Charlie Brooker's How to Report the News - Newswipe - BBC Four
Charlie Brooker of BBC Four accurately details how an average news report is structured

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King of the Anals and the Fist Men : "I don't want some punter's opinion." - Punter with an Opinion

FractalBoy : A non-English speaker would be hard pressed to spot the difference since everything except the actual words is an exact replica of most news stories. Well, until the lightsaber beheading, which may raise some eyebrows.

Christian Gruber : Still one of my favorite takedowns of news media pretension.

Oscar : wait what lmao this was actually released by BBC. lol

Jonathan Weber : Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful videos on youtube

Jake Tyler : That Regent Street wordplay is the greatest thing I've ever heard

stephen connell : Better than the actual product its mocking.

Lena Ruhug : I needed to watch this video twice, because my brain is already programmed to ignore all kinds of news, until I realized what is he saying I was 1,3 minutes in the video so I needed to re-watch, and concentrate that my brain don't wander off, this kind of constant reporting, over and over again, made me completely ignorant, because I don't expect to hear nothing life changing, it became just one more story in the news no one can't or won't do nothing about! And is the same in all the countries around the world! Thank you Newswipe for pointing this out! 

darkevilazn : That matrix joke, just killed me. Literally. I became a ghost just to comment on this video.

wheelmanstan : Brilliant, but I really want to hear more about that pipe out the window.

Sae Ho Oh : if you don't concentrate, you mistake it for a real news.

Iain Meldrum : 0:51 Vox pops of members of the general public saying how much they hate vox pops of members of the general public. Pure, unfiltered, cask-strength GENIUS.

Casey5693 : I need to show this to my professor. He is making us use a similar format for our reporting project due Monday. It is formulaic and makes people more attention deficient than they are now. I don't want to add to the trend. It's madness!

Zyro_Gaming : This got shown in my English class about a week ago

Josh Graham : If I had a quid for every time I've been shown this in a journalism lecture

hawadjie : This is a comment about how enraged I think of said news report and my moot opinion on what I think matters most to myself and thus society as a whole. "CAPITAL LETTERS IN QUOTATION MARKS" to get my point across.

Gareth Bush : I can't believe this is the guy who made Black Mirror

Jesse Bochek : The Regent Street line had me dying.

spaceshipable : The monochrome facts bit killed me!

C345 OFR : At the time of writing, 67 journalists are clearly butthurt.

Gary P : Brilliant, most 'news' programmes are full of nonsense which is irrelevant to the general population, long live Charlie Brooker!

Time4 TROLLS : Like he's gliding through the the fu@&£ng matrix!! Lol ha

Desie Rickman : This... was lovely. Absolutely brilliant. Good show. :)

The Guiido : Posing a question, What are those?

Andy Davidson : *shares with media studies group as example of how this works showing how this works*

Adam Fairbairn : word play fit for a King - genious for this alone.

DVDfeverGames : These days, don't forget someone throwing in the words "man-made global warming" into every damn report, just to scare you some more...

K Russell : We are all right, this is brilliant. However, every insight that Brooker has ever expressed is bang-on. I urge everyone to catch up on all of his work. You'll be a better person for it.

Janishi Zitexion : I need this for my college presentation

Greg Nixon : Pretty much nailed it!

sithering : Strong message here

jezaraknid314 : Had no idea how much I needed this, brilliant!

Joaquin Ruiz : So good... I particularly enjoy the absence of canned laughter. No need for that when there's quality...

BreadTheWiz : Teacher actually posted this as a "guide to a news report" without watching it lmaooo


Jyren I. : OMG!! thank you so much for this vid! i'm a broadcasting student, and it helped me a lot . ..

marthafarquar : This could be a wry comment on the video but more likely a direct quote from it even though the reader will have just heard it for themselves just 15 seconds ago

oksimoronko : lovely!

eatscrickets : I lost it at "And a pipe in the window."

FatherTime89 : They even got the lighthouse keeper being beheaded by a laser.

13Gnimming : Here's a script:"I've been teaching you guys for a few months now, and you are probably the most mature class I've ever taught (restrain desire to sink laughing and weeping into your swivel-chair), so I think you can manage this. I would appreciate if nobody told their parents. Jimmy, Nora, set up a perimeter and warn me if any other staff cross line-of-sight; Fred, hold these cymbals and crash 'em when I point at you. Screw up, and I will make you reconstruct these shots from RGB mosaic tiles."

Spynmaster : And that is how Fox 6 makes the news.

Jim Farris : Genius.

Retrostar619 : I should imagine there is a way of editing the word out. Perhaps you cold talk to a Film/Media Studies teacher to see if they could help you?

Blacknarcissa : There's plenty more. Check out Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe and Newswipe. And You Have Been Watching. They're probably all on YT.

Grolarg : Because high school students haven't heard the word "fucking?"

SpiderPig : Absolutes boss!

Aria : the bbc taking the piss out of their own news reports is the best thing ever

TheMilkyFlame : Haha I love this so much, and I swear to god, Charlie would actually make a half decent news reporter!