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Beatbox Allstars : Check our latest upload! Triple Voice Beatbox with this kid!

Saranga Karunarathne : holy smokes!!! this is so lit! Hats off to the person who recorded this and uploaded to the internet!

BlastoiseSurvivor Pokemon : 1:32 Song --> Martin Garrix - Animals

Get RoasTED : Talented: check Creepy af: check

the weird commentator : They gonna be on ellen :) like this to support them that they will make it

Nightcore Nano : 1:30 I love this music. Martin Garrix 2😂

Bayu Rizky : kaya upin ipin eaa hahaha😂

Akmal Hakeem : upin and ipin

Медеткан Кубанычбеков : Афигеть круто

Nurbek Rabbimov : О пацаны красавчики

Yudis 617 : Matikan suara hp kalian dan lihat kedua anak ini 😂

Beatbox Allstars : We will shoot Jake and Jomar's Beatbox this year guys! stay connected with Beatbox Allstars by Subscribing! <3 Much Love & Respect to this Twin! <3

TONY ! : Дети обамы😂😂

Mohammed Alsaedi : Something that deserves to be recommended

Sandra Gomez : hahah😂 Bisaya sad diay ka ya😂


DSA MUSIC : Martin garrix use fl studio to make that's song, but this guys use mouth to make it, awesome talent, 👍👍👌

Bandyt : Holy shit!!

jan gonzaga : ganda ng kanilang talents pati din ang kanilang music yung una ay animals, sunod naman ay albatraoz.ganda🤘🏻😊

Al Fathir : Hebat

Alfin muhammad ramdhan : Amazing

dat calculation tho : More like *Ultranatural Skills.*


KarlisleCruz.Channel : Filipinos are talented like me but im only a Dancer tho! Its more fun in the PHILIPPINES! Ive saw this on Facebook too there are sooo talented!!!

bop demon : Cool man😂👍👍👍💟

Pazl Life : Кто из 2020 а

Củ Chuối : Việt Nam có ở đây hok nàk

Zaixấu Khối Đứayêu : Pro quá

Mary Jean Durac : Filipino ako like mo to kong ikaw rin

lykamae marasigan : Most amazing twin ever 😉

Raffy Dipol : Shoot so cool!!!!

Amit Sharma : Philippines got Talent!! Amazing talent, they need to showcase at on a bigger stage.

Winda Miya : Mukanya haahaahaha

FunnyBoi i : They are creepy😓😓😓

Junjie Munasque : they are so talented

white goat : remember upin and ipin? this is them now, feel old yet?

DHILIP KUMAR : Give them a better and bigger stage they have some extraordinary talent help the word see it in all its glory

Rodel Oquias : wow....?........

Muktar Zulfandi : I think they are forgot of they are as human

Nick Calingo : I want to see the Mad Twiz go with these guys! They're gonna get destroyed by these kids!

Rex Barrientos : Amazing Filipino kids idol😁😁😁

MR. G : Upin ipin

HON yasha : Wowwwwwwww

Rizki Aditya : Upin ipin hahaha

Амир Абельдинов : WOW

CaioBodruc : Holy nice

Mark.A BBx : Send this to swissbeatbox 😂😂✌

Alec_ Red : That's so cool ( galing nila ah )

ilham alvyansyah : Wow

Renaissance : So amazing performance, big applause for this human