Charlie Brooker's How to Report the News - Newswipe - BBC Four

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Rustybits : wait what lmao this was actually released by BBC. lol

Christian Gruber : Still one of my favorite takedowns of news media pretension.

Pete Gerard : if I wasn't paying attention I'd have thought this was a 'legit' news report

King of the Anals and the Fist Men : "I don't want some punter's opinion." - Punter with an Opinion

FractalBoy : A non-English speaker would be hard pressed to spot the difference since everything except the actual words is an exact replica of most news stories. Well, until the lightsaber beheading, which may raise some eyebrows.

Jonathan Weber : Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful videos on youtube

Jake Tyler : That Regent Street wordplay is the greatest thing I've ever heard

stephen connell : Better than the actual product its mocking.

darkevilazn : That matrix joke, just killed me. Literally. I became a ghost just to comment on this video.

Sae Ho Oh : if you don't concentrate, you mistake it for a real news.

Casey5693 : I need to show this to my professor. He is making us use a similar format for our reporting project due Monday. It is formulaic and makes people more attention deficient than they are now. I don't want to add to the trend. It's madness!

wheelmanstan : Brilliant, but I really want to hear more about that pipe out the window.

Gareth Bush : I can't believe this is the guy who made Black Mirror

Zyro_Gaming : This got shown in my English class about a week ago

Josh Graham : If I had a quid for every time I've been shown this in a journalism lecture

WarpRulez : This is a YouTube comment written as a response to this spoof/deconstruction of news reports. It's supposed to be witty in the hopes of getting lots of thumbs-ups.

Iain Meldrum : 0:51 Vox pops of members of the general public saying how much they hate vox pops of members of the general public. Pure, unfiltered, cask-strength GENIUS.

Joe Schmoe : Isn't the BBC guilty of this themselves?

C345 OFR : At the time of writing, 67 journalists are clearly butthurt.

Jesse Bochek : The Regent Street line had me dying.

G Gmold : Brilliant, most 'news' programmes are full of nonsense which is irrelevant to the general population, long live Charlie Brooker!

spaceshipable : The monochrome facts bit killed me!

Desie Rickman : This... was lovely. Absolutely brilliant. Good show. :)

ECL28E : You forgot to show the pictures of some random kid, preferably their school photo or a family picture, then red-shift it. Then for some inane reason, talk to the kid's mother, even if she just as qualified as that letter-opening guy

XenoTronus PrimeZilla#21068 : This was played in my Media Studies lesson. Me and my freind Stefan laughed our asses off!

The Guiido : Posing a question, What are those?

sithering : Strong message here

BreadTheWiz : Teacher actually posted this as a "guide to a news report" without watching it lmaooo

Greg Nixon : Pretty much nailed it!

Janishi Zitexion : I need this for my college presentation

Andy Davidson : *shares with media studies group as example of how this works showing how this works*

Kokopelli : I could honestly put anything and someone would argue it. The color green.

Zzz Zzz : God dammmm he got is so spot on genius

Adam Fairbairn : word play fit for a King - genious for this alone.

Leon Davis : That's the news for...bravo with love from American!

ayadayad82 : I had the honor working with the BBC thank you

Samael667 : Brillant!

Phoenix : fk me this is so funny 😂😂

Sean : never gets old

Joaquin Ruiz : So good... I particularly enjoy the absence of canned laughter. No need for that when there's quality...

Stephan Schaem : Brilliant from start to finish

Chevin Dash : 2019?

Hope Rules : Darn...was hoping it would be a public tutorial reminding journalists and the public what journalistic integrity is and how to present opposing viewpoints factually and within context that leaves the listener to ponder their own viewpoint...**super-disappointment-sigh...

Janek Rubes : Come here every once in a while... still the best!

zebble ganubi : 1:01 a soundbite of a guy saying he hates soundbites. lol

Peter Kotara : I just can't like this enough.

ludmilla roman : this is STILL... one the best.

zaandarbrow : i want more of this news! please make this a series lol this is not fake news ! XD

Travis Elliot : A level English where you at.

Amiral Gaby : j'ai pas compris...