Gordon Ramsay Animated - R A W

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Gus Johnson : Dude, please make more of these.


HR PufnStuf : i would pay an ungodly amount of money to watch hells kitchen get animated like this

Richard Powell : I hope Gordon Ramsay comes across this somehow. I bet he'd die laughing.

Butterscotch James : 0:04 The way the guy walked away before saying "watch my stuff please" LMFAO

Max the Big Bad : The food may be raw but this video is well done

MY EYES!!! : 0:36 Are the people who disliked this video.

Sol I : 00:45-00:46 When you talk back to your mom

Mc Muffin : 0:00 When you are late for school

seshdarko : I lost it when he was chasing the chick😂🤣

Sr Pelo : The slap omg, Gordon is an entity on your videos wtf

Obama Bin Bush : Say’s cow, *_GIRAFFE_* appears

Coaster Rica : 0:25 - 0:31 When my dad sees my grades.

ImmortalCockatoo : This Is only 0.5% of Gordon Ramsay’s power

Shant Mais : this is the funniest goddamn thing i’ve seen in a long time

A : If Hells Kitchen was an anime

Joey Tube : *Im TrYiNg To CoMmUnIcAtE cHeF*

Dr Builder : We should sent this video to Gordon Ramsey. The reaction would be priceless.

William Crawford : "In Gordon Ramsey voice" WHERES THE NEXT VIDEO YOU DONKEY!

Charley Proudley : Legend says the food is still raw

EmilyRulesUnicornz : I’m exactly not sure what I just watched... *but I’m not complaining.*

Wild Fronteir : The animators must have been on slightly more acid when making this video.

N3T B4X : 0:58 Top ten characters who are as strong as 100% shaggy

Toni Askins : please keep making these...LMAO im dead

William Maier : You could make a career of doing Hells Kitchen videos.

Jefferson Juno : _Dude, who hired a Disney animator to make this?_

3 :00 : 0:46 when a younger sibling disturbs your sleep

John Ivan Oplimo : *_F I N E D I N I N G ? !_*

B0TH CHEEKS : 0:46 what my meat sees at 3am before it gets pulverized

HWPNeon : tbh, this is probably how the chefs see Gordon in the kitchen.

Cars Simplified : He exerts energy that rivals neutron stars.

Gordon Yeung : The amount of episodes coming 👇

3 :00 : 0:36 when your team gets killed on fortnight

Alec Hedstrom : When Gordon threw the chef into Oblivion I lost it! Keep up the great work!

Mixed Cerealbox : God I hope Gordon Ramsey sees this

Mstickmasterluke : Waaay to accurate I'm in tears of laughing 😂 Edit:Too* not to and thanks for the 1K likes I never got that many before 😅

datBoiStudio : 0:57 he looks like mehrunes dagon

GalaxyCake : 0:42 HOLY SHIT IM DED XDDD

medo mam : What is that.. what is that ..what what what..is that.

BriLife : My favorite part is the idea of his eyeballs just rubbing all over that ladies face.

ImEmo HelpMe : This is a monstrosity and I love it. This is nightmare fuel

MrPacMan36 : "No chef, don't say that! Please!"

Austin Amend : 0:46 I can’t stop laughing 😂

King Kai : Please make more for the love of god 🙏🏽

Darth Buffy : 0:02 i like how shes saying yes chef normally while being choked lol

PopCross Studios Art : Neck muscles that you can only get from yelling at people

Benjamin O'Connor : Try this at 0.25 speed. Its kinda creepy and weird.

CykaMusic : Who dares, to send this to the mighty Gordon Ramsey?

Retro Gaming : 0:35

Gabriel Lemus : When the entire class room dosent understand a subject 0:24