Jordan Peele as Freddie Mercury

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Joseph KERR : Wow that person does one hell of a freddie mercury voice.

Jesse97774 : Damn this guy should be in a queen cover band

Mark Levin : When he says North Carolina and Vagina, he sounds just like him.

Ricochet Rennae : I wish I had a Freddie Mercury ghost in my attic, we would pick out clothes and talk about cute guys and have a freakin ball, I would love a best friend like Freddie

Mason RobertsTV : I love this show

MrEmpoleon2010 : You got style and flair You're loved everywhere 'Cept for North Carolina.

Random Boy : Can’t stop coming back for the “North Carolina”

kinken : idk why i keep coming back to this. i think it’s the freddy mercury singing impression

Anna Solo : I love when he sings North Carolina it really sounds like freddie

chancebandet : He’s absolutely, undeniably gaaaaaayyyyyy. XD

roguexsweets : I think he's just the voice actor I don't think he does the singing impression of ghost Freddie Mercury

777 salem : I don't like the show, but I will say that the voice actor for Freddie Mercury sounded very close to the original...


Álex Rígby : I love Queen, and I love this song. PS: I am not gay xD

Rabarbar : basically he became a jojo

Luffyseb stan : who imitates Freddie Mercury? Thanks

Edgy CuckBoi : The shows god awful but DAMN is that a good Freddie mercury

sebastian arce : the truth seems like a queen theme

M D : I'm not the boy I used to be

BKing : Why can't I stop watching this, Gay joke and Queen obsession is over powering me

a tall cinnamon roll : As terrible this show is that was actually really well sung.

Monika Radzaj : Should I watch Big Mouth? I've been thinking about this for a few days...

thomas fallon : Have to admit this is really catchy

tori_bucket : Not Jordan Peele singing

Lobos : They made this song exactly how he would sing it

Panickingfangirlofawesomeness ! : In the middle of this song I legit thought it was Freddie and I actually burst out crying. Am I the only one?

Juan Ramirez : Thanks Jordan pelee

malena TM : i can seriously relate to this except im a lesbian

letitbegin101 : I live in North Carolina...

bacongamer : I CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 2

ThePizzaBox : "What's it like to be gay?" It's basically like being straight, but youre just only in love with the same sex as you. Not much of a different really.

mr bad guy : if i see another "freddie was bi😡😡😡" comment i swear to god

Xcorgi : Amazingly close to Freddie's real singing voice! Unbelievable!

Pinhead Larry : If anyone is wondering what’s the real song it sounds like somebody to love mixed with killer queen

Radioactive 1987 : Freddie Mercury is Bi, Not gay.

bonicon1 : A lot of people are asking, so HERE - the Freddie singer is Brendan McCreary of The Show Must Go On.

Keekan Jojoson223 : I like this show despite all the criticism it’s gotten

Keijin27 : I keep coming back to this video because this Freddie Mercury impersonation is so good

Jonas Butler : I'd be more inclined to believe that's actually the ghost of Freddie Mercury than Jordan Peele. Wow.

I IZ HAMILTRASH : DID FREDDIE COME BACK TO LIFE OR SOME SHIT?!?!?! i was legit about to cry in the middle of the song.....

PentaPrismMusic : That moment when you fall in love with a series... Best Queen Parody ever, on point! better quality version of the song:

Steven : I’m not gay but if I was this would be my national anthem

Chesmond Gamingg : I myself am not gay but when i saw this while watching Big Mouth i laughed so hard

Bunny B : the freddie mercury impersonator is the only good thing that came from this show

Not A Doctor : Freddie Mecury was bisexual....

Ryan Mora : Freddie would be proud😂

Flåden JS : The fucking voice! I know the song is not exactly a Queen song, but the impression is so fucking good.

Ron Baker : 0:43

P.G. Ferret : And you Bonguses ripped on this show before it even came out

Abbygaygoddess : The Antonin Scalia part killed me omg