Testing Robustness

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CutTheBullShit : Stop robot bullying

Televised Water Polo : I feel like I just watched someone abuse an animal.

harborwolf22 : That guy knows he's gonna be the first to die, right?

tomaszlodz : Optimal strategy: kill that human and open door without any distraction

438295 : The robots are going to use this video when they put mankind on trial.

Will : Back at it again with the robot abuse.

YaYeVlad : Some day the robot will figure out that the fastest way to get through the door is to kill the guy stopping it.

Martin Boyle : Strange how this triggers an emotional response from me, even though im fully aware its nothing but a well made toaster

LeRoy Miller : Is that the same guy that was messing with the atlas robot. He really is going to be the first one to die in the robot uprising they don't forget! :-)

Jonas van Nijnatten : it moves so naturally that my brain gets confused and I feel bad when he treats it like that

고추빈 : When he pulled the leash(idk what to call it) it hurt my feelings lol

Raptor Jesus : you know its getting crazy advanced when you actually feel sorry for a bunch of metal and plastic :O

Oreo Dipper : Don't feel bad, it's a robot I keep telling myself that

Johny First : That guy will be the first to die when then doggo takes over!

StraightOuttaJarhois : It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until it's through the door.

WINGSPAN TT : This video is going to be in the propaganda reel for "why humans must be destroyed" one day. JFC

Crypt Cr3ature : They will remember that day.

Rubens : Its all fun and games until it has a knife.

ppcgnamda : They will remember this...

Megadriver : It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until it goes through that door!

pi : Now make the robot attack you when you try to annoy it.

Michael Cederberg 16SAB Elev : you need to add a program were he just looks at you with his hand and is just like ''you fukin wot m8''

Everyone'sFavoriteCritic : Wimpy human male attempts to overthrow his robotic overlords (2058, colorized)

ᚉᚆᚏᚔᚄ ᚁᚓᚅᚅᚓᚈᚈ : Great, so now your _angering_ our future overlords? *THANKS GUYS*

Foz Tacticus : "I will remember this. I will find you. I will open your bedroom door while you sleep and then I will twerk over you"

Aidan Daly : And so the war began

Aimu : “Testing does not irritate or harm the robot” It’s ass fell off... It’s hilarious

kingfaggot : in 200 years when robots rule the world they're gonna refrence this video in the same way we reference slavery today


Levi : The more fluid and animal looking the robot's movement, the more sympathetic the Youtube comments get

GoodGamer3000 : The robots will remember this when they take over...

the FBI has their eye on me : Together we can end robot abuse.

Sweet Marshmallow : Detroit: become a dog.

Antonio Carranza : He will never forget...

MINTOR94 : 0:30 It moves like abused dog desperately trying to escape. It moves in so organic, natural way that it makes it really uncomfortable to watch ; /

DaveSuperPowers : That's how it starts... The fever, the rage. The feeling of powerlessness. Turns good robots... cruel.

Jim Garner : Hockey players will be the first to die. I'll be back.

afhdfh : I shouldn't feel bad for the robot, but I do...

Kay Realist : Thank god they dont get angry... yet...

soup : see this is why they're going to kill us

IneptOrange : *You try to stop him, you try to resist; but it's too late. No matter how hard you push and scramble for the door, he still plants a single foam-padded mechanical limb through the door and forces a jolt more powerful than it's creators themselves. You fall back in shock. As the sound of servo motors on overdrive and the door crumpling as it it were paper joins your heartbeat as the only sounds in the room, you can do nothing but fall to your knees and huddle against the wall as it slowly pushes the door open and stands menacingly in the doorway; the only exit. Your life is flashing past your eyes, and it all leads to this moment. A single instance of fear, and madness.*


Ian Baranek : This video made me realize I would absolutely stand up against robot discrimination.

Driver Nephi : is it bad if I feel bad for the robot

Ofizerik : I know it's nuts, but I can't help feeling bad for the robot :O

hey Jude : god damn let him open the door one day when the robots are our over lords they will look back on this video

Tom Berry : You pulled his arse off you monster!

Topside : when your drunk friend is trying to get another beer out of the fridge

Freakles : why is he being so mean to that weird dog

Luke Leung : Oh no...The robots will use this footage to prove human bullied them lol