This baptism in Georgia is enough to make your head spin

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Zuzu : Is that how he dip his fries


this boi : This comment section: 80% This is so cruel!/Traumatizing!/Poor baby! 10% WHERE'S THE MONEY LEBOWSKI 7% Something about dipping food 2% Something nasty about religion 1% Me going like "What would you do if there was a child right in front of you"

Kelaiah Wing : 0:21 That face explains it all

PROTECTION : How it feels to chew 5 Gum

zaid : where's the money lebowski ?

Snowy 123 : I'm just thinking the Baptizer needs some holy water for his self.

McKenna Sullivan : The babies look terrified

Doris James : John definitely did NOT baptize Jesus like this. What part didn't they understand?

Hayden Strong : It's going to get Shaken Baby Syndrome. That's abuse.

Putther : Dunkin Donuts wouldn't even go to that level. shleep

Mr Jerry : Ok now that’s abuse, he will have brain problems when he grows up

Renee Faison : NOW HEAR THIS...YOU CANNOT BAPTIZE A BABY. Baptism is a decision that AN ADULT or at least someone old enough to,makes after accepting Jesus Christ into their hearts and it is total immersion of the body which I believe represents the death,burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Wolf Lady : Oh my goodness.. That baby neck could have been seriously injured !!!

Fullmetal Shenron : I’m going to hell for laughing

J. Robertson : When your chicken nuggets not soaked

PenguinGestapo : 90% of the comments are from people who have no faith


Ben Hammonds : 0:13 where’s the ducking money!!!!

Joshua Bryant : Is this torture

Victor Dennis : 0:28 Yeah, I can agree with that face

Patricia Rowe : this video is just as bad as a Catholic priest in France slapped a infant boy of 2 years old in the face because he would not stop crying to be baptized. There is no way as a parent I would stand by and watch these men traumatize my kid in any way shape or form. Dunking a child three times head under water then turning it over sticking their feet in the water 3 * is ridiculous. And again the parents are standing by and watching it. Not just one set of parents but multiple babies were being baptized at the same time. I thought we was living in modern times. Forget it. And scripture all those that were baptized repented and understood what that meant before they went into the water. And what are these babies repenting of??? Nothing at all. And their parents put him through all that with a smile retrieving their babies from the hands of these so-called priest. Where is there understanding??? This is appalling

Sup Tacos : I kinda feel bad for laughing

Putin Puppet : John picked up Jesus & dunked him the exact same way.

Aaron Glisson : Wtf this is wrong on so many levels 🤨

Scott Matlock : As a parent, your job is to protect your kids. Nice going here mom and dad....

Nicholas Traina : I was baptized just like this. Romanian Orthodox. I think I'm okay???

Dark PePe : Damn and I thought the inbred American version of Georgia was backward

Seymour Krelborn : Shaken baby syndrome?

Johlize Joubert : Child abuse!! And baby baptism is NOT biblical by any stretch of the imagination!!!

Mad World Vlogs : Guess he didn't get the NEVER SHAKE A BABY pamphlet from social services

CryptoLinK : Wheres the money lebowski?

Mazen99 : And they say Islam is a religion of violence 🤔

Alesio K.C : Where's the money Lebowski?

Totalniak : -Dude, wanna go to a swimming pool? -Not really, i never liked water... I don't remember why...

NickDaTiger YT : *Where's the money lebowski?!*

the penguin king : WHERE'S THE MONEY LEBOWSKI

Raja Majid : Foolish practice of foolish people on earth

Dr. Trumpetlove : Poor baby 🙁

Jilly the Kid : How about we don't do that

SinimonPatcake Playz : does it even say in the bible about this?!?!

Charles Cadiente : This video: *Shows something that people don't even like.* End of video: *SHARE THIS*

WWYD78 : that's a Jew not a baby

timthedramatic2011 : Baby's first roller coaster ride.

Broken Heart : 0:21 lol that face😂😂

Phantom Snake eye : I would never do this with my child

88kjk75 : Is this how Stalin was baptised?

He Man : what religion was that?

Ann Conroy : Who dose that to a baby are you insane?