Ceiling Fan Trick Knockdown 2

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Stuntman89 : Happy New Year! How should we tell dad about this trick?


Erik J. : Fan looked like it was still hurting from the last trick. Almost looks like this one knocked it back into balance.

Владимир Саратенов : You Really Did It Again

Vergil the legendary dark slayer : Be prepared for a belt chase.....

Super Jr45 : *But I'm here to show you that it's not*. Truer words have never been spoken.

jdubs 43 : Can't wait to see your dad's reaction to this!

kevinblk91 : I can't wait to see your dad's face when he sees finds out you did it again

Wildin Out Dyspo Sama : Lmao! That doughnut went flying fast as hell!

William : Your next prank on your dad should be blowing an air horn when he is taking a nap on the couch

G.I Joe : I think you knocked the fan back into place where its balanced better now

involved gamer : I absolutely love it

Rayzxor : At least he got the donut.

chance cooper : Starting off the year right!!😂

Gabriel Garcia : Your Dad is going to be pissed. 🤬

Zak Moon : You need to put some ketchup packets under your dads toilet seat sand close the lid. When he sits down and they bust he’ll think that he’s bleeding all over his junk !!!!!!

Bobby Fit : Jesus christ! Again, Jason? 🍩 😂😂😂😂 That clanking noise had rolling!!!

Sapphire Coyote : The moment I've been waiting so long for. You're amazing, Jason.

Monique U : I️ didn’t think it was possible to outdo the first ceiling fan knockout. For years it has been my hand-down favorite video on YouTube, and now I think this one😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I️ can’t stop watching or laughing.

Jessica Vegas : I’m in tears!! Well done Jason! 😂👏👏

cosmoman.EXE : and yet again hes got another collerflower ear lol, lets hope the fan still works

Ronmalago : You some how made it make the same sound.

the banisher : Better than the original in my opinion

Dravin lovoy rockstars 101 : Tell your dad the floor was slippery and you through a doughnut in the ceiling fan

DCFAN 1932 : Do it a 3rd time would love for this series to turn into 1 of the sink series

Alex Benitez : Even funnier the second time

Eddyboy124 : This channel is the best cant stop watching your vids keep it up

Tre Wilder : You ALMOST had it. I think the problem is that your mouth was closed and you weren't looking up toward the donut, so that's why you couldn't grab it. If you were facing upwards, you COULD HAVE grabbed the donut and the fan might have glanced off the side of your face and not full on colliding like it did to the side of your head.. And this is just a theory, but I'm sure the apples sitting on the table might have made this a bit more difficult since it weighs the table down, it slants it a little and makes it uneven, which is probably why your timing was off and you hit your head. Also, try being barefoot. The skin of your feet can grip a table a lot better and keep you from falling off even if the fan does hit you. The smooth edges of a donut probably didn't make this easier either... Maybe next time, try a Graham Cracker, since it's a lot rougher and easier to latch onto?

Shane \m/ : Lmao this was the perfect video to watch to kick off the New Year, thanks Jason! Can't wait to see your dads reaction.

Andy Wobbler : You took your eye off the prize and overshot the target.

Tom L : Here comes the belt...

Dale Gribble : 6 years later and the fan is still broken

Casey Graman : I love the second one as much as the first one!

Shamaya Harris : SO FUNNY 😂😂😂😂😥😥😂😂😂😂😂 OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG

jgeralds99 : Can’t wait to see what your dad says about this 😂. Thank you for this 😂

Josh Da Wolf : maybe you should stop doing that

Dark Magician Master 89 : Keep the videos coming Jason. I've been a big fan since 2006.

VCVCFans : Time to get a whole new fan

Trop A Duece : You are what YouTube needs more of

EPYX : The freaking donut got some speed from that fan. God damn

MineCastTV MCTV : I love you.

WAYNEZ ZUVONZINSCHI : Better than first time!

crivelliman : You should have gone with your first plan, grabbing the donut with your mouth and returning back to safety.

Ben Beyls : I love you stuntman

Mountain West Highways : I was literally in the middle of a Call Of Duty WWII match and I just had to back out of the game when I saw the notification pop up! And it was totally worth it!! I can't stop laughing!!😂😂😂

Samuel Krinninger : THIS IS AMAZING

knowing troller : This is 2018 and I still watch this bro I'm in tears 😆😆😆😅😂

Tony Almazan : Please Jason it’s September are you coming back

Bix Babble : And now the original series Ceiling Fan Trick Knockdown

NASCAR RACING REVIEWS : Happy New Year Stuntman89!!