love : man i would love t live in a trailer or shed and have an army of cats

Meester Writer : For my money this is the greatest comedy ever written.

frycook48 : Yet the invincible drink survives yet again!

Aaron Wiseman : this was the funnest syht il remember this shyt!

Monte Lee My P.O.V : I am laughing so hard right now i have t o shut this off before i have a problem..

Jordan Brockbank : JESUS! HE took my bat! He took my f...

ReFLeX KiLo : I live where they shoot the show and i saw bubbles at wall-mart 😂😂

Connor Hibbs : 1:22 well, now we know what negan did before the apocalypse...

Connor Hibbs : 1:22 Jesus Christ...

BirbRoyalB : 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Nova_Omnify : Once in season 3 leahey tackles him and still has his drink not a spill

XxMrSleepyBugxX1 : Speirs anyone?

Ben A : who is here because of speirs

Smokey 420 : Samsquanch is real.

jonwasleyskates : saskatchewanch

titanicgamer05 : Wonder how much the place Julian is living in 25$

The Peoples Militia Of Georgia : SAMSQANCH

Pepo Wonderland : its samsquamch ricky

John Hanks : I am close to passing out from laughing at this scene every time. These guys are a highly evolved three stooges

42lookc : Ricky jumps him, Bubbles explodes out the door with his battle cry, and it's on! DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING...

Casper Agerskov : Lol :) Aw. . The first six seasons of Trailer Park Boys were amazing. The characters are adorable when you get to "know" them :D In my opinion the best TV ever made. Really unique and intelligent.

Jeff Polaras : Funniest scene ever!!

Ualaney Akers : Hagan belcher

Jb Booker : I grew up un bangor maine and was so happy when the show came down (sort of) for the train show. Best show ever.

Billy King : The guy at Sasquatch 2018 with the Bubbles 'samsquanch' sign brought me here

TheKaneECO : Samsquampsh