This is the Romania's "Gangnam Style"
This is the Romanias Gangnam Style

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Could This Low-Budget Music Video Be Romania's "Gangnam Style"? What does "Aa yuka yuu" mean?


Amilesharigh : Send them to Eurovision :D

Fluffy Cat : This is what the internet was designed for.

Fruit Roll Up God : This gives me the strange desire to eat oranges

Erik Sparks : Pretty sure that blonde one does heroin...

Mercury : I'm usually proud of my nationality , but not right now...

Anton H : million questions, zero answers

PowerGlove79 : There is not ONE picture of this guy online where he doesn't look like he wants to sell me knock off sony and apple products on the street

Andrew M. : 0:53 when your shoulder gets dislocated.

Anfy Games : i'm romanian and this is the biggest shame on earth...

Nuno Santos : yeah... sounds better than justin bieber

Alex Koitla : Someone make a trap remix out of it.

FlyingOverTr0ut : I like the old men who barely do anything.

Eecho : Nobody gonna talk bout that theyre in a different dimension?

Desmul4 : This is utterly beautiful. 

m u l t i f a n d o m한솔 : this is deep web?

Sgt_Bepps : These girls have good looking kneecaps, not like most other girls that have like trapped dead baby faces inside their knees.

Boris Selivanov : Better than Bieber anyways.

BrådKrumberne : Anybody Wathing In 2038??👽👽

David Redford : That guy really does look like he's powering through a very nasty hangover.

Stefan Deleanu : As a romanian person,i am ashamed by this :0 =]]]]]]]] It is hilarrious though

Mr. Negative : Someone write a creepypasta on how this song is infected with a gypsy curse and how listening to it all the way makes you addicted so that it plays forever in your head until you go mad.

Prashant Trivedi : I heard this song 2 days ago on 9gag.. lines are catchy, to listen this song again came here. omg what is happening to my music sense..

FinishGamer 86 : See, I understand everything...actally im romanian

Big D : This is so horrible.....I can't stop watching!

krik - old channel : proud to be romanian

Makaan : Those girls oh those girls. Not nice looking nor ugly, more like a defective product removed from the assembly lime then given as low cost to someone making a videoclip.

Marnix Maximus : This correcetly summarises the whole of poverty stricken eastern europe.

Hardesty Hardesty : I need a cat scan I been humming this song for 2 days now

Reaper Grim : Im romanian and i say ... this is CANCER

Torchicplays : welp this'll just have to do (unzips pants)

Andreia Baciu : Plus this is the wierd side of Romania, there is a cool side of Romania.

Roxy Marin : feel ya peeps that are embarrassed, reason 100 to not tell people I'm Romanian I already get made fun of enough -_- and make fun of me for knowing English too ;-;

El Guapo : I am cancelling my trip to Eastern Europe because of this video.

HANI NO ZUKA : I only hear "oppai" clearly....

Fredde : why does the girls in those countries have to dress like 90's hookers

Carter Colenutt : they all look so dead inside, like Stalin beat the life out of every one of them

fucko the fox : makes me wanna swing an old hag around and around and around

An Ace TIE Fighter Pilot : Store this in the human race's history record library

Joey Morrison : such talent has never before been seen on this level.

Diomedes01 : This must be the 'Minimal Effort Macarena'.

Your Hardcore Hentai Fan : Irony I'm Romanian

Cade Cottrell : The things seen here cannot be unseen. Thanks KuleDud3

Jordon Sanchez : When I saw the girls I was like this will be interesting but then I saw the guys and I was like NOPE

Nicholaus Fd : the intro gets me everytime, even made it my phone alert for stuff..

John Plyler / Dixie Briar Guns : That guy looks like Tommy Wiseau with a bad haircut.

BladesOfWinter : Where can I find the actual song. This is a work of art.

Zebrahím Kajak : And what are those hand moveings😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣???

Philipp M : when u discover that u have 44% balkan dna

Julia Patricia : If u play this at a party I am guaranteed that everyone will dance and sing 👍😂