Jordan Peele as Freddie Mercury

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Mason RobertsTV : I love this show


J.L.T Studios : Thanks Jordan pelee

Jesse97774 : Damn this guy should be in a queen cover band

chancebandet : He’s absolutely, undeniably gaaaaaayyyyyy. XD

M D : I'm not the boy I used to be

Monika Radzaj : Should I watch Big Mouth? I've been thinking about this for a few days...

M D : Freddie Mercury: Being gay can be bloody brilliant Andrew: How so Freddie Mercury? Freddie Mercury: l was hoping you would ask Chorus: What's it like to be gay? Freddie Mercury: When your gay everyday is a non stop cabrera we've got style and flare your loved everywhere except for North Carolina. Drag Queens and Capping Twinks the world your buff buffet come and join in the fun say hello to tight butts and good bye vaginas. Be gay totally gay Freddie Mercury: Be a pride and shining rainbow you you'll find your new identity in the LGBT community Oh. Andrew: I'm Gay! Totally gay! Chorus: he's gay Andrew: I'm a fabulous flouncing loud and proud cliche on display, and I found my calling today oh shante. It's a flaming hot pink greater day I'm not the boy I used to be i'm here i'm queer get used to me. I'm gay. Chorus Freddie Mercury: He's absolutely undeniably gay

a tall cinnamon roll : As terrible this show is that was actually really well sung.

Tackysuperduper - : Technically Freddy isn't gay he's bisexual

cherry vanilla cream soda : i can seriously relate to this except im a lesbian

BKing : Why can't I stop watching this, Gay joke and Queen obsession is over powering me

Random Boy : Can’t stop coming back for the “North Carolina”


Darius Franklin : When he says North Carolina and Vagina, he sounds just like him.

wetpotato I am : Have to admit this is really catchy

Ron Baker : 0:43

bacongamer : I CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 2

Anna Solo : I love when he sings North Carolina it really sounds like freddie

ShikyotenshuX7 : (ง'̀-'́)ง Where Is This song

P.G. Ferret : And you Bonguses ripped on this show before it even came out

Lobos : They made this song exactly how he would sing it

Abbygaygoddess : The Antonin Scalia part killed me omg

Milo Rodriguez : this show isnt good, but damn,, that was a good ass Freddie. Than you for this

ThePizzaBox : "What's it like to be gay?" It's basically like being straight, but youre just only in love with the same sex as you. Not much of a different really.

TheDarkElite Offical man child : This Pisses me off for some reason

Edgy CuckBoi : The shows god awful but DAMN is that a good Freddie mercury

Lucifurian66x : Seems like it might actually Rob Paulsen, when he hits the high notes you can hear yakkos voice

Ellie Cooper : The best part is just imagining John Mulaney singing this lmao

ThatoneMikasa : 1:05 Woah, Antonin Scalia looks so sickening

bonicon1 : A lot of people are asking, so HERE - the Freddie singer is Brendan McCreary of The Show Must Go On.

Pro Lúcio : *nigga should be in a Queen cover band...sounds just like him...amazing but weird af since it's in a show about early teens beating there meat* *AND HEY ITS NO NUT NOVEMBER NI🅱️🅱️A*

sebastian arce : the truth seems like a queen theme

Cindy Hita : Don't be gay

Jonas Butler : I'd be more inclined to believe that's actually the ghost of Freddie Mercury than Jordan Peele. Wow.

Master Son : This show is awsome i need more series

tired_child53 : ME IN A NUTSHELL

Dariush Asadi : The only good thing about this show is the impersonator of freddie in it

Steven Delgado : I’m not gay but if I was this would be my national anthem

mr bad guy : if i see another "freddie was bi😡😡😡" comment i swear to god

Keijin27 : I keep coming back to this video because this Freddie Mercury impersonation is so good

I am the best soup 1687 : I like this show despite all the criticism it’s gotten

Ricochet Rennae : I wish I had a Freddie Mercury ghost in my attic, we would pick out clothes and talk about cute guys and have a freakin ball, I would love a best friend like Freddie

danielle lavinski : FREDDIE

Ryan Mora : Freddie would be proud😂

777 salem : I don't like the show, but I will say that the voice actor for Freddie Mercury sounded very close to the original...

Matthew Marshall : Freddie Mercury is one of the greatest singers of all time... This is just a disgrace

TheAmazingType1 : There's no FUCKIN WAY that's Peele

Janae Fuller : Freddie was bi

Bunny B : the freddie mercury impersonator is the only good thing that came from this show