Shy Boyz - My Silver Daddy (Official Music Video)

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Andrew Nigro : This is the best music video I've ever seen.

Jacob Taco : Your Dad's hot!

Thomas - : BANGER

Whiff : Spotify plz

asa zimbabwe : sorry, i had to comment again because i absolutely love this video, you guys are fucking excellent, this is like my favorite song for the whole freakin year

Sergio DuFont : Thanks Daddy

asa zimbabwe : LOVE IT - THANK YOU!!!!

Jeffery Faulk : I am entertained.

Ben Blevins : love it

Miagi Fodder : yes, a place to film

zachariah wright : Was it real? It looks like it?

Enki Ea : Lol, Jews.

jakubpetricek : I fucking love it.And I mean it, Max is a buena gente as say the Spanish. U should send it to College media - radios, I don´t know how they promote music these days. But this song is funny, catchy, poppy and short! Remember, vocals must start by the 20th second, chorus no later than after 45 seconds