App That Turns Subreddits Into Songs

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CommunistDancefloor : yes i love technology, but not as much as you you see

Gus Johnson : A very powerfully-crafted meme.

lars simon : How is it possible that you dont have a million subscribers yet

NSITF MCPE : Ryan higa should collab with this guy, so good, just so good

n : you're very funny, keep it up

SenorMateo : Wasn't sure where you were going with that, but that was hilarious.

Musaddique H : This was so hilarious that I tried to find r/straightdudestouchingtheirtips, You got me good Ian.

Rachel Losacco : This is exactly how I feel about this song, thank you

BradTheProducer : 0:30 That feeling when I shave my beard off for the first time in a year.

Tony Li : machine learning <3 <3 <3

jakob ogg : you are my favourite person ever i stfg youre too funny <3

Brian C : can someone explain the meme for the uninitiated

Willie Lilja : Keep the memes flowing and the videos coming. You're doing the lords work!

Matthew D'Astoli : GG Ian you just made me look up r/straightdudestouchingtheirtips.

Brad Monegro : You have earned my subscription because your content is good fellow human.

17 Pencils : I've watched only 4 of this dudes videos and I'm obsessed well done man

Sal Appy : AI+Machine Learning = funny

Travis : You good sir, are hilarious and will some day soon have a massive number of subscrbers.

Karely Pena : you won my sub

Kenny : You're gonna be big in the future. Just don't forget your true fans (me) , when you got millions of subs

Udaya Balamurugan : This guy uses cringe videos into better content good for all of us

D Rains : excellent

Akaris : song name?

Dappis : This is not even relevant anymore but this makes me giggle like crazy

Mars : Always great content! Every video is funny. subsloorb

Sevgi Uzun : A MAZING

U Wot M8 : Ian Holy shit, mate I can't remember the last time I had a good laugh from a youtube sketch video, you Sir are talented af. You deserve more subscribers!!

Meagan Crowe : I'm DEAD

GiGi xxx : Gr8 video ethan keep it up

Jim Duncan : Touch the cheek

McGreevy MotorRacing : You are putting out some quality plywood boards

appleflavored : this channel deserves more attention, this shit's hilarious fam

That One Boy : wooooOooOooOoOw

Elizabeth Smith : YES YES YES YES YES

Theladyoftheday : I am sitting in the shade!!!

Destroyer2150 : We have a dank memer here, ladies and gentlemen.

Alexpowrs : holy shit this is so underrated

Victoria Sillars : A solid LOL. Goodgood.

Elijah Bruss : 😂👏

keegan cornish : That's too good.

Kitsu : Savage.

Soul Fyre : i love your overly sarcastic roasts.. so op looking forward to your future vids

Nightslash360 : Dank.

xereeto : Saw it coming, still LOLd

Cody : im upset straightdudestouchingtheirtips isnt real.

Baked Potatos : he deserves way more subs

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber : Shawn Mendes is so straight that he got memed on.

St0rmFlake : I like it

J. Perez : A new king of YouTube is born

Nathan aka FPSXpert : what song does it play if you input /r/4chan?