This baptism in Georgia is enough to make your head spin

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HENRY THE RC CAR : He double dipped, you should never double dip...

Matt NA : Most of them are too young and lack the strength in their neck. Shaking like that can cause brain damage. Water in the ears cannot clear easily and lead to infection. And lastly, there is a serious condition known as dry drowning where a baby who has breathed in some water in their lungs is found dead from asphyxiation in their cot 24-48 hrs post exposure. You do not want to put your baby at risk like this ever! Tell that priest to wake up to himself. The correct procedure is to anoint the child with the mark of the cross on his forehead. Adults can be submerged because we have the strength etc to withstand it.

Memeush The Mushroom : He protecc He attacc but most importantly He is dippin' babies like a snacc

Echo : Shaking babies is bad, it shakes the brain and such. This shouldn't be okay.

Zuzu : Is that how he dip his fries

timthedramatic2011 : Baby's first roller coaster ride.

Mage : How tf did someone think "Our God wants this"

CryptoLinK : Wheres the money lebowski?

Steve Hart : This looks evil and dangerous for the baby

zaid : where's the money lebowski ?

dylan eijkman : WTF did i just watch! Those babies look terrified for life for a second!! Their brain was trying to procces wtf was going on lmao

Halo 4sure : Hard to believe the priest can actually get away with this child abuse... very disturbing.

Raja Majid : Foolish practice of foolish people on earth

Tahera Chaudhary : This can stop baby's breathing or damage his brain. It's crazy.

Baby Shenron : I’m going to hell for laughing

TirthB'Arya : Hurting a baby in the name of God is ungodly.

Meme-a-Tour : He dunked deez bois like French fries

Alesio K.C : Where's the money Lebowski?

George Grant : My Question is what if he drops one of them??

Putther : Dunkin Donuts wouldn't even go to that level. shleep

Schoko4craft : Is he in jail allready? I cant even imagine to how many thousands of babies he did that..

Patriot : Good thing in Islam there is no such inhumane and unnecessary practice

I am Jason : 1:00 yep definitely sharing😂😂😭

The Other Side : *Before you condemn, read the description.* *Georgia has low birth rate problem. So the 'Priest' in his effort to encourage people to give birth more promised that he would personally baptize the third child of every family.* *On this particular day the media was there, he baptized 780 babies.* *Imagine the pain the man is putting himself through just to help his country's population to grow.*

Joshua Bryant : Is this torture

Äšh wąñťś Påńđå : like seriously what was he even thinking akhhhh astaghfirullah..

Alexander Zaldostanov : 0:21 that's me when I saw my mom without makeup

Wrathhh : im gonna dip my fries this way lmao

ImA Christian : Where’s the money labowski

Aaron Glisson : Wtf this is wrong on so many levels 🤨

Imaneleza Navarro : Like dang, how they even get any time to breath lol

xxWeavileGamingxx Youtube : That must be a very holy baby

Namikaze Haris : not one example in bible to do this :)

Blaire Kennedy : When you take marinating too far

Totalniak : -Dude, wanna go to a swimming pool? -Not really, i never liked water... I don't remember why...

Silas : Thats just water boarding

Abdel Elfazari : I just thought of an idea let’s drown babies in tap water

๖ۣۜLǝgiƬkɨłłzᎵrσ『ђeяø』 : *We can make a roller coaster after this*

ጓል ትግራይ ሽኮር : No no no that is not the way it should be. As an orthodox christian we don't do the way he did. The baby has to stay upright one prist hold the baby the other prist hold hold the holy water and cross he put some water on the baby head the other prist can put the baby in the bowl of the holy water up to the the baby sholder.

Broken Heart : 0:21 lol that face😂😂

RAINBOW SENSATION : don't double dip

NoteBlockVEVO : Can I drown some baby’s with you sir

Zach Winchester : First you dip the head than dip the feet than dip the head again and dip the feet again and dip the head again and dip the feet one more time.

Akash P : *"where's the money Shithead?"*

Johlize Joubert : Child abuse!! And baby baptism is NOT biblical by any stretch of the imagination!!!

dawid jaroszewski : WHERE IS THE MONEY LEBOWSKI

YouTube Police : What type of psychedelic parent would want their child to go through that?

Diana Day : Where's the money Lebowski?

frostbite the idiot : *where's the money Lebowski?*