GLASS Trailer (2019)

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FilmSelect Trailer : Enjoy the first Trailer for Glass!

Shekhar D : The TWIST - Mr Glass is actually Nick Fury and he's grooming these two to join the Avengers.

Ali's Archive : Unbreakable Glass that Splits

THE SHERGIL LORD : 1:22 - 1:24 is one of his personallities logan paul Edit: holy shenron that’s a lot of likes


NewBorn Peach09 : $20 says is gonna be better than what DC has done lately

Jayblac1615 : seems more well put together than Justice League

Trevor Schuster : When I said I wanted Nick Fury and Professor X to meet onscreen, this isn't what I had in mind. Lol. At least one of them is in a wheelchair.

Pandas are cool : By the end, Professor X will help Nick Fury trade his eye for his bones

Zombiechrist265 : I never saw either unbreakable or split, then I saw a lot of people hyping about this trailer and decided to watch both before watching the trailer. I made a wise choice. Can’t wait for the showdown of beast and unbreakable.

James Burkhardt : first name: Itsa ... Last name: twist

spartan1010101 : Plot Twist: The Fire Nation attacks and everything changes.

SoupFork : I must admit I was quite drunk when I watched Split and can’t recall much of the Beast, so I’ll have to rewatch it. I’ve been saying for years that “Unbreakable” was a great movie with an even greater premise. Been mocked by friends for years. Felt somewhat vindicated when he showed up in Split, but this has got me giddy with excitement. Please don’t screw this up and make it at least as good as 6th sense...

ben ben : 1.Unbreakable.. 2. Split...... 3. Mr. Glass 4. Then you might as well go and rewatch 6th sense for the hell of it

Begbie : The twist is Mr Glass is the kid who see's dead people

Cpt Greazy : the weirdest thing is "Unbreakable Split Glass"

NintendoWolf : Most Ambitious Crossover

Zurgo Pussysmasher : M. Night finally got his groove back. I'm so proud of him.

innatrixx Em : Oh Patricia is back

John Shaft : for continuity see unbreakable, then split. so u wont be lost. this gon be goooood! M. Night be doing to much but hes dead on with this trilogy. McAvoy really hit the weights for this role. damn, dude swole.

No Just No : MNCU M. Night Cinematic Universe

Kyle P : The twist is that they are in the same mental hospital as the grandparents from the visit.

James Murillo : Min 1:19 Ahora tiene una personalidad Mexicana Alv :v jajajajaja

MISTER WRIGHT : Im gonna voice over this shit 😀😀😀

Kalu Michael : I don't know what's more shocking: That I love this more than the Dark Knight Trilogy OR That These movies were directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

josue ramirez : This will totally make up for the Last Airbender and After Earth!!!

Noah Ravelo : Oh my god they really DID tie these movies together OMG I loved Unbreakable and Split IM HYPED

Markley Denkoct : Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you a *REAL* superhero movie...that's actually pretty fragile.

Tyrant Gregcag : This has me so excited that I feel like I’m gonna jump out of my own skin 😁!

Ahmed Anssaien Plays : *Can't motherfucking wait!* 😍

BASITH PH : Good to see M. Night Shyamalan make a comeback

Bald and Bearded : First name... Mister. Last name... Clean.

Snow : Split was surprisingly a really good movie! God tier acting! Just superb! Can't wait for this!

Nia Ivokkeh : This movie will give a really false image of Dissociative Identity Disorder just like Split did. Don't watch it!

Overanalyzingismyhobby : Wow...I can't believe that this stupid movie is coming out. Like Split wasn't bad enough...Not only does this spread incorrect information about DID, it reinforces the stereotype that people with DID are insane and murderers.

Captain MonStar : First name: Frederick Last name: DouGLASS

msinarath : So if I am honest...I only clicked because I saw a shirtless ripped James McAvoy in the thumbnail...

mouhib mhimdi : I feel like Kanye should be in this Movie...That psychiatrist could help the man.

Esther Carter : Who’s gonna come see this with me?

Michael Strunk : The greatness of the feeling of MANIA!!!!!!

I am Spartacus : First name Mister...Last name..Glass 😆

Rick Grimes : When you realise M. Night Shyamalan has a better developed superhero universe than the DC Superhero films

Sara Ouadfel : Omg !! Can't wait it will be the biggest movie in 2019 wooow


raul suazo : Filmed couple of miles from home. I wont miss this one

Jake Visser : 1:22 logan paul inspired

Shawn Johnson : Looks DAMN good!..Very intriguing..

EGS Brooks : I love Split

INSIDIOUS Official : Yaaassss Patricia's back !!!!!!!

Alicia Caesar Wimberley : Split is the movie to watch before seeing Glass....Yesss! this is awesome!